A basic rundown

Yeah, sorry about the speed. I did the first fight in Wait Mode to try and alleviate that. But once you know what you're doing, it's like second nature controlling it. When I see someone taking heavy damage (lets say the guy on the left) I know in order to shield him, I have to hit Down, 2, Left. (Down chooses Echo, 2 chooses her Energy Shield, and Left chooses Koh.)

AI isn't too difficult, I hope. For now, the slimes just attack, but I'm going to be adding a generic set of abilities for each enemy. (For simpler enemies, most of their abilities might just be a basic attack.) But then the AI will roll between several of their offensive abilities and it will use their defensive/support abilities as often as it can. The current plan is to place a random cooldown time on those support abilities or the more powerful ones so the enemy isn't constantly healing or buffing or doing triple damage.

I also plan to have custom mechanics like bosses doing neat things that no other enemy does, such as a giant shield you have to eat through to hit him, etc. A lot of the AI is theory at this point because I haven't done it yet... So we'll see!

Stamina CBS Project

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A basic rundown

Yes. I forgot to type this but tapping an arrow key will pull up that respective character's battle menu. Then tapping 1-5 will select the ability you want to use, then, for choosing a target, you press either an arrow key to target an ally, or a number key to target an enemy, and the ability is executed.

It's almost like a real-time Chrono Cross. In CC, you could flip between characters whenever you had the stamina to use an ability.

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

Yeah, but I work so quickly with RPG Maker 2k3 that I already have a pretty complicated battle system going and it's only been a few days worth of work. Also, I prefer the blocky old-school look of 2k(3) :D

I might mess with Ruby sometime, but I think after all this investment into 2k3, I feel like I should release one full game before I move on.

What are you working on now?

Eh, it's got a long way to go before release. I just started work on it like 2 weeks ago or so. There's no story or maps or anything yet. Just a battle system for now.

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

I don't think it's fair to say that I expect a CBS to be bad. I don't, I expect them to be done in order to solve problems with the DBS. If you're going to make a CBS though, you should probably use RMXP (or VX), since you have to know how to program anyway to make a decent one, and if you know how to program then the scripting is infinitely better than wild and crazy use of events.

Actually, that's one of my problems. I know how to abuse the event system, but I don't know squat about Ruby or scripting. I figure by the time I could learn all that, I could have finished a 2k3 game. :\

I need the General Opinion here..

It's because there are ideas in here that haven't been done quite like this. So your brain is trying to connect it to something you've seen before, but it can't.

I'd say, if your head hurts from reading all this, then we've done our job of trying to innovate and go beyond the standard realm of RPG concepts! Job system--been done before. Materia--been done before.

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with from this! :)

What are you working on now?

Necrile: That does look awesome! I couldn't figure out the HUD with the pots and the fist, goggles, and fireball.... But I love the idea of being able to create your own custom party.

I need the General Opinion here..

Something else you could consider, though this is a little out there and a little odd I guess, but each class could have an 'aura' associated with it that would not stack. So the mage would provide an aura, and if you have 4 mages, well then you're missing out on 3 auras you could potentially have. Some examples might be:

Mage - Aura of Magic - grants everyone additional max MP or slight MP regen during battles.
Priest- Aura of Life- same as mage but HP.
Warrior - Aura of Courage - grants additional damage (so all classes can use) or maybe just 1 stat like STR
Druid - Aura of the Wild - grants slight elemental resistance bonuses.

This is pretty rough, but it's just an idea I came up with when trying to figure out a way to encourage a player to NOT use several of the same class without completely forbidding it.

Also this seems like it'd be complicated to do maybe >.< But I'll leave this post just as a brainstorm.

Gran Yggdra

Just wanted to say this looks great and I gave the demo a try. It was a lot of fun! I'd be interested to play the entire game when you finish :D