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An Average Idea!

I assumed Jacob was the result of the first three words. It wasn't particularly clear that it was about something done before.

Alright, that's plenty. I'll get on it pronto and post the results.

Edit: for your viewing pleasure, here is the Average Idea we made on RMN IRC...
I present to you... JACOB!

After "I'll get on it pronto and post the results." Then "Edit... I present to you..." I assumed those were the results after y'all got together on IRC to work on it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. That's just what it looked like.

An Average Idea!

Fabulous and cocky... Omg.

It's a pretty common mix.

An Average Idea!

Word: Methodical

Looking Back: Beloved Rapture

@Oblic - I don't know what to say man, it works perfectly fine for me?

It says permission denied. I guess you have permission and we don't?


An open air market street vendor away from being the perfect downtown picture.

Love it. Love the closed shop gates. So much detail.

Basically a bunch of screenshots

You do a great job splicing and dicing resources from different sources to get that gritty modern look. I love it.

RMNv4.4 first round of updates promoted

What's the demos looking for feedback section? Does that require marking in your game profile?

Btw, I'm down for some RMN shirts. From a year ago, I vaguely remember a plain but sleek black splash screen with a silver RMN logo on it. I think KDS made it back in this thread here... though the hosted image is gone, apparently.

Wouldn't mind rocking something like that on a T.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Deckiller, putting a bar on a cliff you can only access with a ladder looks like a sure-fire way to rapidly decrease the town's population.

Genius observation.

[Poll] Western RPGs VS Japanese RPGs

Hmm. Trueology. I guess it goes to the separation of console and PC gamers back then.

[Poll] Western RPGs VS Japanese RPGs

Alright, so my childhood was in the 90's. During that time, the best RPGs were jRPGs. I'm talking the Suikodens, the BoFs, Chrono Trigger, the Lufias, some of the Final Fantasies, Xenogears, hell Super Mario RPG was great.

You didn't get quality western RPGs until 2000 and beyond with Diablo 2, Deus Ex, and the BioWare games.

Clearly for me, the current state of jRPGs and with the innovation of wRPGs, the western stuff is better now.

However, I'm not sure it's possible to argue that western RPGs were better in the 90's. I mean, what games were there? The only good games I can think of are Fallout and Diablo 1. Those two games against the entire field of jRPGs at the time? Am I missing anything?