Neo Jado
Practical Ridiculous Action




And lips.

But I do not like that the sprite hair color does not match. Wildly different blondes.


Looks good. Can clearly see and feel the depth of the two floors. Also like the sprite. Clear features, attention to detail. I can tell what she's wearing. Well done.

Two comments, though. I always cancel the autotile for that flooring, to make it look cleaner. I dunno why, but the dark parts just look like the floor is wet or dirty.

Also, I kinda feel like it'd be worth it to fancy up that fountain. It kinda has more of a sewer drainage look than a hotel lobby fountain look.

Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse

I'd probably say you should check out the show/manga first, if you're planning on doing that at all. Easier to appreciate the dialogue in the game. Otherwise, you might miss a lot of the character quirks and running gags.

How soon do you have to reveal the main antagonist?

Aside from the generic answer of "do whatever you want, it's your game," which I happen to agree with...

I will add that it's fairly difficult to make a compelling antagonist with little to no screen time (assuming it's a person and not some kind of otherly being).

I'd recommend that the antagonist's influence is ever present. If it's a person, the antagonist is preferably fully characterized. You probably need ample time in the story to do so. That's the case even if you introduce the main antagonist before the party/gamer realizes that this will be the main antagonist.

Having the main antagonist appear at the end of the narrative is many degrees of lame. Though I do like Zephyr's distinction between main antagonist and final boss.

Back to work

Will we be playing with new characters in those locations?

You bet.

New locales means new casts of NPCs too, though. Still a lot of writing to do for all of them.

Back to work

Whenever I try to access the options menu on the main menu, it exit's me out of the game. I hover over it and then press enter. How do I access the options menu? Thanks in advance, and thank you guys for making this game. :D

Oh, man. I totally forgot about that.

There actually aren't any options. It's a gag meant for RM users who know (but happen to forget) that the third option in the default title screen is always Exit Game, regardless of what you call it.

Sorry about that inconvenience, but it definitely made my day that we got somebody with that one. And thanks for playing. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get duped many more times while playing.


I like it.

But why only two lines of message? Isn't that kind of limiting?


The music worked perfectly with the image effect. Especially when the music drops. Killer stuff. Nice work, Nessy.

Where End Times Saddest Songs

Really? I'm pretty sure Decky Map 01 has a parallel process top left corner that's playing BGM se-rain. And all the maps south of it have entrust to event bgms or same as parent.

I think playing the default theme song as you teleport south would pretty much cover for that.

Where End Times Saddest Songs

The rain BGM stays on after Decky's map into mine. It really doesn't suit my map with the butterflies and chirping birds. =(

It's even stranger cause the scarecrow part cuts out the rain BGM, but it's still raining. This only happens coming from the north. The standard track plays when entering from the south.