Hellion [it's like Diablo and DQ had a baby!]

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I didn't bother to read your post, but hopefully you derived your name from Ashley Riot of Vagrant Story. If so, you rock.

Haha, yeah I did. ;D I love Vagrant Story! Such an awesome game, it needs to be remade...

But back on topic, I did try the physical classes and found I had an easier time, but the enemies are still pretty powerful. It's nice to have a challenging game once in a while, though.

I'll post again when I've finished the entire thing.

Hellion [it's like Diablo and DQ had a baby!]

Wow, I must say your game is very impressive! :) I really like the style you've gone with, the retro works verywell. Also, your class system is very intriguing, with a good number of classes to choose from rather than the standard Warrior, Thief, Mage choices found elsewhere.

The OOBS system you're using is really cool, as well. It's a nice change of pace to have something to do out of combat.

One concern I have so far though, is that I've started a few of the caster classes (being a fan of magic-users) but each time I enter the Pit, I seem to die within the second or third encounter. I don't know if I'm missing something, or going into the wrong room first, but the enemies seem to hit really hard, without any healing items to use.

I'm going to start another new game as a Kensai probably, to see if I have an easier time with a physical class.

I like the nod to Harry Potter you've used. ;) Being a Potter fan myself, it's a nice touch that really gives me an idea of what the character might be like.