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is me or the maker of this game is kinda gone?

The dynamic duo moved on to Unity a while ago, Anaryu still pops in now and again though.

I hope you enjoyed the game! I look back fondly on this one.


You'll get plenty of warning when he's about to use his ultimate attack. Try to cancel it!

If you're still having trouble, try using a lot of spirit buffs on one character (Alaria is a good candidate, but anyone can do it) and see what happens!

Super RMN Bros. 2 Review

BRICKROAD'S REVENGE by: Desmo360 2/5
Not a bad level, but kind of an anti climatic ending level, yet another switch puzzle level as well, boss was kind of fun but the music kind of ruined it, also was there a joke with Brickroad I missed?

Brickroad did a Let's Play of the original RMN Bros and proceeded to rip the game apart. He was somewhat active in the development of this game, trying to help everyone make better levels, though he eventually gave up, and made no levels of his own. Everyone thought he was mean, so he was humorously inserted as the final boss of RMN Bros 2 to be beaten up as a sort of in-joke. The goal was to throw red coins at him, as he particularly hated the red coin level in the original RMN Bros.

I am glad my levels got the recognition they deserved. B)

Avarice Review

Thanks for playing! I still have fond memories of the two weeks we spent working on this project, and I'm glad people are still enjoying it twelve (!) years later.

The First Izrand Blog

Lynette was my favorite character in Luxaren Allure, so while I can understand people not liking her, I think there's definitely an audience that will be intrigued by her as well.

Aetherion Review

Thanks for the review! I wasn't expecting a game this old to get any more.



My guess is that Anaryu's host site is down and I have no way of knowing when/if it will be back. Always back up your projects, kids!

Both Avarice and Aetherion are backed up in my locker, so as long as RMN exists, neither project can be lost forever. Adding a new download link to the page as well. I'll also add a new download for Aetherion. Unfortunately I do not have any of their other projects.

Gender Roles in Gaming

I don't think I even have the courage to read my own opinions on this topic from over ten years ago. Would it be better if I deleted it, do you think?