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Possible boss creating contest

Firstly, let me say, this is an idea I'm wanting to bounce back and forth between each and everyone of you all, and secondly, looks do not matter with what I am thinking about.

The idea is to take your time to create a super boss event, one in which anyone can download and play, and it instantly takes you into a fight once you start it. The concept is that we're to create the most in-depth, unique battle where the enemy has a unique, creative, widely varied attack pattern possible (even sometimes if possible, random), coupled with very powerful, end-game characters.

No plot, no dialogue, just fighting. Then when each participant is done, 5 judges chosen by you all will play it and determine who has the best battle.

Graphics will be a bonus if possible but in my eyes shouldn't at all play into how a judge views it.

What do you think?

2014 Indie Game Development Contest: $10,000 Grand Prize!

I think Kentona should do it, though.

2014 Indie Game Development Contest: $10,000 Grand Prize!

You can't copyright ideas. The Princess Maker series is a raising sim (of which there are quite a few) and thus you too may make a Raising Sim as long as you don't copy their everything. (Raise a bunch of kids from x age to x age should be fine).

The second example might be a little too close since you're actually riffing off established characters (who are easy to figure out).
Ah, dang, I guess that nixes one project I had thought up for this. Hm, would a game about an art exhibit currently going on in my town be okay?

You'd be surprised what people do. Of course you can't really copyright an idea, but you can patent one. There's over thousands, and thousands of very vague, patented ideas.

I read about it in a magazine about this guy trying to start a comedy website and how many people could sue him with their very vague patent they just buy, and yet don't actually work to create.

Dedicated Servers

I don't see anything lost, and if done right and good, you've a lot to gain from this, and if it doesn't work too greatly, people just won't use that one aspect of it. I think you've more to gain than you can lose, by adding this.

Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge

It seems like you got inspiration from Alundra.

Dedicated Servers

I think it's an interesting concept for an RPG MAKER even if it won't handle many players at once. Worst case scenario, it's like Diablo III where 4 players join one game. Best case, someone has a good server of their own and hosts a fairly decent size game. Either way it adds something interesting.

Battle System Plans

He really wanted it where you can get certain things during your play through with the points, but a lot of the stuff only available through newgame+.

If I recall his one major replay value idea is that eventually when every single thing is unlocked, from the smallest quest, to main quests, to having everything unlocked in the new games, to having a specific number of points available after unlocking all things, that a true ending arc of sorts is unlocked.

IE, new story, new items, final, true boss fight. Also hew wanted it where after the first play through on EASY mode, it unlocks normal, then normal unlocks medium, which does hard, which does extreme, then something like Ultimate. Each mode makes the monsters faster, higher defense, more intelligent, and with more HP.

He also thought along the lines of after beating everything and getting the final, true ending arc, that it is only playable on a difficulty setting called Ultimate Plus. The final difficulty setting, on the final arc.

Graphics-wise, he's thinking of making the battles look like the perspective of how Pokemon does things. You're facing the enemy like the trainer does, they are facing you like the enemy trainer/Pokemon does.

Battle System Plans

Most developers are lucky if people play their game once. If the only incentive to gathering points is to play the game again with more stuff, I don't think anyone will care.

That's not a reason not to add replay value. Just because they might get lucky, and more times than not they don't replay it.

Not counting the fact people are starting to enjoy having replay value, and even more so enjoying it if you can copy stuff over so as to quicken your next playthrough up.

Battle System Plans

Skipping the battle entirely doesn't sound too interesting, even if the incentive to fight is a higher yield of cash/experience. I like LockeZ' suggestion of gaining a preemptive strike; it makes the battle easier without completely nullifying its existence.

Well if I hadn't said so earlier, his plan was that if you don't fight every fight (no random battles in this, it's scripted, NPC on screen battles where it goes into the battle screen once touched) then you don't obtain points. These points he said would be used to start a new game+, while also allowing you to buy a list of different items, skills, levels using the points you had, and any left over is cut down by a certain amount and that is what is left to carry over to your next playthrough. Even if you had everything unlocked and had a shit ton of points left, his idea is to cut it down by half when the new game is finally started.

Battle System Plans

Well it's probably going to focus on it being a random system, that it marks how many hits you'll get when you click to use it. IE, you use the combo hit, the event scripted for it kicks on, it determines you'll get 3 hits rather than 1, then you're loaded with MP.

Also yes to the encounter. The idea is that it skips the battle entirely and gives them a bit lower of exp and everything else so that people have another way to choose how to go into a fight and how to farm for experience rather than the normal "go and fight enemies" way.