Hello there :) I am Ahmed from Pakistan. I am a first year college student & my hobbies are role playing games,watching Anime, reading Manga, fanfics etc, writing, drawing, singing, playing football & Bedminton.

My favorite game is Shining Force & its sequal Shing Force II, a turned-based strategy game. So you can say that my fav kind of games are turned-based role-playing games.




This looks amazing


I adore this drawing

The Maid of Fairewell Heights

This was really fun, wish it was longer...

A Story of the End - Revere

The character designs are simply beautiful, and everything is looking great!

Star's Favour

Love this a lot <3


Wow this guy vgperson has quite a portfolio for Japanese-translated games ~ ~

Vgperson is a girl, not a guy. Just so you know how cool she is.

D is for Dungeon

I thought D is for... well, D *winkwink*

Just kidding, this looks promising. Baby adventures, count me in (even tho I don't like babies haha) I will play it right away!