Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.



The "new" RM2k3 engine

This should come as no surprise, but I would definitely disallow new RT2k3 games. No reason to remove the existing library.

I totally agree. It seems rather awkward and unintuitive to have both "rm2k3" and "rt2k3" anyways, and with a official English RM2K3 available now there isn't even a sliver of a reason to support the pirated translation. We as a community always morally justified the unofficial translation because we had few or no legal avenues to acquire RM2K3 -- but that's not the case anymore.

However, I don't see the need to remove existing games no more than I see a need to verify that any Game Maker games were made using properly licensed copies.

New Policies for 2014: A Public Service Announcement

For what it's worth, previous administrations (me) that didn't even have "the anti-degrading language towards women rule" specifically spelled out for troglodytes would have banned Max much earlier in the conversation and for much longer. Max's comments were eerily paradoxical and only highlight the need for such specifics in rules where an otherwise more generalized harassment statement alone might suffice.

I am having the worst 2 weeks ever.

SWTOR is the best single-player MMO on the market. I never have to interact with anyone unless I want to.

We should sync our 2 week outbursts of playing better!

The Fathers of Are'em'en will rise again!

I am having the worst 2 weeks ever.

That's it. Bring it on in. Group hug.

Merry Christmas you Wonderful People!

Merry Christmas RMN!

[Poll] How long have you been with RPG Maker?

I discovered RPG Maker in September/October of 1998, making me a relic from the mythical age of heroes like so many others posting here.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

let me know when you finish XI

FFXI actually has a main plot which could be finished. Or you could just borrow Brickroad's rule: mark FFXI as complete when you hit the 50 hour mark. Kind of arbitrary, but you are now compelled Trihan. needs your help (again)!

You guys are amazing, as usual.

Commercial Games allowed now; also RMNv4.4 stuff

These changes have been approved by the Department of Redundancy Department. I like the merge, as it gives the development tab a clearer purpose, while moving elements from the underused engines tab to greener pastures.

Issue with the Game Submission rules.

I'd like to think of it as this: alterego's posts are usually the opposite of what kentona says, no matter what the topic is or their previous positions.