One Night Review

One Night is a survival horror game made in RPG Maker VX, released in late 2009. It holds the dubious honour of being the very first survival horror game made for the engine.

A frightening Resident Evil-esque experience, One Night challenges you to escape from "The Complex", a crumbling, abandoned research facility while being hunted mercilessly by the remnants of a long forgotten experiment.

Relentless monsters and difficult puzzles await around every corner - can you survive the horror?
Yeeeaaah, I guess I could at least see where this guy is coming from. But that's that.

Lyra Review

Rebuking someone for expressing his/her opinions isn't something that I can do, I guess. Especially if I know they're right.

Though I promise that I'll create a game worthy of praise, soon enough. And I'll continue learning along the way, always pushing the goal higher :3

Oh, advanced happy new year!

Lyra Review

Thanks Unity!

Though I admit that this'll slow me down a bit with regards to my goal (2k ms). But it does mean that I'll get to do more and play more in RMN, so what the heck :3

Lyra Review

I've already said this before but, thanks for the review Pizza!

I'll take everything to note. We all learn from our mistakes, don't we?

With what I learned from this, I hope I could improve in the future. And I will make sure that the next game(s) I'll put up will be much better :D

Graceless Reminiscence Review

I've sat through the entire thing and I have to say that BlastFury's reaction was quite a turn-off. The criticism, though honestly somewhat insulting (for me), were well-defined and justified. I know that just because *one* player didn't like your game unlike 300 others doesn't mean your game sucks. But that *one* player spelled out completely why he disliked your game. And the reason behind it is quite tangible too. Just because someone doesn't see things the way you do doesn't mean they're wrong.

That said, I'll continue to leave the argument to you guys.

Sorry for barging in. Just thought I'd say that.

Okiku, Star Apprentice Review

Yeah I tried to, but I didn't have enough GIF's for the entire review so...

Lyra Review

Hmm, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game much. I'm a bit reluctant to make changes on the game though, since I might break something and make more glitches.

The brightness is definitely a glitch though. Must've missed that at some point, I guess.

But thanks for the review!

Soulkeeper's Nim Review

So you pushed through-- *chokes* well-known? Really? <.< hu told u dis? >.>

Err... anyway... adding a story isn't really that hard. It'll take longer, but it's not hard. It just didn't seem necessary to me.

Thanks for the review!

Soulkeeper's Nim Review

Thanks again, Nhubi!

Heh, guess sister's pretty good at this huh?

Farmyard Chronicle, Director's Cut! Review

Though at least, you won't get stuck in some unreachable area (unless you glitch and get stuck in a wall or something...)
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