Devil Star

Hmmm... I just uploaded a revised demo maybe I broke something. I'll check it out
Thanks for the heads up :D

Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

I'm a little nervous to post, but I've watched all your P&F's and I've found them enjoyable and useful! My game doesn't have much feedback, so your mini-review is probably exactly what I need. Maybe its the first ten minutes that aren't keeping people interested.

Thanks, Creation :D


Well it was originally intended to be kinda "fun" I suppose. But looking at it now, it does just kinda look odd. I'll fix it when I go through and redo all the fonts, it's something I'm planning anyway.

Devil's Smile: Why V&V's Battle System is Interesting

I have a question about chains. If a skill has, let's say, Chain 4, does that mean it just has a completely random chance to chain 1 to 4 times? Is there a way to increase the chance that a skill will chain more?

Blitzers rely on their stats and weapons to produce long chains

Does this mean that there's a stat that affects how often a skill chains?

Sexy Sibyl: Warlock Characters that Work

The combat system to V&V sounds fantastic! It really seems like fighting will be a lot of fun, unlike many RPGs (unfortunately.)

I was curious if you had posted any information about the way you're handling equipment. Does each character have their own weapon? Or can you put a sword and/or shield on anyone? Does it use standard equipment or maybe just a weapon and all accessories like various FF games?

Can't wait to try it :D

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Locke, looks good! The humor is well done and as far as the battle goes, I appreciated how quickly the WAIT bar filled up. I HATE waiting like 20 seconds between turns. For no reason.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

prexus, that sounds super awesome! I love the D&D 4e ruleset! So is it going to be a custom system that plays out like FFT style? The at-will/encounter/daily system of spells would work really well I think.

But, are you going to maybe make encounter powers have a cooldown instead and make dailies once per battle? It seems like the concept of a 'day' would be a little lost in a tactics game. I'm just curious about your thought process :D Keep us informed!

I constantly pull out the 4e PHB for ideas and stuff when I'm designing games; it's a great tool for brainstorming.

And your story points sound interesting so far.

Need a Writer?

Chaosbahamut is helping me too! I feel like my strengths in game creation are in the math, the systems, and the combat. I can come up with interesting (I hope, lol) concepts for a story, but not a whole plot really, so Chaos is helping me develop it :D

"Final Fantasy" games - Creative outlet or derivative drivel?

I think it's quite simple: if it's an original game that's not based on any of the Final Fantasy games, it should not be called a Final Fantasy. Now, if it has a ton of the same themes/recurring elements/same characters, then it's fair game.

I have to agree here. If someone makes a game that is their own creation, there's just no reason to slap the Final Fantasy title on there. It's your creation, just take credit for it. Calling it Final Fantasy is just confusing and rather pointless.

If you make some sort of cross-over title or a prequel/sequel, or you play heavily off its themes, feel free to call it Final Fantasy.

Looking for Games to Review

author=ashriot you'd like to review my project, that'd be great :D I'm thinking of overhauling it since it's rather old now and I have some fresh ideas for it, but I'd like some feedback on it currently; see if it's worthwhile or if I should just start anew.
Added. Though, since you mean to overhaul this soon, should I just post a review in this topic, instead of on the game? Normally I wouldn't be willing to do that, but this sounds like a pretty acceptable reason for it. I don't want to further nail down a potentially low score for a game that might be entirely different in a month.

Yeah that would be fine, and I appreciate it! Any sort of feedback will let me know what the strengths of the game were, the weaknesses, and what you'd (or a potential player) would like to see.