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[Poll] Internet Browser of Choice

I use Opera as my primary browser and have for years. Rock solid. I use IE9 as my secondary browser when a site demands it. IE9 is not bad, folks.

Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

Oblivion... after playing Skyrim it just seemed rubbish, probably never gonna play...

Wow, that seems like playing Final Fantasy VI as your first FF game and then hitting up the original NES series in your backlog and being disappointed because they're not as shiny.

What game would you want to see a direct sequel to?


... or I'll settle for Jade Empire.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been playing a little bit of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron this week. While it would appear to be a vastly superior game to the original (with tons of fan service!) I kind of miss being able to pick between different character options for each level.

I also picked up The Force Unleashed II on the cheap and have been enjoying it as much as possible. I like the combat controls and force powers, but I was amazed to discover the game was almost over despite feeling it had just started. I beat the original on the PSP, so the action still feels fresh despite all of the other glaring faults. Also, I die a lot.

Still playing SWTOR, though less frequently. Working on saving up 1.5 million credits to unlock the Miraluka race for Sith. Made a hefty 250 thousand credits in a couple of hours the other night during the world event.

Your future RMN overlord

Kentona, you need to ensure that you name a successor before ascending. Otherwise I have a feeling these two babbys will wage war, turning brother against brother, in an attempt to claim your throne.

Cell phones.

I got my first cell phone right out of high school (heh, I am old). It was clunky, featureless, and overpriced -- meaning it was just like ever other phone at the time. I would infrequently have service contracts over the next few years. I found them to be more of annoyance than anything, and eventually quite using them all together. It felt like a way to be constantly connected to work, and thus was a hassle. There is nothing worse than being called from work while you're out at a family outing.

In 2008, however, I decided I was traveling enough to justify the potential for inconvenience. I ended up getting a BlackBerry (Pearl, later upgraded to a Curve) and found it to be quite the different experience. For one, I no longer felt compelled to answer the phone just because work was calling -- send that sucker to voicemail and answer at my leisure if at all. I also found the internet service and "applications" to be great. Reading my favorite websites on lunch or using Google Maps for public transportation in a big city were great. I eventually outgrew my BlackBerry phone, but still remember it fondly. I still think BlackBerry had the best way to let you know you had a new notice.

In early 2010 I made the jump to a HTC HD7 -- Windows 7 Mobile. Like URPC noted, it was a big switch -- some many more media options and a much slicker, more responsive UI. I've used it (and its successor) to watch entire seasons of my favorite shows on Netflix on the 4.3" screen, to play decent 3D games (sorry Snake and Brick Breaker!) on Xbox Live, to edit Office documents on the fly, or to browse sites the way they were intended. I really like how it syncs up with my PC and 360.

Sadly, when we moved to Illinois we had to switch to Sprint. My current HTC Arrive is solid, but I don't like the slideout keyboard or the smaller screen size. Looking forward to finding a different provider and picking up a HTC Windows Phone 8 device soon.

As a bonus, my wife also switched to the HTC Window phones when I did. She is very careless with her phones and used to have to replace them every six months or so (Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, didn't matter). I was actually kind of afraid to get her the HD7 because it was so expensive at the time, but she wanted to play her games on Xbox Live. She's never had to replace either HTC phone she had despite continually abusing it. They seem very sturdy, but can't speak for the other models besides HD7 or Arrive.

Olympics 2012

America = awesome at Olympics, but statistically fattest nation on the planet.
False. Qatar has an obesity rate of over 50% for adults--the highest in the world. If you want to go with average weight rather than obesity, then we're still beat out by Tonga and Micronesia by several pounds.

Nevermind that the U.K., Germany, Canada and pretty much the entire western world are only a couple of percentage points behind the U.S. in terms of percentage of obesity and overweight rates. We're all a bunch of fatties statistically.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I imagine I will be playing SWTOR for a long, long time.

Happy birthday kentona!

The A is for ANCIENT!

What are you jamming to?