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You know what? You are entirely correct. I actually thought about that after I posted it. I'd say instead of him getting robbed, you could have him get it after using the steal command a certain number of times in combat, sorta like FFX overdrives. Also, does this miniboss have any special mechanics?


If you wanted to be creative, you could have Cid get robbed in a cutscene in a town and have a little side mission to get his money back. But instead of having a direct fight, you could have him sneak and actually steal his stuff back, making him be a true pickpocket.


So are incantations gonna have special requirements to use and learn?


Fire...Like a boss!


Thank you sir!


Like the design for Taraja. Or maybe its my inner black guy wanting more dark skinned rpg characters lol

Final Fantasy Discovery

Sorry to hear about your hand. I have quite a few friends who are artists and they run into the same problem when they do art.

Final Fantasy Discovery

Lol. Fair enough. Whelp I guess I "won't" check by again to see the next demo. Oh woe is me.

Final Fantasy Discovery

Just wanted to check by and see how is everything going on the development front?


Hey man. I wouldn't write it off that could be a really funny easter egg at least lol.