#7. A question for y'all about download sizes.

I won't be inclined to download a game worth more than 100mb unless I've been following it closely beforehand and know that it's worth it for sure. ~200mb is my upper limit in general. Anything larger would be set aside.

But that's just me and anyone else out there with such a limiting data cap set on their connection.

I'm proud to introduce the first step in the transformation of Chronology: New Facesets, courtesy of JosephSeraph!

I'm kinda with Libby on this one. Must be the bluish-gray tint of the portraits, making it look a bit desaturated. Plugged into the bluish-gray windows, it sort of blends in.

Just a passing opinion :)

I'm going to polish this game up

Aaaaand I was about to play this too. I suppose I'll just wait for the edited version. Good luck, then.

Sorry this is taking so long to complete

Yep, no need to rush! Take as much time as you need :)


I'd probably complain if you didn't win. Congrats \(>w<)/
now back to makkin gam so i can plays moar xp

Anyone with experience in looping OGGs?

I already forgot where I found this, so I don't know who to credit but...
To loop ogg files using Audacity:

1. Add Labels "Loop Start" & "Loop End" (Tracks -> Add New -> Label Track)
2. Change Project Rate Display to "Samples" (using the drop-down list next to the timers at the bottom)
3. Select selection "Length" instead of "End" (same area as in #2)
4. Export as ogg
5. At Edit Metadata Window, Add two new fields and
name them "LOOPSTART" and "LOOPLENGTH"
6. Insert numbers in Project Rates to "LOOPSTART"
and "LOOPEND" respectively

All you'll need is Audacity (which is free). And a good ear. And some patience.

Game Finally Complete with the 1.5 update!

Right, thanks!
I'll start this evening.

Game Finally Complete with the 1.5 update!

I would've obliged, but damn son that DL size is huge o.0

Did you include VXA's rtp in compression? If so, I suggest you put up another download without it, for those people who already have the rtp.

Progress Log 1: June, and the menu that won't

Are you asking how to raise rage? If so, then it's actually just Ace's default TP system given a different name and a few extra functions. Just like the default, rage raises when you take damage. I think the formula was: (DamageTaken / MHP) * 100 * TCR

As for the UI, I err... actually deleted everything out of frustration so... yeah. >_<


I approve of this picture d(>u<)b d(>u<)b d(>u<)b d(>u<)b
Congrats, unity!
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