Final Fantasy IV Alter D...
A re-imagining of an alternative plot to the original story of Final Fantasy IV.



2016 Misaos (Fin)

Here's hoping my game wins "Lawsuit Waiting to Happen". LOL!
*Edit I know I'm voting for Everlong in a few categories.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

So Not sure if its just oversensitive antivirus on my part(I had someone with the same antivirus, different machine try and they got same results) but when I try to download the game from any location (gamejolt, google drive) it flags it as a trojan, and of course prevents its Downloading. I couldn't find anyone else having the issue, but I'd just like to check first to be sure. My antivirus is Comodo in case its relevant info.
anyway thanks for your time, looking forward to playing this game and more so looking forward to seeing how the Xenogears remake your doing unravels^^

Yeah the files are definitely clean. I have AVG on my system and no problems. Haven't heard of anyone else reporting this, so it must be that Comodo just doesn't like downloading exe files for some reason. Definitely a false positive. Thanks for the info though.


So gorgeous! Wish I could map half as good as this. =)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

after I am done with RydiaMist's LOB I will be LPing this game I love FF4 It's updated graphics and plus their are twists to make it new for me :D

So awesome! I'll be glued to your channel for both LoB and for FF4AD! =)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

I got into a battle with the wind boss in golblez tower and when the text pops up during battle if your in action already like about to select something the hand icon will show up after text and nothing else then the battle breaks unable to continue

I just tried that battle five times to recreate that error and I can't seem to do it (and so far you're the only one to report it). Have you tried rebooting or re-downloading the game? It sounds like your system is not caching something during that battle. If a reboot or re-downloading doesn't work, then for you I would say to time your actions more carefully so that you let the text do its thing, then select an action. RM games can be a bit fickle for some players' systems.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Don't know if you know this bug but when you get back to the baron town revisted and goto pub and talk to kain once battle begins and if you wait for him to say a certain line the entire bottle then locks up after that

That's...odd. Haven't had that error reported yet (and have had numerous folks beat the game). I just re-checked the eventing and it's pretty simple stuff. I can't repeat the error on my end. What I'd suggest is rebooting your computer, sometimes that fixes whatever issue you're having with a RPG Maker game. If that doesn't work, re-download the latest version of the game, copy over your save, and see if that helps any.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hello RydiaMist. I am a friend of URPC and did a LP of his Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy. I am going to LP your game next :). I love FF and the fan games :D

I love your Let's Plays! Legend of Balance is the greatest FF fangame I've ever played (much, much better than my FF IV fangame). I'll be watching that's for sure! =D


This is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to play this game!


This game is going to be amazing. I'm going to put aside whatever else I'm playing at the time when this thing releases and just play this game start to finish. =D

Update & New Game Announcement

Lot of good choices, but xenogears is a nice pick. Langrisser would of been another interesting one as I think it's pretty obscure (I only played them myself due to the fan translations out there...(except 5 due to a lack of a finished translation)).

I think xenogears is definitely a game that has been needing a remake for awhile, especially due to disc 2. Many gamers hated them for making such a good game, and then making half of that good game into a giant cutscene. I understand budget cuts, but that part was a huge disappointment regardless. Curious to your own plans for that, but if you intend to keep that secret for now then that's your call. While I'm thinking about it, the game had a lot of hidden secrets/siduquests/minigames that should be a challenge. I remember the struggle of beating that last guy in the card based minigame (I think this was on the ship).

Anyways, I'm no artist unfortunately, but my offer still stands on testing the game once it's in that stage of development. I'm great for ideas as well if you decide to get creative and trying to make disc 2 based off the little we did get from that cutscene. It's been awhile since I played the game, and although I don't remember that cutscene from scratch I could always refresh my memory via youtube.

This post ended up way longer than I intended which goes to show just how interested I am in how this'll turn out. Good luck with this.

Thanks! =) I'll definitely keep you in mind for testing and creative feedback. As for Disc 2, I'm going to focus on gameplay and exploration rather than that one long cutscene. I'm not doing "storytime" for disc 2 I'll tell ya that much. LOL