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Master of the Wind Review

There's no real discussion on the dangers of unregulated business, or religious demagoguery, we just find out that Don Kovak, the corporate sleazebag at the top of Equipment King, thinks the only way to get ahead in life is to be the king of crime. The religious fundamentalist villain wants to kill elves because his God said so. It really brings up a lot of questions about just how 'misguided' a person can be and still go along with things like this. Throughout the game the villains kidnap a group of children and force them to work in a labor camp, scheme to genocide entire races, and work with a group with a shadowy leader, a themed headquarters and an army of faceless, incompetent mooks. Did any of them ever stop to ask themselves “Huh. Am I working for a super-villain?”

Four years later and I am man enough to admit when I have to eat my own words.