RMN Fall Podcast (Part 3)

There's still Fall 2017. Believe.

Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 11: Do Nine Men Interpret(er)? Nine Men, I Nod.

Question is, is an article of this length digestible enough, or would it be better to keep breaking it up the way I have been? I could probably cover the entire set of Sprite scripts in an article of a similar size to this one, but I'm concerned that too much text might make it more difficult to get to grips with.

It's probably best if you split them up by parts. Something like one article for character sprites, another for battle sprites, and that sort of thing. A lot of people are put off by large walls of text, regardless of how useful the content may be.

Plus, you'd get more ms XP


That accent tho...

L: "Everyone thinks she's nice and innocent, but she's not! She's not!"
A: "Well I AM nice and innocent"
L: "Well... she's nice..."
*epic pause*
A: "-- AND innocent"

aside, sorry again about the ss ;_;

But really, that accent tho...

Best of Blogs #013

Yay! Thanks for featuring WaUTaH's blog! :DDDDD
Uni, that acronym sounds a lot like some facial stretching exercise ;p
I'm pronouncing that acronym it "Wutai" for the sake of hilarity.
0.o unity is secretly a member of the triads o.0

Best of Blogs #013

Woah, just noticed I'm on the list XD
Thank you!

Yay! Thanks for featuring WaUTaH's blog! :DDDDD
Uni, that acronym sounds a lot like some facial stretching exercise ;p


The locker's for file storage. Kinda like dropbox. You can upload anything you want in there, so long as it fits.

A Plea: Don't Make Your First Game a Team Game

About time someone carved it up on stone. Hopefully we'll get a decrease on the (unreasonable) team requests.

It's well laid out, unity! And I love the drawings, especially the knight. Actually I might study that knight a bit, since I never really was any good at drawing armour. It's just that, it's nicely done. It's simple but not barren. Cutesy, but not... Er, I'm getting a bit off-topic here am I?

A-Anyways, well done! *hits invisible Like button exclusive to users with 2709 ms*

The Epidemic of Lifeless Towns

This is a really nice article. And I have to agree with Chivi-chivik.

Though it wouldn't hurt to add some graphics and white space right?
It was pretty tiring and demotivational to read a wall of text.
Not many people have the patience to read through it all in one go.
A visual break or two would remedy this.

Ps. Archeia is a 'she', just so you know.


It applies when you mark the game completed.
So if you started as a demo, you get 10ms. But if you mark it completed, you get 50% bonus ms, for a total of 15ms.

Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet

Come on. kory. You couldn't be that harsh on the guy who just likes to have his opinion heard.

I understand how Addit feels about rm2k3. I could say that I felt the same way to game boy, or hell, jrpgs of the past. Upgrades are welcome of course, but let's not forget where those upgrades came from.
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