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A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."




There will be no lesbian undertones like Suikoden :)

Story of Innocence

Yep, that's what it's based on.


Thanks, Deckiller, and Pepsi!

@Ashes: It's a combination of Mac & Blue, SD3, and SOE.

Chapter 2 Demo

@ivory: Thanks for catching those errors. Were you at the town item shop when the menu error occured?

@Eliminator: Yeah, there's going to be three chapters.

Chapter 2 Demo

Sweet, let me know what you think.


Haha, this isn't a train from the "grid."


I guess I could do that, but then I'll have to edit the exterior too, because that has no windows.

Story of Innocence Review

Wow, thanks for the review (you can never have too many reviews)! Much appreciated. I really like the format of your reviews, especially how you tailor the title graphic to match the game page. I've taken what you said about the difficulty, and toned it down a bit. Hopefully people won't have to grind as hard as you did. And your grammar is fine; I'm assuming English isn't your first language, but you write it better than most native speakers. :)

@Clareain: I'm certainly looking for to watching your LPs once they're up, and listening to whatever criticisms you have.

Extended Demo

Could you send me your save file if you saved just after meeting felix. This might be an error for those who continued from a previous save file.

EDIT: I've uploaded a new version, but you might have to reload a save from before you entered Indigo Cave.

Extended Demo

Hmm, the door to the main house turns phasing mode on, then off for the hero, so phasing mode shouldn't still be on. But I've uploaded a new version, and if you walk into the barn again, phasing mode should be turned off. And that's not the end of the demo; you have to go to the orphanage to continue with the game.

BTW amazing game you have here.

Thank you :):)