Character introduction: Mimika

.... hehehehe So gaining her trust is as easy as buying a lot from her? If we can grind I will make sure to.. gain her trust....

Awesome picture though. But I am thinking about that little Mimic crafts something? Did she do that before her death, or is it magic smithing at its finest? Anyways nice to have an actual Mimic not as an enemy for once.

Character introduction: Shatter

Am I the only one that thinks that they (Shatter) somehow look cute?

Yes? To bad....

Still a demon that wants to be eaten and gives it its all to be a good meal? That's a new one. And I dig new things so to say......... still looks cute. That is weird. It's not even the mask but I guess how they hold themselves.... I think looking so shy makes me think they look cute.... Kinda strange cause to survive they need to hunt souls weaker than them.... hmmm maybe shatter's diet is something different? I am officially confused.

Weapons and Party Members

...... why is there no like system in place on RMN?! I need one to like this as much as possible!

That name Agdistis.... is this a hint at his/her backstory? (I mean wikipedia has some version of his/her story....

I still think your art looks amazing from what I saw so far.... well amazing is not strong enough a word.... professional I guess would fit well.... :D

Edit: I can already see myself grinding to the point of insanity to get all those sweet skills... xD

Insurgence - Chains of Renegade

wow amazing you beat her haha, anyway thank you for the bug reports and input.

It wasnt very hard. I am playing only on normal (in hindsight I should have played on hard cause the game is easy.... I havent even had to use resurrection yet even with this super mutant (I was winning before Lang showed up! Though i was probably only lucky he didnt use confusion much.... and knocked my healer out of it.... xD)

Well anyways so far I like the story but now I am at the point where I have to spy on Boham....

Well to the story so far: I am surprised the troops just retreated they were winning hard (even though my lvl 60 (at that point) Rissa with a good 2k MP and over 350 mat could have easily burned a few hundred on her own.) (My playtime is 9h 30minutes.... and most of that is from grinding even if that province declared indepedence I mean... they have 100 000 people while the "Opposition" has 5k and a few mercenaries. And what is that with having to train the troops.... you dont train troops in a few months. It takes longer to train troops especially in the medieval ages where they didnt have firearms everyone can learn to use in a year or so. Using mercenaries if you have that many troops is just plain stupid if it is to buy time to TRAIN them (Mercenaries are way more expensive I would figure). If you had done it so he can get them moving (to mobilize troops you do need some time... especially big numbers and if you need the ships to move them.... well there are a lot of factors but I am not someone that studied that just read a lot of fantasy so I have at least the hint of an idea... maybe I am totally wrong but I am pretty sure I am not.)

Well anyways it would be nice to actually see scenes where Rissa interacts with her "father" and "Mother" intimately cause with what we see he simply is not father material and I honestly felt nothing when he betrayed her. Maybe have some flashbacks and the like to her time in the academy how he behaved nicely with her and stuff like that... nevermind that her mother (Spoilers all take care!) Simply betrayed her by not even listening to a word they say... well maybe you just want to make them look bad but it just doesnt sit well with me. I am not finished yet so that might come in the future who knows.
Also whats the deal with Raash? She quotes I think that was Sun Tzu once and the leader of the opposition eats out of her hand? (Nevermind the obviously is HIS daughter. The whole replacement talk gives it more than away. I am surprised none of the characters notice it.)

I like it that your magic attack scaling is not the basic 200 + 2x mat - 2 x mdef but really customized... sadly Rissa cant do anything but straight up damage.... a few status effects on her spells would have been nice. (Btw my top damage is 17,5k from Intoner (how much damage does that make anyways? From my calculation it should be about 45-55x mat) but i dont remember on what... xD Still could do more with a crit on intoner. And that spells can also crit... it was always a pet beef of mine that magic cant crit.)
Also so far the "crystal skills" were not overly usefull for the price they are going.... havent found myself in a situation yet where I would spend the money on it.... Also the high end equibment in the shop in boham is ridicolously expensive.... makes even me who likes grinding quite.... well how should I say it... flinch at the prospect of grinding all those hours to equib everyone even with all the SSR nodes you find in that cave.... (Whats with the cave anyway? There is so tablet at the end where you cant do anything.... well probably gonna know it once I am done backtracking) If I find another book store though I will be overpowered as hell cause I am sitting on 200k gold. :D
Lang is to powerful.... if bosses have trouble with status conditions at least. Her straight up damage is supbar and once an enemy resists status conditions it doesnt really matter anymore what you do with her cause she will be rather useless.
Van's skills are way to expensive for the small amount of MP he has.... I can maybe use one high skill before he has to take 2 MP potions to use it again.... maybe reduce his skill cost by half of many of his skills? (I expected him to be a tank... but he is a discount Lang instead... xD Mostly at least....) Also Blow and Funnel do the exactly same thing... is that intended? Same damage same status down.

Fire I and II have the exact same animation and Fire III has the Flame II animation... is that intended? The whole tier III has the animations of the aeo versions if I remember right...

Well anyways thats it for now I didnt read over it so there may still be spelling mistakes and logic failures on my side but hey whatever.

Quick Edit: Still didnt read trough it again but I got a funny idea.. what if you make skillcombos? Like a water spell inflicting a wet effect that increases thunder damage, ice inflicting a freezing effect that increases fire damage but disappears once the fire spell is cast?
You could do the same for the more physically inclined characters like staggering and than dealing more damage once with a normal attack stuff like that... would be neat and give more depth to the combat system instead of spamming the strongest available skill.

