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Man. That's gotta be a late game relic there lol. I always liked relic's like that there. It turns your mage from someone who needs to be protected to an all out badass.

Focus (not the kind that turns you into C'ieth)

NO apologies necessary. Gotta have a good tough boss battle to keep the game interesting. Seems like you guys are still moving at a pretty good pace. Did you ever have any luck with the mappers and spriters?

Artist Blog 03 - So Much Grinding...

I heard about that. Whelp let's welcome the slew of terrible mobile games for secret of mana, and possibly even chrono trigger. Oh if I could live in 2014 but have my games still be written likes it was 1997.

Animation Update! :)

Cool, I think its a really good idea. I like the second animation a little more than the first though. The first one looks a little rough.


Oh snap. Here come the trophy horders!

Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm

This was the first rpgmaker game I think I played that had me hooked. Now this IS definitely a classic. I loved the battle animations for the battlers it was very different from alot of other games.


Its deserving though. I remember when I first played the demo last year and I couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity to classic final fantasy, a lot more so than how square games have evolved to this point. I have a lot of good memories of FF from my childhood and you just don't know how much I appreciate getting that feeling again.


Looks really cool. I'll definitely try to collect as many milestones as I can. Is it sad, I'm getting a PS4 this week and this game is probably my most anticipated game coming out this year? (Besides Hyper light drifter and Cryamore)


Question? About how much materia should we expect in the next release. Since, it is pretty expensive, I'm guessing materia is going to be very rare. Could we expect it to drop from bosses or side missions?


I'm Definitely gonna enjoy Parker's ability. Is it gonna have the actual slot machine reels rolling as well, or is it just gonna be random proc chance?