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Blackmoon Prophecy II

Mortal Kombat X and FF Blackmoon Prophecy 2. What did I do to deserve this!

Twin Peaks inspired adventure game

I think an adventure game in a noir universe would be excellent. Would it be prominently around puzzle solving, gathering clues, or using intuition?

Skill Tree / Upgrade System

How's progress been going on the game Koopa?

Costume Kits: Suggestion & Idea Post

For all of the characters you could have a legacy outfit for some character in the previous game. It doesn't have to be all main cast either. You could use the costumes of specific villains, like the crazy scientist guy or the main villain who wanted to capture the crystals. Also, you could have some joke outfits tied into things like a moogle or chocobo.

The Future of Master of the Wind

I was actually playing Master of the wind today. I was always mesmerized by the great writing and universe you guys created. My only question is will this effect the production for Project Kobold?


Am I crazy or does there seem to be a little more color to the models in the game now?


Ok. That's pretty clear. That Wedge paradigm sounds freaking fantastic though.


Will there be any focus items or relics that focus on increasing summoning damage.


That menu really looks solid. I think the menu finally fills out perfectly. Really good job. It still keeps me anticipated for t he game even more now.


Hey that's a hallmark of any good game. I just cant wait to try it out myself. I've been following this game for almost 2 years now and its still one of my most anticipated games this year. Especially since, I don't really have many Ps4 games to play right now lol