Hello there :) I am Ahmed from Pakistan. I am a first year college student & my hobbies are role playing games,watching Anime, reading Manga, fanfics etc, writing, drawing, singing, playing football & Bedminton.

My favorite game is Shining Force & its sequal Shing Force II, a turned-based strategy game. So you can say that my fav kind of games are turned-based role-playing games.




This is amazing!

Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge

Oh my God, this looks awesome!

Luxaren Allure

It has yuri?

Ara Fell

I still love it so much...

Final Quest - The disciple's journey

Done with this one too (I lool like a stalker now xD) Great mapping and battle system as always, guys. You two have such refreshing games, I can't get enough of these games! I really liked it, as unique as your other stories ;)


Just played it, quite different from most of your other games but you still pulled off the mystery genre. Great game, I think I got 6-7 endings myself.

It was short and suspenseful, overall very nice.

In Search of Freedom

I see, I am looking forward to this so much! No prob at all guys :)

What is your main project atm?

Pocket Mirror Review

This review makes the game seem like really bad. I found it good tbh. It had the atmosphere of a horror game and the graphics were beautiful. The only thing was that this game was too short.

Dreaming Mary

I downloaded this game just now and I must say that I loved it, it's so beautiful!... But--- I am stuck! I can't find the magic word in the beginning of the game at all. Can you tell me what is it?

The Grumpy Knight

Btw if you don't mind, can you tell me what happens in the normal end? I am going for the true end now that I am done with special end.

EDIT - Actually nevermind, I was able to get both normal and true end in a single playthrough with a bit of saving and loading :)

And wow, what an experience it was! You managed to make that pairing work when I wasn't up for it at all. True end = best end! I wish, there was more about their romance but... I guess, that leaves for a possible-change-of-heart-oh-pretty-please sequel? :P

It was a flawless game for me. Once again, your dialogue really shone. Just plain awesome!