First Time Matches

Is it even possible to get 100?

So far, my highest match is slash, with 80.
Coincidentally, my lowest is still slash, with 42.

First Time Matches

Soo... I finally got around to it and got unity! With a 70% match.
Second was oceaniqo, with 59%
Last try, I got... a d-dragon?! Uh, wait, no. Marimo with 78%

Make a Map!

Unity, will the temple of soul map be needed anytime soon? Because if yes, I guess I could shift some of my time around and work more on it.

*this is me admitting that I haven't worked on it much*

Make a Map!

Huh? O-Oh, it's the interior for Temple of Soul ^-^;

Edit: Ninja'd by LockeZ. I'm not really done with it yet. I figured that I'll just add in the rekt look after I finish the basic layout of it.

Make a Map!

I has made progress:

The lower rooms, I intend to turn into either a disco area or a chill bar. Whichever should work. The top rooms though, I don't know what I should put there. Any ideas guys?

Also, I was wondering whether I should try to make a couple of funky rainbow-afroed disco monks while I'm at it.

Make a Map!

Oh my, I completely forgot about this! Sorry...
Can I still continue on the Temple of Soul?

Make a Map!

BurningTyger> Wait... she?

Unity> Really? Okay then :3

Make a Map!

BurningTyger> Jelling? ~Oh and my original plan was to use funky town, but that failed in epic proportions :(

ShortStar> What do you mean?

Make a Map!

Thank you! :)

~Ah, a question: am I allowed to use U can't touch this?

Make a Map!

Temple of soul exterior :3

What do you guys think?

Edit> I spent too much time trying to get the background audio nice. I used MC Hammer's U can't touch this, modifying it and creating two versions: a muffled version for the exterior, and the clean version for the interior.

Too bad I couldn't show you guys that in a screenshot...
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