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Possible boss creating contest

I PMED him, and just waiting for his response. I can imagine if this is official in that sense, we should get a fair amount of people who'd partake.

Possible boss creating contest

Alright, after work tomorrow afternoon/evening, I'll begin starting it. What we'll do is have it in a few parts. The first will be the "casting call" so to speak, for judges, the second will be the registrations to join, and the third will be the making of it and judging of the battles.

We should offer up some sort of a prize to the winner of the most unique, and hardest boss. If we could get someone like some sort of artist of some kind on here to agree to create something for someone, that might work?

Possible boss creating contest

Well graphics should count, if it actually makes the fight different and unique. I don't mean where it's just beautiful looking, but if it's scripted out/evented out to the extent each has moving animation, monsters, players, and everything has detailed animations, it should count to some degree.

Possible boss creating contest

Anyone still interested in this? I'd love to do it but we need more planning done.

Possible boss creating contest

Well on this it's not going to be a video.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

I cannot remember it's name at all, nor does searching for it on here help, but I'm looking for a game on RMN. If I recall it's 2k3 (perhaps not) and it uses the tile sets if I recall from FF6. The characters, the world, all look like something from Final Fantasy 6.

It's in a steampunk world, and the opening starts out with what I recall as airships flying around, where you can see some flying, and some of the shadows on the ground flying above.

It's a fantasy, steam punk game. Does anyone recall the name of it?
Final Fantasy Endless Nova? Oh, wait that was more sci-fi. Hm... it does sound familiar though. >.<

If I recall it's nothing FF related minus the style in terms of graphics. Also if I recall one part being someone is chasing after you, or you're chasing after someone and you find events where you jump onto building, after building to either get away, or follow them.

Possible boss creating contest

I will allow this, though.
Battles that lead out of the battle screen, onto a map, only to lead into another battle, though let's limit that to only 3 times tops.

How do you make random encounters feel welcome?

This has been bugging me for a bit. Despite my personal ambivalence to random encounters, there are plenty of people, both gamers and developers alike, that dislike random encounters with RPGs.

When asked why, they state that it feels like an interruption. Something that arbitrarily forces you out of what you are doing and puts you into a battle. It also works against exploration, because of its disruptive nature. At best, it is merely a minor annoyance, and at worse, it can lead to a game that horrifically overwhelms players.

I can't say that I don't agree with this notion. When you are trying to explore, nothing is more obnoxious than randomly going into a battle with every step. However, if you try to go another route, like using on-map encounters, you create a risk where the player won't bother to do any of the necessary work to level-up, or essentially progress through the game properly. It could just be me, but with a random encounter system, I am at least reminded of what I need to do in order to beat the game, as oppose to running from everything at my own leisure... But then, once you actually feel like you are strong enough to proceed in the game, the encounters become obnoxious!

I'm pretty much stumped on this matter. How can you make random encounters feel less like an annoyance and more like something fun for the player to experience? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Personally my way of making battles feel not so out of place and random, is giving the player the controls when it comes to the enemies. An equitable item set which when you put it on, determines the enemy set you'll be facing off of, when you encounter them.

Secondly and thirdly, a counter to tell when you're going to get into a fight (so it's not random but obviously based on steps taken) and then an opt out function that allows you to give up something in return to skip the battle altogether.

Game Submission Question

Though one thing is there's a free version which is alpha, then Beta which you have to buy, to play.

Sorry about the double post.*

Possible boss creating contest

Well after being talked to about it, it's best to let them use what they can get.