I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I may have jumped the gun with the size but it will be bigger than many FF games. I want to play on world travel as much as possible. A sense of adventure when traveling... because honestly most FF games world's are small when you consider what it feels like in real life to travel around.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

The game itself wont' be super long, but the map itself will be fairly big. Some for looks, the rest for plot/side quests. But I don't plan to just make stuff that servers no purpose that will take too, too long to cross. It should hopefully be fine.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Also here's a small portion of the map, I plan to add to it, more details, this is just to get a basic idea.

The entire world itself is probably going to be 70 some times bigger than most Final Fantasy games, most of any games of this type.

I am planning on making the map itself taking a good while to explore.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I might be able to do a crafting system, but it'd just be based on conditional branches. Say you have 2 weapons of different types and an item that allows the crafting of a new weapon, then you can fuse them together.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Now I'm just trying to come up with an alternative to leveling up that gives the same results. What I mean is keeping the grinding feature as the main feature towards leveling up and getting stronger, but also including an alternative method.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Ever since my net was disconnected, I've been working on the game. Working on the world map, too, because given the crater travel I need to make the world big enough so it's not just needing craters to move about.

I also have it where there are teleportation islands that teleport you to cities and other towns, villages, etc. It allows you to go to almost all major cities and towns. Lastly one of my major functions is each treasure chest has a random number generator and if it activates one specific number you find your original treasure and a rare treasure.

For instance the first chest you get has an iron sword, and if you're lucky on your first time, an iron slayer, a sword that increases your str by 500 and every other stat by 50, but it induces berserk, absorbs mp, and poisons you until you remove it.

You'd have to do multiple New Game+ play-throughs to get it, or find an item that gives you higher chances later on.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Well of course some parts will be cliche :p

The part about it being so high is to not really make it longer but to add a sense of "holy fuck" to the fight. With being able to view how much HP it has and not being able to hurt it by spamming attacks, it'll be more of a wow factor, but once you figure out the color scheme behind when to attack, it begins to move extremely fast. It's super easy to die and super easy to do damage onto the super boss once you figure out the patterned-portion. To sort of make it not so boring, it also will randomly choose what to pick every so often.

Also yes, actually. Craters are dungeons, and inside the craters of the specific areas, will hold the same type of monsters you see on the surface but much stronger, and then there's the beasts, which if it were a Final Fantasy game, you'd call it an Esper. Each area will hold a specific boss based on it. So if you're in the desert and travel down into the crater, you'd fight an earth/fire type of boss.

Though once you defeat the boss of that area, monsters start to lower in number on the surface, so one could wait to kill them and grind, but they become MUCH harder to fight back in the crater, even harder than prior to when that boss was alive. Sort of a training area, so to speak.

The craters will also be connected to every other crater so that you can travel the world without travel by ships as well.

And my plan for a party to fight with will be a bit more..unique and not so much plot-based. You basically are a prince and after doing so much of the game by yourself one plot-based character joins you, but they give you access to "recruit" soldiers to fight with you. You choose from the list of soldiers who to get.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I wanted to discuss some mechanics and plot devices I've been working with in an upcoming game I'm doing, called Oblivion.

I am working on a game where there are these craters all over the world, and out of these craters monsters are coming out from them and the idea for this is that you can only get into random battles by walking around these craters, and once you get so far away from them, it's safe to walk around on the world map. Each crater has a different "type" of monster, IE one crater is in the desert so earth types and fire types will be faced.

The fighting while plot focused since you'll have to go around the world in the story, is still sort of like i's own mini-game so as to find your ways to these craters.

Another plot device I'm going with in this is that these craters act as a defensive measure that the planet has, by opening up sealed "mountains" and then the first stage is releasing monsters to kill off the threat, and then the second stage is using magic from "beasts" that inhabit the craters, and send magic in explosions from the craters to the outside.

I want to make it where you'll have to go down into a certain amount of these craters to fight and destroy these beasts until the planet can no longer use the craters as a weapon, then going on to investigate what the threat was that caused the planet to defend itself.

I want to know if the fighting concept for random battles is okay and the general concept for the story.

Also I'm working on a super boss fight where if you go out of your way to kill off ALL of the beasts in the craters you unlock the sealed god beast and I want to also talk about it's fighting mechanics. It has 4 forms it will transform into via both a scheduled pattern and at random times. The fight and water form, which both uses and is weak against fire and water, the thunder and wind form, which both uses and is weak against those two, the ice and thunder, and then the weak version weak against every thing.

Each form has 2 weaknesses up until the end which allow you to just spam attacks until it transforms to one of the 3. Unless you have an elemental weapon when attacking, you can only use magical attacks that correspond with the elements he is weak against.

I want to know if the starting concept sounds decent enough for a battle? Also he has 9,999,999 hp.

Summoner of Sounds

I noticed the artwork in this and wanted to know something. I know of the artist who made that and even talked to them before, so was permission given to use that character design, or is the creator of this event the very same artist?

Forever's End

You obviously must be new to the whole "RPG" genre if you think it's too fucking long.
I see the community still hasn't gotten past this "NEVER CRITICIZE FOREVER'S END" thing. Disappointing.

RPGs can be too long. I've played FE ages ago and can confirm that the pacing is junk, the game is boring and yes, too long for what little it is.
Saying the plot is boring and never really expanding on why it is, is just a cop out for "I have a small attention span" generally speaking.
No it's not. Generally, saying a plot is boring means that they find the plot uninteresting.

(I am not talking about FE here - I've never played it. I am just taking exception to the pointless ad hominem attack).

Regardless, people should really explain why they find it boring. They can't find it boring without actually knowing what it was that bored them in the first place.