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TV Studio Camera

So, I ran into another roadblock with my limited sprite skills. I'm trying to portray a television studio, including the studio camera. Something like this:

I'm going for a sideview, where the camera is facing left or right. I'm using rm2k3. I can't imagine the camera being bigger than 32x24.

My attempts to date have been unsatisfactory. Can anyone help?

Among Thieves

i'm detecting a lot of butthurt in this sector of the internet. if you don't want things borrowed, don't post them. once it's out in the open, it's fair game, and no amount of made up internet police/fake internet lawyers are going to do anything about it. sad but true.

This is incorrect. There is certain level of respect for others work expected here, because this is a community, more importantly a small one. The resources are quite often shared, and most of the time, that's fine. But when a reputable member verbally requests for them not to be used, it should be expected that they aren't used.

Anyway, in my opinion, Tau has adequately replied to the comments in question. That's good enough, and that's all I'm gonna say about that. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait for a demo.


everything that is not the charactersets looks very nice

the character sets look like RTP character sets.

You know what's interesting? This is the first project I've ever made, before I ever knew there were rpgmaker communities.

I never really viewed rtp sets as of a lesser quality than customs prior to joining rmn. In many cases they were better than what I could make or what I found around the web.

But I see now why, for most critics, there's a significant loss of value when you've seen the resource in a hundred different projects.

As Bones and I continued working on the game, we're using more of our own customs and edits, but I never found an aesthetic reason to remove rtp charasets from earlier sections of the game.

I guess the only reason would be to post more impressive screenshots, which isn't a good enough of a reason for me.


author=Max McGee
I like the caption.

Screenshot's alright too. (Sides of the road are a bit...blank...but deserts are kind of like that.

You know, at first I put lots of stuff out there.

But when I went to make the background scroll at high speed, it ended up looking too cluttered.

Breaking Up: Text Boxes, Line Length, and You

author=Max McGee
Can you spot the grammar error in this sentence?

I believe it's the "them." And it should be "and I sell it up front." Maybe? I can't see anything else, except maybe commas for the prepositions.

I could be wrong, because me fail english is unpossible.

@Kentona -
It is a nightmare keeping messages all in that tiny box. I mean I consciously and meticulously try to do it, but it's unpossible for some messages. For me, especially displaying tutorials in a message box. Should probably use pictures, actually, now that I think about it.

Personally, I think good writing also involves making the written text visually pleasing to look at.

This is true for the experience, but do you mess with the spoken dialogue of a character to make the text more visually appealing?
I try to reconcile the too, but it's hard, especially when I put a high emphasis on characterization through speech.



explain these modes

There's some fairly difficult minigames to beat in order to progress. We give you the option to keep trying it, or settling for an easier mode with no reward, or to skip it altogether with a penalty.


It's always time to loot.


Where'd you get those rails? I use the same chip, I think. Haven't seen those rails, they're delicious.

Screen looks great. Though, I might try to rebalance those charaset borders. The dark brown stands out next to the light gray.


your debug room looks like VR fun

my debug room is just a room packed with people

Back to work

Okay, clearing out some outdated screens, and updating the selection today, mostly from the demo, though.

However several of them will be previews from the next installment.

I need to do something about those youtube videos, too.

Also added to the characters sections.