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The Last King of Hyrule
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Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

Episode 15 is up, And I've finally caught up to the world I was at in my solo playthrough.

Strictly For Commercial

The year 2099

So just one Year after the release of Yandere Sim and 5 before the release of Half-Life 3 then. Sounds like a good block of games.

What are your opinions on the recent Pewdiepie Contryversy?

Honestly, I'm with you on the Disney front - if they'd watched any of his videos they'd have known that he's not exactly kid friendly watching material. At all. Then again, maybe they went after him for the teen audience?

He was with maker before Disney bought it, he was kinda grandfathered in.

Where's my Mom? - Release Trailer

You can't use the "Share" version of your videos on here, you need to copy the actual full URL or it breaks.

EDIT: Also Not a very good trailer, In the future I would advise showing some gameplay if you make a trailer, after hearing that it is only 30 minutes though I would say a Trailer is completely unnecessary, and could actually hurt your reputation in the long run as a trailer like this might get some to totally dismiss your game...

What are your opinions on the recent Pewdiepie Contryversy?

I See what you are saying, but I don't Nessisarally Agree. I feel that there are several levels of racial Bias, and only the upper levels are ok to consider Racist, otherwise it is easy to argue that everyone is racest. Plus the another issue I have is that, as I have said, I'm of Jewish decent on my mother's side(Enough to be legally be considered completely Jewish in most, but not all circles due to a number of complications and technicalities) However I enjoy many jokes that involve Jewish stereotypes in a "This is so Me" way, Is that the same as me dropping the Jewish Equivalent of the N-Bomb? Or am I exempt from being Racist against Jews Because I am one? And what of those circles I mentioned where I'm not considered Jewish? Am I inherently Racist toward just them?

Personally, I feel implied intent and context matters, the one with the sign was followed up by a "Subscribe to Keemstar" a man who is known on the Youtube scene to have made many racist statements unironically, the context seems to imply that it was making fun of Keemstar's Racest tendencies. The One with the fake Jesus guy seemed to be making fun of the Anti-Semitism wrapped up in some Christian doctrine even to this day (Or maybe even referencing the fact that Hitler did indeed identify as Christian, and by the definitions of some denominations of Christianity he would be considered "Innocent in the Eyes of God".), In both of these cases I feel the idea behind them was fairly obvious.

*WHEW* Thanks for the deep reply, It was brief, but it raised all kinds of interesting questions! I feel this is what discussion of sensitive issues should be like, rather than the "I'm Right Because you're wrong, and You're Wrong Because I'm right!" we tend to get all the time with such things.

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My New Avatar is the icon for my Youtube Channel, Because I made it for that and thought it looked cool.

What are your opinions on the recent Pewdiepie Contryversy?

Personally as someone proud of, and in tune with his Jewish heritage, and not necessarily a fan of The big PDP I found the backlash toward him ridiculous from the beginning, as it was a joke to see what ridiculous lengths people would go to for just 5 dollars.

I will admit he may have gone too far in it, as while it did not upset me, I understand that it could trigger some terrible memories for some, but I feel it is no reason to separate him from his network and cancel the second season of his big show and he definitely does not deserve to be labeled Anti-Semitic for it.

EDIT: Just Realized some of my poor wording And wanted to specify before it gave the wrong idea, By "I feel it is no reason to separate him from his network and cancel the second season of his big show" I don't mean that I think Maker does not have the right, and that I don't understand their reasoning, more that were I in their position I would have handled this differently. I understand that they are completely in their rights as a business to do so, I just do not agree with it.

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

So episode 14 is done, featuring more pointless apologies, a faceam that has an unexpressive nerd on it, pointless Segways, and off-kilter audio for some reason... Whatever Hopefully 15 will be better.

Super Mario Bros. X

So has anyone ever wanted to Edit the health of NPCS? Use Default Graphics with Customs replacing the same NPC? Have More Powerups like the Frog Suit, Tiny Mushroom, Mega Mushroom Or Starman? Lua Scripting functions to control Global variables? Layers and events on the world map? Optional Wall Jumping? SMB3 Style Map Item Inventory? More enemies like Chain Chomps? Or a Functional SMB1 Flagpole? SMBX 1.4 To The Rescue!

Seriously this thing is awesome And RMN has been Missing out! A Chinese Coder Named 5438A38A made this from the ground up recreating, and improving upon SMBX! It is even able to convert classic SMBX Levels to the new format, but bit of a warning if you want to convert old levels, there is now a max for resizable Blocks, so If your Level Makes them Giant they might get all messed up when converting.

It's not very Well Documented, and I don't even know much about it myself(I just Discovered It Today) So I'd recommend Downloading and giving it a go to understand how versatile it is.

EDIT: Just Found this playlist that shows off its power in levels.

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

EDIT: the Stream is over, thanks to Everyone who attended! But, uh, I have Some bad news...

You see I thought I was recording with my Streaming the whole time, turns out I wasn't, and II didn't have automatic twitch vods on either, so the past 2 hours of gameplay, are lost.

Sorry About that, I'll remedy that next time!