Healing for Health and Mana and Burst and Rage and Break and TP and SP and -

Boost Morale. Restores (400%) health over 12 seconds. Rush: Instantly restores (120%) health and removes 1 debuff.
Healing Touch. Restores (200%) health.
Holy Symbol (Consumes 4 Adrenaline). A symbol of healing refreshes the party, restoring (600%)
What is the point in restoring more health than your characters have HP?

It's a percentage of the user's Power score. If they have 246 Power, Healing Touch would restore 492 health.

Thanks for this thread btw, Crazetopics are always something one can learn from.

I agree! These brainstorming sessions help distribute ideas amongst the designers and we can all learn new ideas and concepts. I've really enjoyed reading about the V&V abilities and the info about EO3.

Healing for Health and Mana and Burst and Rage and Break and TP and SP and -

That's nice but this topic is actually about healing, not getting rid of healing; how to make healing more interesting. Basically, getting away from the Curaga. Support is nice and all (<Craze> I beat Dragon Age without using a single healing spell) but not what I'm trying to get at! That said, directly mixing healing and support isn't a horrible idea.

I'm not trying to get rid of healing, I even mentioned getting away from Curaga. I'm saying healing is much more interesting as a support class with a mixture of healing and support. You said in your original post:

Fun fact: healers do more than restore health. What they do is transfer or convert resources - I prefer to generally call them "support" characters because of this, especially since they tend to add support (buffs/debuffs) to their duties.

So I thought we could explore things other than healing... But if you want healing, I got healing!

I like the concepts behind V&V a lot though. It looks like a lot of fun to play! The mixture of healing and other effects is a great idea. Question though: So, if it says 80+% healing, how does that work out exactly? Is it 80% of the char's Wisdom score as healing (that's how I do it) or is it 80% of something else PLUS the Wisdom score as a bonus? I'm just curious as I love to work with systems and math :D
My healing spells:
(XX%) is a percentage of that character's Power score. To bring an ally back from unconsciousness, you simply heal them, though some heals cannot awaken fallen allies. Also, if you spend 1 Adrenaline, you can Rush a power to provide an additional effect.

ADVENTURER (a natural leader)

Boost Morale. Restores (400%) health over 12 seconds. Rush: Instantly restores (120%) health and removes 1 debuff. (Great to Rush if you really need that instant heal.)
Valor Strike. Causes (45%) damage and restores (40%) health to the lowest health conscious party member. Rush: Restores double the health and can affect unconscious allies. (Great to use if you're more focused on doing damage but want a bit of healing in your arsenal.)
Heroic Aura. Drives his allies to victory, granting the party Accuracy (bonus Attack rating) for 20 seconds. Rush: Also restores (40%) health to all conscious allies. (The Rush is the heal here.)
Turn the Tides (Consumes 4 Adrenaline). Instantly grants all allies Boost Morale and blinds all enemies. (This works well with his passive, Great Inspiration.)

Encouragement. Increases the duration of Boost Morale by 3 seconds and increases the amount of health it restores by (75%).
Natural Leader. Reduces the Stamina cost of Heroic Aura by 1. (This increases how often you can use it.)
Great Inspiration. Causes Heroic Aura to extend any current Boost Morale effects by 2 seconds (up to a maximum of 8 seconds.)

MONK (a holy warrior and priest)
The Monk uses a sub-resource called Ki energy. Each time he performs a basic attack or purifies a debuff, he generates 1 Ki energy up to a maximum of 6. There are also many passives to generate additional Ki energy.

Healing Touch. Restores (200%) health. Consumes 1 Ki energy. Rush: Requires no Ki energy.(Useful to Rush if you need to spam Healing Touch with little Ki energy, or if you're saving the Ki energy to attack with)
Prayer of Light. A holy word restores (80%) health to all conscious allies. Consumes 3 Ki energy. Rush: Restores an additional (40%) health and affects unconscious allies. (Fantastic to Rush if you have several KO'd allies.)
Holy Symbol (Consumes 4 Adrenaline). A symbol of healing refreshes the party, restoring (600%) health to everyone and removing all debuffs. (Will affect unconscious allies.)

Passives: (Fun Fact: The monk has so many Ki related passives that it's possible to never us an ability to build Ki, just by relying on passives he'll generate enough to fight.)
Flowing Ki. Each time he crits an enemy, he generates 1 Ki energy. (Great to build up for healing or attacking.)
Ki Absorption. Gives Ki Blast and Healing Touch a 75% chance to not consume any Ki energy when used. (Another way to manage Ki.)
Ki Generation. He begins each battle with 1 Ki energy and generates an additional Ki energy every 15 seconds.
Master Healer. Increases the healing caused by Healing Touch and Prayer of Light by 20%.
Radiance. Decreases the Ki energy consumption and Stamina cost of Prayer of Light by 1.
Holy Protection. Each time an ally is attacked, he has a 20% chance (+3% per active Ki energy; up to 18%) to instantly restore (15%) health to that ally. (This is a great all-around way to keep the party refreshed even if you build the monk as a pure damage character.)

Random Number Generation: The death of the Critical Hit

Personally, I feel like Miss is a frustrating mechanic. I've gotten rid of it in all my recent game projects because it's just annoying. Paper Mario is a fantastic game in terms of non-RNG. It's all about predicting how the enemy will react and using the appropriate abilities which do a set amount of damage (as long as you can pull of the action command.)

As far as crits go, if you stick with the old school style of crits where each character just has a random, small chance to land one, they aren't very interesting and they're so unpredictable that you absolutely can't rely on them and just have to be satisfied when they hit.

