Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.



Arise, Kentonimus Prime

Do not grieve. Soon I will be one with the Matrix... but one day an Autobot will rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour.

In all seriousness, when I reassumed command of last March, I had no illusion that I would hold that role indefinitely. What I did want to accomplish, specifically, was to ensure that would be saved from the abyss and that it would become a self-sustaining site. With your help both were accomplished.

I had originally intended to hold on to my role as administrator until next March to give the community some sense of stability -- something that many thought it had lacked through the turmoil through the near closing and the bickering that preceded it. While I've had my own share of turmoil, I maintain that is in an enormously better place now than it was ten months ago by almost every objective metric -- and most subjective ones as well. In fact, I feel it is on such solid ground that I can now safely remove myself early.

I felt the need to expedite this process due to a fairly big promotion at work recently that will not only give me enormous new responsibilities, but also a long commute for the time being. I also recently started graduate school, and honestly there is only so much time in my day. It would not be fair to to continue to be an absent administrator, especially when one so able is readily available and willing.

So that Autobot is kentona.

One of my first decisions when I came back to was to reinstate kentona as an administrator. He has been a tireless advocate for our site since its inception, and I know no one who cares more about the community we have created here. Since returning in March kentona has also proven himself, along with ankylo, capable of manipulating the inner workings of the beast to bring about tangible coding changes to the physical site resulting in RMN4. In many senses, he is to the community.

And now he runs I changed our avatars a couple of weeks ago to hint at such, and now it is official. My resignation is effective immediately.

'til the day when all are one...

Frost in November to hold a duck, the rest of the winter is stats and muck

I think you guys are failing to note that many people here are already making games, and as kentona note there are ways to buff your initial game makerscore beyond its original worth fairly easily. In a sense, you are getting makerscore for something you would be doing already. However, the last four years have proven only a small handful of people want to do reviews, so now that activity has more incentives.

Yeah, that kinda sucks considering that making games (especially the full version ones) are a lot harder and more time consuming than writing reviews or submitting media... Oh well, this site could use more reviews.

You would have more makerscore if you didn't have four accounts to spread it across.

Commercial Personalities

2. The black man with that deep, resounding voice in Allstate commercials. His voice and the way he talks is simply magnificent.
Really, it's less his voice and more that he won my trust with his hard decisions when he was president of the united states.

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For me the show really went downhill after he died.

Frost in November to hold a duck, the rest of the winter is stats and muck

It is okay folks, the sky is not falling. Google Analytics is still showing very healthy growth metrics year-over-year for the last quarter, though for some reason our October stats from 2010 are almost non-existant (did WIP close the site?).

The previous stats are comparing one month to the previous, which is usually not a good way to measure growth since each month is its own beast (some months are traditionally slow, others are busier... happens every year at roughly the same times due holidays, school, etc. More or less time for gam mak). We also must consider that September was the launch of RMN4 and generated a lot of activity for new and revamped features (like media, scripts, etc).

In short, is not dying or even really slowing. The pageviews continued to trend up 15-20%, visits are up even higher, and the average time spent on the site even increased (reversing previous trends where we had more activity but less time). The new user registrations dropped because ankylo blacklisted 3-4 IPs a couple of months ago that were responsible for the majority of our spambot registrations... and damn, we had a lot of spambots.