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What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Craze, I thought at one point you swore you would never play Dragon Age 2?

For the record, I love Dragon Age 2. I am the 1%.

Any way to search the forums?

I hear you can PM kentona your search queries, and he will PM you back the search results.

So, you play MMO's?

I keep trying to talk kentona into buying the Old Republic, but he counter-suggests that I play some ancient game called Diable 2.

Beware of Pando Media Booster!! - Oh yeah, and Star Trek Online is now free-to-play

For the (Old) Republic!

Reaction Images and the Use Of

New members are more likely to learn from socialization and cultural norms than from a rules page. But I guess in this internet age everyone studies and commits EULAs to memory too, right?

Reaction Images and the Use Of

Scumbag kentona!

Ignoring Ignorance: Um, what.

This thread is amusing.

American Constitution overriden

Technically there is no constitutional issue with government mandated auto insurance since it is the states making these requirements, not the federal government. This is not an area in which the state governments are limited by the Constitution. That is the big difference why there are numerous state lawsuits about the individual mandate for health insurance under the PPACA and not so much about the individual mandate under Massachusetts health care reform.

American Constitution overriden

The awkward moment when you realize you support the intent, thought not necessarily the poor wording, of NDAA, SOPA, and most of the bills that overexcite my generation and send them into full conspiracy mode.

Most of this nonsense reminds me of when people were actually terrified that President George W. Bush was going to exercise a poorly worded clause in one of his executive orders to hold on to power after his term expired and establish himself as a de facto dictator.

Commercial Personalities

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And I am left to wonder what you two are talking about. Enlighten me, please? ;_;
This Allstate guy played the President of the United States in 24 (also spoiler alert)