Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.



So... where's that RMNv5?

I really wanted to photoshop a picture of WIP to add a hat saying "MAKE RMN GREAT AGAIN", but like with all things RMN my reach exceeds my grasp.

So... where's that RMNv5?

I've wondered where RMN5 is lately too. Not based on any real need, but rather the realization that RMN 4.X deployed over 5 years ago.

ankylo and I are kind of in the same boat, in that we are both full of potential ideas but lack the wherewithal to implement them while at the same like reluctant to, say, "give the keys to the kingdom" to just anybody else.

I remember once upon a time when some plucky developer randomly offered to be an admin. That worked out okay.

[POLL] Would you be interested in a RMN meet?

I'll never forget driving with WIP to a #rm2k meetup in Boston. I felt extremely out of place pulling up to Lysander86's house and seeing RPG-Advocate in full velvet cape mode through the window.

The RMN is dead, long live the RMN!

*beams with pride at ankylo's accomplishments*

15 years on... >_<;

In a nutshell (from my own perspective):

It was 1999 and there was the Nexus.

"...and now you know the rest of the story. " ~Paul Harvey

The missing link is... how did Holbert snag control of the domain?

The current version of is probably more of an extension of the Nexus than the original Also, I wrested control of the domain away from Rast in a dice game.

And now I'm necroposting.

It's incredibly comforting to know that as long as you don't create anything in your life, then nobody can attack the thing you created.



I spent an hour playing FFRK with my 6 year old son yesterday. Not sure this was the best way to introduce him to Final Fantasy, but he had fun. It was mindlessly simple, but assuming that will change.

The Holbert abides.

An Ankylosaurus For Us

ankylo has been the rock of and its predecessors. He doesn't talk or boast a lot, he's super loyal, and he's always in the background watching and helping carry out all the necessary tasks...

If he was a Transformer, he would be Soundwave.

Hope all is well Jersey!

Super Smash Bros for WiiU


I'm bored so I'm going to make a topic, "Guilty pleasures?"

Epic Rap Battles of History.