I make and play games - playing games I use as a reward for reaching specific milestones within my various development projects. I've played a wide variety of games, having started at the tender age of three and worked my way up over the years so that, at one point, I was actually going out of my way to find the original games (cartridges, CDs, whatever) to play.

All games I elect to review must be 'Complete' status (though games still in the process of clearing out bugs are fine and will be noted in the review itself). These games must have a download on RMN (as I pass them to my Dropbox queue) and need to be self contained - everything I need to play should be in the download, without needing to install anything (including RTPs; we aren't living in the days of slow connections anymore, people). You should also have any fixes in the download, not something I have to look through the comments for - I'm going to be avoiding them like the plague until I've finished the review.

When I review a game, I try to play as much of it as I can possibly stand before posting the review - I make notes/write part of the review as I'm playing, so a lot of what goes into the review is first impressions of sections. I'm also not a stickler - things don't have to be perfect - but I've seen many examples of things not done perfectly but, at the same time, not done horribly. I rate five categories on a scale from 1 to 10: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Pacing, and Mapping & Design. 5 is average to me, so it's not necessarily saying that category is bad - it's saying it's middle of the road. Games within the same editor are compared to one another, not games across editors (I'm not going to hold an RM2k game to the same standards as a VX Ace game due to system limitations, but I won't let it hold back the RM2k game's rating) - unless the game is part of a series across multiple editors.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic



Windows XP users, looks like we just got tossed into the sea.

Probably - you can usually buy a generation or two older OSes. In fact, just went to Tiger Direct to look it up; they're still selling it.

There's also, I believe, a private group that was considering continuing support for Windows XP on their own; there'd be a huge market for it, considering how many organizations still use it on their machines.

Windows 8, to the best of my knowledge, does still have issues running things because of the massive departure from previous Windows OSes at its very core. They've been working on adapting stuff, but there's still some problems.

Windows XP users, looks like we just got tossed into the sea.

I use Windows 7 on my primary computers - I've never had an issue playing anything with it. If I did, I could use DOS Box to run things, but with such fun stuff as compatibility mode, I've never run into the error once.

(And I do play plenty of old games as well.)

Also, it's not entirely unsafe to be running XP anymore. It's no less safe than it was when there was updates - it just won't get any safer.

[VX Ace] Regain MP on Guard.

Appologies for the double post but wanted to make sure this was seen:

module KTM
module REGEXP
MP_REGEN = /<(?:MP_REGEN|mp regen):[ ]*(\d+)([%%])>/i

class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase

def item_effect_recover_mp(user, item, effect)
value = (mmp * effect.value1 + effect.value2) * rec
if (item.is_a?(RPG::Skill) && ( == guard_skill_id))
value *= mp_regen_adjust(user)
value *= user.pha if item.is_a?(RPG::Item)
value = value.to_i
@result.mp_damage -= value
@result.success = true if value != 0 += value

def mp_regen_adjust(user)
mpra = 1.0
for armor in user.armors
mod = 1.0
note = armor.note
note.split(/[\r\n]+/).each { |line|
case line
mod = 1 + ($1.to_f / 100)
mpra *= mod
return mpra


Currently works multiplicatively. Standard install method - paste above Main but below Materials. Used by adding a notetag to any piece of armor:

<mp regen: x%>

Only works using armor at the moment. I can't guarantee compatibility with any custom battle systems as it's written, but can try to work it in if it's necessary.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this; I hate regex and ended up just using Yanfly's as a basis for the actual regex. Tested and working in an otherwise blank project (actually, that's slightly a lie - tested and working in a project with Yanfly Ace Menu Engine and the mod I did for unity, but that doesn't affect this in anyway).

Let me know if there's any errors and I can fix them up (I only did rudimentary testing - two items with MP Regen on a single character in test battle).

Do you like making games? Or do you like [i]having made[/i] a game?

When I actually have a finished product to show, I'll be more able to answer this question. *sigh*

Game Name Ideas

Explore Because Stuff sounds like the subtitle of the next Adventure Time game, and I approve.

[VX ACE] Show Variables on Main Menu?

All right, this is the script I based these edits on:
(The normal dropbox links are down, so my assumption is this is the right one.)
Tested as working in an empty project with just the Yanfly Ace Menu Engine as a script.

