Remie and Alana

While I haven't gotten far into the game yet, I could say that I never thought I still had a magical girl-shaped hole in me XD

Initial nitpicks are on the battle scene. The attack animations are too slow, in my opinion. They stutter visually, when they could have easily flowed smoothly. Minor, but kinda jarring for me.

The skill descriptions are fine, but I think adding a little colour-coding or icons to represent whether said skill is power or magic based would would make the whole thing more compact. Just a suggestion.

Looking forward to this game!

Edit: mistypes

Dinach Meutro

This looks interesting. I like all the world & character details so far.

I'll keep an eye on it!
Thanks for the interest!

Unfortunately,the game's... not exactly undergoing consistent development right now, so even I don't know when (or if) this will get done...

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Woo! \(^w^)/

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Oh, right! I'll be back in a jiff :)

Piano, how's the song coming?

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Not sure if I understood you correctly but: '$game_switches[$game_variables[214]] = true' ?

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Potentially overboard suggestion: You can have a variable count down based on the number of questions the player can ask, and dump the entire choice processing in a loop (that gets broken when said variable reaches 0 or something). You can use Tsukihime's Choice Options script to dynamically alter the choices displayed. http://himeworks.com/2013/03/choice-options/

My idea was something like:
@> askedQuestionsTrackerVariable = []
@> Loop
@> If countVariable == 0
.. .. Break
@> end If
@> Show Choices [Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro]
@> When Uno
.. .. Control Var askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.push('uno')
.. .. Show Text "mmmph mmph"
@> When Dos
.. .. Control Var askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.push('dos')
.. .. Show Text "is the"
@> When Tres
.. .. Control Var askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.push('tres')
.. .. Show Text "new"
@> When Quatro
.. .. Control Var askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.push('quatro')
.. .. Show Text "yes (^w^)"
@> end Show Choice
@> Script: hide_choice(1, askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.include('uno'))
@> Script: hide_choice(2, askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.include('dos'))
@> Script: hide_choice(3, askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.include('tres'))
@> Script: hide_choice(4, askedQuestionsTrackerVariable.include('quatro'))

Edit: I type rather slow..

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Well, it should be around midnight UTC, so yeah it's still technically Valentines in the Americas (>_<)b

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C++ loves Libby. LIBBY, YOU MUST DO THINE GAME fOr the SAKE OF C++!
"Thou must do thy" OR "You must do your."

Thou is the personal form, somewhat similar to Spanish "tu." You is the more general or formal form, similar to Spanish "usted."

Also, thou/thee/thine works basically equivalent to I/me/mine. There's some wiggle room, but generally it's a better choice to just go with what would make sense in modern English.

I am a huge pedantic nerd about this shit

Also Libby mak the gam
^^ The 'th' pronouns were also considered informal or too personal, which is why they were dropped out of use in favour of their plural, 'formal' counterparts.

But that's completely off-topic.

Just gotta ask, though: why c++??

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I just tested it out and... apparently labels are limited only to the page it is declared in.

So, no, unless the 'Jump to...' statement is in the same page as the target label, it wouldn't work.

Edit: Can't you use variables and page-conditions instead?
Edit2: That's a heck of a lot of pages o.0
isn't there a cap or anything for it?

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Woo, go Libby! \(^w^)/

Of course, we'd be glad to help any way we can, so ask away if needed!