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Mario's Musical Marathon

Is this still a thing?

Chronicling Aidyn 2-23: Parting Words

Super not suspicious at all how worried everyone in the castle is about Alaron talking to Oriana.

Animebryan's LP of The SMBX Super Contest

I'm surprised y'all didn't really continue this. You don't need me to do it lol.
Hell I'd love to, just don't know exactly how to go about doing it, never hosted an event on here before.

Just send kentona or Liberty a PM letting them know what you want to do and they can help you set it up.

Chronicling Aidyn 2-23: Parting Words

It's kind of striking how much I remember about the characters from this weird game I played once almost twenty years ago. Maybe there really was something to this game, buried under all the cruft.

Chronicling Aidyn 2-23: Parting Words

I remember Rheda being weirdly hostile to joining Alaron the first time you talk to her but being suddenly really enthusiastic to let her join the second time. Did I make that up?

Kind of makes me think she actually wanted to join Alaron since she has her own agenda, but wanted to act too cool to have time for him, and Alaron was calling her bluff because Alaron is actually clever sometimes.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Tell her I extended it. And I could extend it again and there's nothing she can do about it.

Mario's Musical Marathon

I extended it through December 9th, for now.

Mario's Musical Marathon

By the way if you want me to extend the deadline for this event, I can do that.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Updated my level per Aubrey's feedback!