Insurgence - Chains of Renegade

This game sure is somewhat pretty.... but I am disappointed for beating (i think she was called Lang in the intro?) with level 20 at the bridge (I grinded for 1h and 30 minutes for books.... I wanted to make Rissa stronger... and i succeeded. Fire 2 seemed to be her weakness (~900 damage per attack with an matk buff) coupled with the matk buff from lv 20 Diana and heal all 2 it was a walk in the park to defeat her (silence didnt stop her from healing somehow... was that a mistake? on your part?)... Anyways nice game so far. But I really wanted some extra experience for beating Lang or a changed scene.... like her aknowledging how strong we are but that we still arent enough to beat her... stuff like that... well anyways gonna continue playing now. (At least I got an SSR monster node for defeating her... good money.)

Also the guard that brought you to the "mountain" has a cutoff text if you talk to him after the mission. (And the game has quite a few grammar/wording mistakes and the like, but hey I am not expecting much for 4$. Just wanted to mention that cant help there I am way to lazzy to make a screenshot every time it happens, nevermind english isnt my first language so I could be wrong about a few things =P

Edit: If you leave that small mountain village to the south and continue south you will be teleported to the north of the small mountain village

Let's have a look at the battle system

Does PURGE use MP or WP? Hope to read furthermore in the future
PURGE doesn't cost anything to cast.

...Ok, that's not entirely true, it technically costs you money, since that is what is used to repair broken or discarded forms.

Is money limited? Or can we farm? I absolutely would second the ability to farm if it is not implemented for those that are.... bad at resource management or who simply wanna look "badass" most of the time. Though I guess ressource management would be interesting.... well not seen enough to judge something like that....

Also is purge an ability you can only use like once a battle? Or can it be used as often as you want? (Well I guess up to thrice a battle at most) If it is than it would be a interesting mechanic. Depending on how purge works (Does it end the round? Or is it an instant transformation and you are still taking damage? Do TP carry over or are they even used? Stuff like that) it could be used to.... mitigate or soften a blow enough that a strong comeback is possible. (Taking the damage to build up more TP (or to preserve TP you had) to use a fatal attack with the purge buff stuff like that basically....)

Crystal King - Aulmar K. Character Reveal

Possession? He certainly has interesting abilities, no surprise that the villagers may think of him as a .... hazard. Who would like beeing possessed? I know I would try to resist as much as I could. This reminds me of Damien from Umbral Souls with his puppeteering....not quite a hero ability but I am fine with that.... could really lead to.... interesting situations. Who did he "possess" before? Layla? I kinda doubt that.... anyways this could give him the ability to possess enemies in battle (if you want to do that, you can simply link the ability to an event that gives Aulmar a state that immoblizes him)so that they attack your enemies. Or to rob a shopkeeper... or to do some mischief..... ya know stuff like that.

Interesting..... so Aulmar is pretty much a warrior at least in spirit.... still doesnt explain how he got good at fighting.... (I mean he must be good to defeat the Fell creatures you mentioned if seasoned warriors are to afraid of them.... or maybe the... eye? Maybe the eye is something from an ancestor that shares his knowledge with him... would explain why he might learn stuff in a rather.... unorthodox way compared to "normals".)

To the part of beeing related I am still waiting for the new demo to come out =P But my guess is on the mysterious crystal king. But if the eye is that usefull... is it not more blessing than curse? There is something I am missing.... Or the whole idea why they cursed someone is wrong or maybe he is the wrong recipient. Or there is more than one curse (yes I just read the characters page and got some new ideas) the heartless king has a negative curse, Bhaz was turned into a bugbear, Aulmar has a crystal eye and no voice.... the later has additional abilities to make up for something like that he might not be related at all to the curse or the positive part of the curse, while the middle one might only have gained power thanks to the curse and might be the tool to break the curse for good but... why?.... the former though has a very deadly curse and got screwed over badly...

Might the caster be the "dragon" you hinted at? He might profit from a fair bit of infighting if he isnt all that strong after all... hmmm.... gotta think on that and maybe play the demo if that might help with my confusion =P If he isnt the caster than there is a fair chance he manipulated things into it....

Yeah I think I gotta wait for the demo. There are way to many possible variables and things I dont know to make a somewhat fitting conclusion I am currently grasping at straws and all of them are at best losely tied together.

Let's have a look at the battle system

.... sees this.... starts drolling.... looks at the text instead of the pictures.... drolling intensifies....... shout out: AWESOME!

Must have this... simply must have this... I gotta say Wheelman said exactly what I was thinking.... damn I hope this comes to steam or something like that soon but I doubt it will.... be honest you plot to kill us with the wait! Hmph what a vile and evil plan.... to bad it might even suceed. Well anyways I am looking forward to the finished product no matter how long I will have to wait...

Also the pictures look incredible. Especially the archdevil.

This Is Not My Final Form

Super fascinating premise! If only there weren't so many great games out there for FREE...

One should be ready to pay for something great.... dont misunderstand me I would be happy if it would be available for free later, but monetary gains motivates a creator much more than mere appreciation by his fans.... and it is much more likely to be finished.

(Goes back into hiding.)

This Is Not My Final Form

Hm changing forms midcombat sounds interesting.... I assume it alters your skillset and HP/MP as well? If yes that would make things interesting and add an interesting strategy element.

Also I did a quick google search for something like base parameter control and adjusting limits and came to yanfly's page
http://yanfly.moe/yep/ (his terms of use say free for both commercial and not commercial games but you can read them yourself =P)
Just brows his plugins they may be helpful if you want to make a boss with more than 9999 HP and have more control over stat growth. (I mean come on what endboss has less than..... alright I could name a few but thats besides the point... *cough*)

Anyways i am off for now... yet again good luck.