The Screenshot Topic Returns

That looks nice, too, but now I don't see any tents at all! I wanted to see one burnt to the ground. But the smoky filter on top looks good.

I have re-done the layout one more time to spread stuff out. Is it an improvement? Also, I'm considering changing the icons to just text more like a standard RPG now that the whole "Command Bar" thing I had going on is gone.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Ashriot, the new version has a lot more info shown in a much smaller space, so if the complaints you were getting were that it was "hard to read" I'm not sure you fixed it. It's much more aesthetically pleasing though.

Well the complaints were usually just that it was hard to tell what all the boxes and bars meant and it was kind of spread out. I'm going to spread out the new UI a bit so it's not so cramped in that corner. Thanks for the feedback!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks Large and Essenceblade! It seems a little cramped to me so I might try to space things out still.

And Essenceblade, that screenshot is awesome! I really like the red color you used for the trees. It's intense but fitting. And I love caterpillar systems. It really bugs me when you have a party and can only see the leader. I know it's not easy to work around that, but I think it adds a lot.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I'd had some complaints about my UI being hard to read or just not very good, so I've spent some time redoing it. What do you think? Is it an improvement? Or do you have any suggestions as to how to make it better?

This is the new one:

This is the old one:

Devil Star

Yeah, it's kinda why I haven't worked on it. That battle system is super old, it was my first real attempt at a custom battle system, inspired by The Frozen World. I didn't have a ton of knowledge of RPG Maker and found this to be the easiest way to handle it.

My new project (Stamina CBS Project) is a super-evolved form of that game (with a new story too, since the Devil Star story wasn't very fleshed out.) It has standard key-press controls.

I may go back to it one day and just write an ending, just so it can be a complete game, but it doesn't seem like a lot of people are clamoring for the continuation of this demo, so it's low on the priorities.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Alchemy video demo

This looks really interesting :) can't wait to check it out!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

UPRC, that video is awesome :D Nice music choices and I really like the style you have!

Battle system updates from the past week

That's a great way to handle poison damage when you have rounds. Also the icons are looking quite nice :D

Trivializing the SoulKeys boss:

I'm still working on the demo right now but this game is ridiculously good. I'm having a blast playing it and I LOVE the graphics!

I was going to wait to post until after I'd finished it, but I just really wanted to let you know how much fun I was having :D