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Gotta say again, the amount of dedication you guys have put into this game is something to be proud of. The effort you've made in improving the areas, combat, graphics, etc. will make the game that much richer and enjoyable, now I just can't wait to see how it all comes together.


Wow. Now that's a considerable difference. People who played the original demo and haven't been following the progress are gonna be blown away. Are there gonna be new events or quests to go along with the facelift as well?

Blackmoon Prophecy II

When do you think we can expect the next update?

The big list of recent changes (current and upcoming).

Pretty good progress man. I always enjoyed the funny chocobo drop. I also thought about the idea of rare DNA segments that you would have to earn as well, so this inclusion makes me very happy. School has kept me pretty buys, so I'm going to try and replay through the demo in my free time to see all the new features. I take too long to play through though, by the time I finish, the newest version is up and running. I'm very inspired by your work ethic.


Very spacious. Cant wait to see the finished product.

Artist Blog 02 - Status Update

I always enjoyed Gilgamesh throughout the series and I would love to see a playable version of gilgamesh. Also, Seifer from final fantasy 8 was pretty cool and he was only in the party as a guest character anyway.

Final Fantasy Discovery

Just wanted to pop by and see how the state of the project was coming along. Is there anything you're working on that you're particularly excited about.

The DNA Grind: Feedback Post

I'd suggest either increasing the DNA drop rate slightly or lower the chance of bad DNA dropping. Another good idea, might be to lower the amount of DNA strands required, and it would be a lot faster to acquire the DNA. I personally like gathering the DNA strands for new abilities and the only thing I would like to see is more creatures to get DNA strands from and more abilities.

Build 1: September 1, 2014

Okay. Then I'll probably wait till the next build to catch up on the demo. Currently been playing Dark Souls and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare like crazy.

Build 1: September 1, 2014

Its been a while since I've posted because of school and whatnot. Just wanted to say I'm really liking the progress and transparency you have with the fanbase. It really means alot. One thing I hope to see in some of the new builds are more augerer summons. I must say, collecting DNA shards and getting new summons was really exhilarating for me. In a lot of games collectibles are only there for a tangible award, but when its an award that actually changes game play, those rewards feel a lot more worth while. I was grinding for a while just looking for all the ones I could get so I hope there will be many more to choose from in the future.