If you treat crits as a separate game mechanic, they become more interesting. Create a character who relies on them! This character doesn't cause as much damage as another character at the baseline, but they have a 45% crit rate. You can also have cool effects that are triggered by a crit to provide another interesting spin on it.

In my current game project, each character has a 15% base crit chance, with the option of equipping gear to increase it. Spirit-focused characters have a base chance of 25%. Also, the amount of damage you do on a crit is determined by a characters Vigor. So the Spirit characters in this game are much more effective when they're critting, but this makes them a bit more of a gamble, especially when healing.

Example formula: Ability does (85% of Power) damage.

Spirit char: 176 Power, 40% Crit, 217 Vigor. Non-crit: 149 Crit: 334
Non-Spirit char: 196 Power, 25% Crit, 150 Vigor. Non-crit: 165 Crit: 294

Healing for Health and Mana and Burst and Rage and Break and TP and SP and -

Healing is an interesting topic. While it had originally started out as a simple means to restore HP to a injured target, it has evolved into an entirely new role, as you put it, the "support" role.

As a side note, Guild Wars 2 will not even have a dedicated healing profession. All professions will have at least a single healing ability, and things like Water magic for the elementalist provides minor healing to allies. They do say that there will be a "support" role and they discuss what it really means to be a healer in a party in this really interesting article:

Here is a good quote: "Heal: Don't belittle the SUPPORT role by calling it heal. Healing is the least dynamic kind of support there is. It is reactive instead of proactive. Healing is for when you are already losing. In Guild Wars 2 we prefer that you support your allies before they take a beating. Sure, there are some healing spells in Guild Wars 2, but they make up a small portion of the support lines that are spread throughout the professions. Other kinds of support include buffs, active defense, and cross-profession combinations."

This sums up exactly how I feel about healing. I'm even going back into my current project and editing what I have already. I want to try to incorporate more support/defense instead of just pure healing. I already have energy shields that absorb damage, but I want to have other things such as the ability to cause a target's next hit to miss, etc.

Don't get me wrong, healing has a place and I have a great fondness for old-school RPG's with their Cure's and their Curaga's. But when creating a modern RPG, I find it much more interesting to think outside the box and try to make your healer a true support role. The healer's job is to make sure the party ends (a) alive and (b) with as many HP as possible. You can do this so many other ways than through healing!

Tanking for Health and... well, Health

If that's what they do, then sure. But, I like the idea of a squishy caster being able to take on the tanking role!

And I was just brainstorming and coming up with ideas I wasn't trying to come up with things not in EO3 XD

Though I do want to try EO3 now... might have to find myself a copy!

Tanking for Health and... well, Health

I've always wanted to see a caster tank of some kind ever since the "drain-tank Warlock" in WoW.

The best type of caster I've thought of for this would be an illusionist who would be able to use a combination of evasion, control, and temporary hit points to tank for the group.

A few abilities could be something like setting up a decoy that draws attention and absorbs attacks. Mirror Image on him/herself that would cause the next few physical attacks to miss. Imaginary armor would absorb incoming damage until it shattered. Deflect elements could set up a shell of light that would reduce incoming magic damage and False Life would temporarily increase his maximum hit points.

The illusionist could also distract enemies with ghost images that would keep them off allies. They could also render an ally invisible to completely shut down an enemy who is targeting that ally. Another party protection spell could be something like terrifying visage that temporarily gives an ally a frightening look that would decrease their threat against enemies. Also, using a clone spell could transfer some threat from an ally to the illusionist.

For causing damage, I've always liked the idea that an illusionist could stack up imaginary wounds on a target that cause periodic damage. This ability could stack a few times on each target but if allowed to drop off, the enemy would begin to regain some of the lost health because he/she/it would begin to see through the illusion. The illusionist could also fire off some sort of pain spike ability that would cause damage that scales with the number of stacks of wounds and would end the effect so that they could not recover.

So a basic battle with an illusionist would begin the fight by setting up a decoy to distract the enemy's initial attention, put up mirror image, imaginary armor, false life, and deflect elements, and then begin to stack imaginary wounds on the enemies, rotating through as needed. Then simply watch your allies and cast things like ghost image, invisibility, and terrifying visage to protect allies from taking too much damage.

Also, if you wanted this character to be a hybrid of a damage class and a tank, you could set up a condition where for each self-buff the illusionist is maintaining, it decreases his/her damage output (but not threat.) This way, an illusionist could still fill the damage roll in a party but could tank if needed.

I'm sure there are many more interesting ways for an illusionist to tank, but I'm just having fun brainstorming :D

Need a Writer?

If you don't mind, I have a story concept I'm toying with for my game that I'd like for you to just take a look and see if you have ways to expand upon it or a direction the entire flow could take. Right now, it's just a bunch of concepts and character ideas with some background lore.But I don't really have an actual game flow at the moment.

It wouldn't really require much work for you, just eying it over and giving suggestions :D

Stamina CBS Project

Thanks! I'm currently working on the abilities and trying to create a storyline for this project. I still have no name and only a vague sense of the flow of the game.

Brainstorming for abilities in my project

Well it was supposed to be like an Adrenaline Rush! But I had another name before, it sounded too technical. Maybe something else would be better.

But yeah, I meant to make a few examples to show how the formula's worked, but yup! It's a percentage of their Power score just like you said.

Oh, I used to call them Infusions.. Like you're infusing the ability with adrenaline. Kinda sounds sci-fi-ish.

Brainstorming for abilities in my project

This was just a brainstorming post but I feel it's doing more harm than good, so feel free to post cool ideas you have for abilities in general, but I'll just try to work on my project by myself. Thanks for reading!