Devil Star

Hey, played all the way through the demo. Pretty cool stuff! Really liked the layout of the maps and finding all the treasures and such. Hope you plan on continuing this.

Awesome! Thanks, I am planning on getting some work done on it. I was inspired by Creation's P or F video to allow the player to spend some skill points or something when leveling up. I just haven't decided on a way to do it yet. Glad you liked it!

Oh, I wanted to ask if you had a lot of trouble on the first boss with the kobold leader. It seems like several people have had trouble killing him and so I wanted to know if he gave you any trouble or if he was easy.


Yeah, it was inspired by Paper Mario :D I even took in the concept of flying and ground enemies so that you have to use ranged attacks against flyers and such.

I'll See You at the Crossroads

This sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope it's not too hard to implement, but if you can do it, it'd be a lot of fun to play!


Yeah, it's shocking how often this font is used for movies and movie packaging. It's everywhere!

Old School Black Hole

Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to hear more info!

Dragon Warrior Tactics

Oh I love the original Dragon Warrior! This looks very interesting! (I also love FFT :D)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

:O Finally finished upgrade tier 3 and now working on mob all should be proud of me :)

Yay! I can't wait to check this out ever since you released that demo video.

Devil Star

I'm not sure why other rm2k3 games work for me, but not this one. Now it's saying "hero2 cannot be opened". Damn shame too, I really wanted to play this game.

Edit: Btw, remember when we were comparing our original battle systems a while back? :P

Yeah I remember because you have a cool avatar XD I hope its going well for ya!

In regard to the game probs, the issue is probably just that I created the game in RPG maker 2k originally, then when I got 2k3, I just tried opening it in 2k3, which ended up breaking a lot of the RTP stuff. Now it's stuck in some sort of limbo between the two with issues that come up once in a while. I'm going to probably just redo the game using 2k3 so that it's one fluid game.

I'm not sure what type of file Hero2 was. I looked around and didn't really see anything. I'm guessing it's a Battle sprite or maybe just a Char/FaceSet. You could try copying more files and renaming them just to force it through. I didn't use any RTP as far as I know, so those errors are just the default files trying to be pulled in for things like the battle sprites (which I don't use.)

Again, if this doesn't work or is too much work to deal with, I'm going to patch it up and re-release it in a smaller, cleaner package (eventually--hopefully soon!)

Devil Star

It's just giving me a "file vehicle cannot be opened" error message? Is this a problem on my end? D:

OK, I checked into it. Vehicle is just the default sprites it uses for the vehicles in the game (boat, airship, etc.) which I don't even use in my game. It's an RTP file, so I'm not sure why it's missing. You can just copy an existing CharSet file and rename it vehicle and it will work. It just wants a file to put into that spot.

Let me know if it works out for you!

Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

Thanks for the video! I see why you picked what you did. The game was designed around the battle system and the story was something I was trying to work with, but I struggle with character development. It gets slightly more interesting after the kobold fight.

When you were walking straight to the boss fight, I was screaming "NO, NO, NOOO!!" at my computer monitor, but you didn't stop (lol). It's a tough fight, probably too tough, but you have to use Rain's protection magic spells because it will negate most of the damage. I didn't really mention that with the tutorial fights, though.

I should probably add one last mini-tutorial where she tells you to make sure to cast some protection magic before fighting, during that boss fight. Also, there were valuable HP and MP gems lying around to buff your stats before the fight. So it's not TOO hard once you do all that.

I'm going to chat with my buddy about jazzing up the intro. I'm with you though, I don't like long, boring, wordy intros unless they have amazing cutscenes to keep you going. So I've always been the type to just toss you into the game. Watching someone else play though, I notice how stale it is.

I don't know why I kept spelling 'hear' as 'here!' I'm actually a decent speller, but I never realized that.

With regard to the weird man that popped up at the end, it's just a really old bug I always forget to fix. It's a rare occurrence so I always forget it's there. (Technical speak: I had an empty cursor set to make the cursor blank , but forgot, and subsequently put the man's image files into it, and so now, when it moves in a certain direction to go blank, he shows up.)

Thanks again, I'm gonna get to work on it! You've reinvigorated me to fix it up :D