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The Last King of Hyrule
A community SMBX game focusing on the adventures of Link



Jackalotrun Plays - Super RMN World

lol people have very polarizing opinions with the wall of death. glad you like it.

I'll be honest, When I got to it I may have cheesed the whole thing to get by it as fast as possible... Sorry.

Anyway loving the Episode Jack And really looking forward to the Music event! By the way have you considered using SMBX 1.4.4 for it? It has a Lot of Cool Features That Blow Regular SMBX out of the Water, It even has scripts, visible Timers, optional Wall Jumping for individual levels, and more complex events.

King Just Trademaked the word "Super"

First Proof;Super in a Trademark Database

Now, I know you may be thinking that the Description of the trademark itself is descriptive enough to warrant it only applying to their game, But remember that King Trademarked the Word Saga And then tried to uphold it against the game series Banner Saga, which had nothing to do with their description of the trademark. So yeah, I think they plan to abuse the shit out of this.

Jackalotrun Plays - Super RMN World

from TangledLion
set up suck an event
Wait how did suck get in there? That's it Midterm projects must be driving me insane!

Jackalotrun Plays - Super RMN World

Oh yeah the song event did sound fun! Funny story I did have a similar idea to use actual songs as green star challenges in a project I tried Over on SMBX Forums... Then I remembered I had no experience running a project and Learned 90% of the community were Elitist Jerkwads with shit moderation and decided that as a whole they were not worth learning leadership skills for so I ragequit the whole forum but never aired my dirty laundry so I wouldn't be banned so I could advertise SMBX Games over there in the future,Even Though I'll probably never make something all my own in SMBX...

Where was I? Of yeah, I'd probably make a Level either based on A Wierd Al song, The Linkara Theme song, Or an Alestorm Song, I Love all of these options equally, And I could probably make a fun gimmick around any one of them. Hali would definitely be the guy to talk to in order to set up suck an event since He's in charge of them.(Hence the fancy Purple Text)

Jackalotrun Plays - Super RMN World

Oh It Will finish if I have my way Friend...

What are your opinions on the recent Pewdiepie Contryversy?

Alright just so Everyone knows I'm unsubbing from this topic as it seems all the discussion has mostly died down and in my experience that is when the flamewars start. Thanks to everyone who provided their perspective and kept discussion civil!

Tumbling Apart- Details, features, and mechanics

I knew it! So is the lightbulb ending good or bad? Did that lightbulb make Isaac into Super Neo Mecha Stanly?

All jokes aside the game looks thoroughly interesting, and it sounds like the "Butterfly Effects" will be more realistic than some of the cheap tricks some time travel games pull. Looking forward to the release!

Tumbling Apart

10/5 Brapples, would do the timewarp again. LP Should be up later today and media page should be up when it is approved.

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

How'd you get that rainbow text?
I used some online rainbow text code generator I found Online, I'll link it wen I find it again, but here is what it looks like to give you the idea:
[color=#ffbf00]M[/color][color=#ffdf00]N[/color] [color=#ccff00]W[/color]
[color=#00ff00]d[/color] [color=#00ff80]B[/color][color=#00ffbf]l[/color]
EDIT; Apperently the stylesheet here does not like code tags, you'll have to highlight it.
E2; Found it! I found "Standard Forum code" is the one that works on RMN

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

I'll hopefully will have an actual New episode out sometime this week but for now have some goofy footage of me getting back stars I've already gotten back, I call it Super RMN world Bloopers.

Enjoy... Or not... I don't know this is just some stupid stuff I'm having some fun with...