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Americana Dawn

author=Max McGee
author=Max McGee
Don't just mean them, I mean everyone who has ever failed to deliver on a KS. Mainly, it's the TTRPG ones I care about...
Does anyone know if Max is working on a TTRPG? I don't think it's been mentioned SEVERAL TIMES in this thread about someone else's game on Kickstarter yet...
Yeah, I am, and we had a really successful Kickstarter for it, thanks for asking.

: )

Getting about an hour's worth of (good) music runs around 6k alone, a single character (many different actions, poses, etc) can cost over $600 depending on the type of game, sound effects also add up quickly.

Yeah maybe it CAN cost that much but everyone around here should definitely know by now that it can cost a hell of a lot less than that too. There's so many talented artists and composers offering their work around here either for free or for pennies (Maybe they aren't all reliable, sure. But this is the internet, and trust me when I say no amount of money will make anyone be 100% reliable.) that I really don't think making a high quality game with 100% original assets that are also high quality needs to cost that much. I am pretty much positive that you could do it for 10% of what YDS is asking.

It's easier to find professional artists than those willing to either do it for free or extremely cheaper. So by having the money, they can easily find the artists, etc.

Americana Dawn

70 grand?! Like, I'm not sure if anyone else has said this because I just skimmed over the OP long enough to find the link, but 70 grand?!

13 days left and settling at 20k... Eh, maybe next time, Yummy Drumsticks.

As I said, the last 48 hours is when most Kickstarters earn the biggest parts of their goals.

Under the Dog had 200 thousand and then in 2ish days went from 200 thousand to 878,028. Their goal being 500,000. Also 70,000 is a small amount of money given it's not cheap to hire musicians, artists, etc.

They're going to be using a lot of their own money too, in the end.

Americana Dawn

The developers needing nearly 50k within 17 days is disconcerting... This game looks attractive but I guess that's the point some of you have made: it looks wonderful, but there is no available playable content to warrant the request of that much money. So I don't know. It would be a shame if it fell through as it looks pretty cool. I've said that three times. SO... yeah.

Kickstarters normally make bigger jumps around the end. In the last 48 hours a project called Under the Dog jumped up from like 200,000 to 700,000.


Depends on the request! If you're comfortable hearing a potential "no thanks", ask away! I just try not to make promises in advance, ah-hahaha. Certainly, you can request something, but unless I'm being paid I'm under no obligation to accept!

...I also don't take commissions at this time, just as a general note for anyone reading.

Well it's 2 things, one that can be done any time, and then a quick "cartoon" of an image so that I can use it as my avatar.

This is the one I'd like to see turned into a creepy cartoon (just the cat)

Then I'd like to ask one day to get a sort of logo in the same style as that November skull for a manga my crew is working on, based on it's name. "Nightmare Overdose", and leaving it all up to you how it's done, if you do decide to do it. That's it.


Could I actually try to talk you into a request, though I don't care how long it takes to get done?


I want to ask a question. Are you a request taker by any chance?

Random Art Topic

Here is another character in my crew's manga, Lauroc. The artist gives permission for me to post this here.

Random Art Topic

Here are two concepts, one finished, one early, work in progress. This is concept art my artists have done for our manga that is still, and will still be in production until the start of next year. That is when we'll be releasing the first 5 chapters, and the first chapter is free.

Experimental Game Mechanics

I am wanting it to be where there are no bosses in the normal sense minus plot related. Anything else will be super tough, super tough, enemies in which you can snatch from when your orb is a high enough level. I want to add being able to adjust how it works via in-game settings so you can have a choice to get higher level enemies without leveling it up so much, but in return it nerfs the power, as well as a way to upgrade it via gold, or fighting.

Experimental Game Mechanics

I also have tweaked the system a tad bit. Now there's a random number generation implemented based on the amount of enemies on a map. 1-10 at most. Each will represent an enemy. The flash orb will pick one of the enemies and if it's number is chosen, that monster coupled with it, flashes to let you know which one you can snatch.

To limit how easy this can be abused, you cannot reuse the flash orb until you switch back to your original body. Leaving a map and coming back will refresh the enemies so you can train obtaining bodies for your own set of skills, and for the final end-game boss to make the battle last longer. Once you die, your body will revive and change to a different body you've snatched, until you have no more.