This one doesn't appear to make an alterations to the gold window as it sits, which makes this so much easier to do. And thus, voila, a quick and dirty version:

class Window_Gold < Window_Base
def initialize
super(0, 0, window_width, fitting_height(3))

def refresh
draw_spirit_energy(4,0,contents.width - 8)
draw_currency_value(value, currency_unit, 4,line_height * 2, contents.width - 8)

def draw_spirit_energy(x,y,width)
draw_text(x,y,width,line_height,"Spirit Energy")
draw_text(x, y, width - 2, line_height, $game_variables[1], 2)

def draw_level_cap(x,y,width)
draw_text(x,y,width,line_height,"Level Cap")
draw_text(x, y, width - 2, line_height, $game_variables[2], 2)

def draw_currency_value(value, unit, x, y, width)
cx = text_size(unit).width
draw_text(x, y, width, line_height, unit)
draw_text(x, y, width - 2, line_height, value, 2)

Paste below Yanfly's script but above Main and it should work. Very basic, uses Variable 1 as your Spirit Energy, Variable 2 as your Level Cap, and isn't exactly "pretty" - I wasn't sure the aesthetic you're going for. I can help clean it up a little if you'd like, but best to make sure I've got the idea of what you're doing first.

Marrend: Your version will, in fact, work with the fitting height changed. My only slight concern later being another script possibly making changes to the draw_currency_value method, which would undo all those changes (hence why I made the draw function for spirit energy and level cap into different functions - they don't need to be, it's just a modularity thing).

[VX ACE] Show Variables on Main Menu?

All variables are stored under the $game_variable global; something like this should draw a line of text that contains a variable:

draw_text(x, y, width, line_height, $game_variable[varnum], 2)

Of course, this needs to be within the window that the line is being drawn in (and I lifted it directly from the gold window methods, with a few changes to make it less annoying.

So, at this point, it'll depend if you want it in its own window on the menu or as part of another window. If you want it in it's own window, I can pass that to you pretty quickly; if you want it in another window... well, that'll be fairly quick to do as well, you'll just have to decide which one.

In case you're wondering, this is the break down of that code line:
The draw_text functions uses the following parameters -
x - the x position of the text being drawn within the window
y - the y position of the text being drawn withing the window
width - how much horizontal space to fit the text into; if your text is too long for the space, it will be squished to fit
line_height - how much vertical space to fit the text into; I've never had it happen, but I assume it will squish the text if the space is too small
$game_varaible - the text to be drawn; it can be pretty much anything - you might need to make it $game_variable.to_s if it feeds an error; I remember it being necessary in XP, but I haven't done menu tinkering in Ace yet
2 - this is the alignment of the text; 2 in particular will right align it. If you don't provide a value, it will default to left alignment (0, I think). You can also use 0 or 1 (left or center - I'm pretty sure those're the values)


You're posting under two different usernames.


Pretty much, two accounts is about the only explanation there.

[VX Ace] Regain MP on Guard.

Yeah, that's basically what I've got written (it's on my other PC and not fully tested yet) - the hack thing, though I haven't written in tag support yet as I've always hated working with tags and tend to leave that stuff until last. I've been looking for an alternate solution that might work a little more elegantly, but it's a pain sometimes.

A personal suggestion is multiplicatively, as additively can get out of hand if you stack the right gear (ie. if you don't watch your balancing and numbers, it can recover 100% MP in a single turn).

RMN Swole

In general, I try to keep the fitness level up fairly decently. Like, not overly exercising but not a tub of lard. Unfortunately, I injured myself in high school playing rugby and blown my knee out pretty heftily. It makes doing a lot of exercise incredibly difficult (like, if my knee goes during the workout, I'm looking at a week or two on painkillers just to be able to walk), but I still try to keep walking and when I have to go to the corner store, I run there and back if possible. It's a short distance, but a good hundred yards or so, so it's a nice quick burst work out.

Unfortunately, my appetite from that same period never died and my love of alcohols have increased since then (he says after his fourth beer). It's caused a bit of weight gain which I'd like to get rid of (it's not a whole lot in truth, given my height) and having a sedentary job doesn't help. I try to keep my intake of the bad stuff down, and I've got a pretty protein heavy diet (meat and protein shakes... meat and protein shakes er'day), and it all keeps my weight fairly balanced, but I'd like to be a little bit better. I always wanted to work on the parkour thing, but my body's just too broken to be able to do it anymore. =(