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Experimental Game Mechanics

Well I could make it where the final battle allows you to go through all of your transformations in battle, based on the bodies you had snatched, thus increasing your life expectancy that much more, the more bodies you get.

But an advantage to going back to your body each time. We need something unique. What if you cannot heal when outside of your own body, and as said, anything you learn copies over to your actual body. So the more bodies you get, the more skills you get, the more skills your actual body retains.

Experimental Game Mechanics

I could but the story I had behind it would then fail. The idea is you're the only clone with the ability. The first portion of the game is you rebelling against the city and their "families" who run and own the major portions of the city.

You break in, steal this Skeleton key, mass produce it and hand it out to everyone who is on the low scale of this system, and break into shit. Then you find out it works on the high level transit system which leads to a laboratory and the person behind it is the original source for the clones. The original "copy" so to speak.

I wanted to intertwine the body snatching with the plot, and with side quests.

Then you find out everyone in the city comes from the clones. They are to a great extent, genetically altered to be different people.

Experimental Game Mechanics

Right now I started it simple on 2K3 with eventing, or at least as a demo where you end up using the orb, and then going to one of the people and taking their body. I do want to have it though that there needs to be some negative draw backs upon doing this. Like some items may not be good, or sometimes the orb fails and you are thrown into a fight with your normal body, and they get the first strike.

Right now the eventing lets you take one of the Guard's body but also deletes the other guard even though the eventing is both for each individually. Going to see what is up with that and when it's fixed, add more content to the demo, perhaps a few hours worth of gameplay and tutorials.

For the learn a skill thing. Perhaps when using someone's body, your menu is completely different, and it allows you to choose one out of their entire skill list to learn and you can keep using that body until you use the orb again for another snatch, and an inn that you can go into that you can use to return to your normal body. Body snatching will also be used in side quests where that unless you're a specific person you cannot even get access to it.

Experimental Game Mechanics

It could work as a demo, though, where all it has is a few enemies to do it on. That way while the entire thing would be hard, the demo can be fairly entertaining.

Experimental Game Mechanics

I want to throw out an idea I have (also relating to the context we talked about, I'll set it up as soon as this current one about battles is complete).

I wanted to make or help make a game where there is no levels in the normal sense, but instead you have an item called a Flash Orb that you can upgrade to get stronger. It's not an item you use in battle. What the item does is freezes all enemy NPC in their spot, which activates a body snatch system. It allows you to go to one person and take their body. In turn it kills the one NPC, gives you their body, their abilities, their stats, and when you check your items the next time you body snatch, the previous body's items are also copied and placed in your inventory. It also allows you to fight in battle with who you snatched.

To snatch higher level enemies, you must upgrade the Flash orb enough so it can actually freeze them in place. What do you think?

I also felt a story built around it would be cool, where it starts you out running down some stairs and away from...god knows what? Then when you get to the docks, you now know you're being chased by some guards. It then tells you to use the Flash orb, and when you do it does a tutorial about who you are and what you can do. Then you go to one of the guards, take their body, and fight the other guard.

Then you can go to the Transit dock, and the pods will activate since you're using the Guards. It only works if you're a level 1 through level 10 guard, thus plot wise adding in the system to fit, and allowing you to pick your escape route.

It tells you, the player, that you just robbed the family that owns the area you were at, and later explains it was the Master Key to the entire city, and the starting plot being you wish to copy the key, and send it to as many people as you can since they are all treated poorly. You find out the key opens a special door in the dock you first left from in the game, using a unique transit not even a level 10 officer/guard can use, which allows you to travel under the lake they own, into a unique facility. The facility, come to find out, holds clones of you, and you're the only one with the ability to body snatch.

What do you think of the body snatching ability that being the focus of how you fight in the game?

Fundamental RPGology

For the way you describe it, it may look that to implement the AI feature I may need a script for that...
It should be possible only with battle events, I think. But once again it depends on your version of RM, I haven't used any since RMXP (where I am almost sure it was possible to do this sort of things in eventing)

I won't be submitting any ideas. But I'd be interested in judging. It might be nice to have a judge who isn't completely on board with the concepts in the premise. XD

Haha okay I'll keep that in mind (Sviel said he might also be interested so I'm waiting a bit), although I'd be curious to know what you disagree with. We can have that conversation here or in the comments of the blog post or by PM, as you wish. Note that I'm all for contestants turning out to have more clever ideas than mine - that's kinda the point, else I would just do it myself ;)

It means there is a 97% chance I will not submit anything.

Too bad. I liked your team name and all.

You build up your 999 HP, you unlock your ultimate skill which allows you to do either a lot of damage, or a lot of buffing def/off wise, or a lot of healing and you have 3 or 4 people each with a unique limit style that helps the others survive in some way.

You've got part of the idea right - it's indeed about actions becoming available at different moments of the battle (and if possible, other actions becoming unavailable).
But what you're suggesting is one of the reason why I'd like to avoid MP/Limit Breaks altogether: it would be best if there were no ultimate skills, i.e. if skills did different things rather than being the same with various degrees of power.

As soon as you have a MP gauge there is the automatic idea that "more expensive = stronger", which kind of kills the impulse to look for truly different skills.
So I would much prefer if you could drop that part and implement similar ideas without MP and without a linear scale of "how powerful a skill is" ;)

It could be all skills cost the same MP, but it allows you to do more at once, if you decide to build it up? This way there is no misconception that it's stronger, but that it mixes it up.

For instance 3 or 4 characters, each with a special title of sorts. One is for healing, one is for offense, one is for defense, one character allows status effects.

Fundamental RPGology

Would a good locking/unlocking be as such:

Say before the fight you have a max of 999 MP, but lose all of it when you start the fight, and have ways to absorb a little, or a lot, of MP as the battle progresses, and skills based on helping progress it, to act like a limit break of sorts while still staying on the simple side of things?

You build up your 999 HP, you unlock your ultimate skill which allows you to do either a lot of damage, or a lot of buffing def/off wise, or a lot of healing and you have 3 or 4 people each with a unique limit style that helps the others survive in some way.

Nightmare Overdose

Well to play on the word Overdose. I plan to introduce a purpose, though.

Nightmare Overdose

Here is some concept art for my comic series in the works, called Nightmare Overdose. His name is Akuma. Well his title, anyway. No one in the series knows his real name right now.

I will upload more concepts for the series as more are created.

If you want to know more about Nightmare Overdose, you can head on over to my Deviant Art and read the public version of it, over at:

accha art, yay

@Thiamor, I actually have a lot of close friends majoring in comics and really, their skill set is vastly different from mine. Trust me on that. =)

And? I like your art. XD