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[RMVX ACE] Character HP display

I'm working on a battle system that is not in the regular battle screen, instead using charsets on the map. My question is what is the best way to display the individual HP of each character (heroes and enemies). Ideally I wanted to display an HP bar on top of each char-event, but I imagine it's too hard. I could also go for display current/max HP number (like 25/30) on top of each character, but I don't know how to do it either. Is there a script for it? Are there other ways?

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Balloon dialog size adjustment

I was looking for a balloon message script, and I found this one that looks great and exactly what I needed:

But when if I change font size or font name, the balloon size won't adjust correspondingly. The script is huge, I have no idea where to change. Can anyone help?

[RMVX ACE] Variable HUD script question

I know this is probably an incredibly stupid question, but I'm new to this script thing.

I'm using this script:

But even after copy-pasting the script in the editor, the variables won't show. I guess I need to initialize the script somehow. How do I do it?


I found out, but I'll keep this topic because I'll probably have more questions regarding this script.

[RMVX ACE] Music / event synch

I want to know how precisely I can synch a BGM music and events.


I start playing a song, and at the same time a second-counting parallel event starts to run. When the second count reaches, for example, 45, something happens... and this event is supposed to happen exactly at 00:45 of the song.

How precise can it be? Are there ways to make it more precise?

I know there was a strange variation in RM2K3. I had a phase that lasted exactly 5 minutes and a mp3 that lasted exactly 5 minutes as well, but sometimes the song looped, and sometimes the phase ended before the song ending.

Moving on [aka goodbye rm2k3]

So I finally decided to abandon RM2K3. It's not because I think the engine is too limited. It's not for the games I like making, anyway. But I decided it's time to move on for two important reasons:

- RM2K3 is not compatible with some operational systems and with newer versions of Windows (sometimes).
- All my games were starting to look the same.

I have 3 options as to what I'm moving on to. I want you guys' opinions because I may be leaving some important factor behind from my analysis (or even a better option).

Let me just say in advance: time is a big problem for me. Spending time in learning a new engine is not something I'm very excited to do.

Option 1 - RMVXAce
-The smallest difference from what I'm used to making, so learning how to use it would be the fastest.
-My games are not RPGs, so making the kind of game I want would take much more work in RM.
-I have a feeling a newer version of RM will be out soon.

Option 2 - Unity
-It's compatible with anything.
-After I have some degree of mastery over the engine, I would be able to make the kind of games I like making easily.
-It runs slow on my computer.
-Having to learn an entire new language from scratch. The time I would take to learn how to use it is the time I could be using in making 5 or 6 games.

Option 3 - Delphi
-I already know how to program using Delphi. I would only have to learn to make programs more visual and gamey.
-It's probably the most flexible of all options. I would be able to use editboxes and texts and open files from within the game, and all sorts of stuff a software can do.
-Even if I get the hang of the graphical part of Delphi, games still wouldn't look too gamey.
-If I wanted to make something more graphical, something as simple as a walking animation would take me 20x more time to do than in, say, RM.

So... any thoughts?

RM games translations

Sometimes people ask me permission to translate my games. I just got an e-mail last night from a guy who wants to translate Suzy and freedom. It's a good thing, because he wants to take the game to a broader range of players. Apart from the fact that I dislike translations in general, I feel somewhat bothered about this. But I shouldn't. I guess because someone will open the game in the editor, modify it, and release it again? I dunno.

Question is... should I be worried? Or should I just stop being stupid and say "sure, thank you!"?

Parallel events in rm2k3

I have two parallel events in a map. When I read a message, one of them stops, the other doesn't. They're both identical events, except for the code, of course, which is shown on the picture below.

I want both events to work while I'm reading a message.

What do I do?

Angry birds on RM2K3

How would I go about making a game like angry birds on RM2K3? Something like... aim and shoot, considering both angle and power?

Dealing with NPC crowds

This has been discussed before, I think: how to deal with "crowding".

I have this map that is a party in a night club, and the party was organized by the player. The better he organized the party, the more people are there. So it's important that the map accounts for lots of NPCs. Thing is, there are some of them that are important to talk to... most of them aren't. And I'm not sure I have enough creativity to come up with unimportant lines for 100+ guys.

I want you guys' opinion on this solution I came up with.

I'm making a common event with a list of random lines (like 10). Something like "yeah baby!", or "great party!". I will make those lines short, and with a different font color (so the player will know they're random and unimportant). The somewhat important NPCs will speak normally. But nothing will distinguish them from the outside (except I'll used a limited number of different charsets for the random guys, and some other NPCs will have exclusive sprites). I expect players to spend some time talking to useless people like that, but not much time (especially cause the lines will be short).

What do you think? Is that a good solution?

Need ideas on how to orchestrate a carnage scene

I'm making a scene in RM2003 where there a bunch of people in a very big map, and everyone is butchered by a group of killing frogs. I want to make something that looks fairly smooth, without having to program a movement route for every single event, because they are way too many.

My first choice was:
- Making a movement route for frogs using two chars: one walking, one "biting". The frogs would walk randomly, stop a little, show the biting animation (with some blood in their mouths), and start over.
- Making a movement route for people using three instances: regular walking (for running away) with random movement, one "blood spilling animation" that lasts little, and a dead stance.

I was hoping that, given the large number of frogs and people chars, it would look like the frogs were chasing people and killing them. But what happens is that, even though the chasing part looks ok, the characters just burst in blood out of nowhere and die. It doesn't look like the frogs are killing them.

Any ideas on how to make it look better? I can post screens or maybe videos if it helps.