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Umbral Soul

For the sound puzzle, you have to think of the notes like the sound of an actual keyboard.
I thought about the notes internally and that helped. Also you could, A. record the sound on your phone and play it back that way, download a keyboard app and try to mimic the pattern, or just sing the notes out loud and memorize them.

Umbral Soul

Just finished your game last night. Very pleased with the ending. I had a hard time putting it down. One thing that I think you should be commended on is taking time to develop the majority of characters and allowing us to build a connection to them. I also enjoyed how the game had a lot to do even though the campaign wasn't that long.
I have one question though...
Is Talon a character that was originally supposed to join your cause, or is his story going to continue potentially in the next game?


Its great to see this much post game content added. However, how is the full game coming along? Is the base game pretty far along at this point?


Any news on a new demo in the future?


If I can get one reference to America's political climate even for a single scene in this game. I will preorder it no questions asked lol

Ara Fell Beta Test

I'd definitely be interested in beta testing this game. I have some extra time since school is out for the holidays and I was a fan of the first Ara Fell.


Alternate dimension?


Good to see you at it again. I've been very busy finishing up college this semester so I haven't been as active. Luckily I'll have some more free time on my hands to try out more of your excellent games.

No Mode 7 (Use if you are crashing often on the world map)

Yeah Ive been having an issue with lag on the worldmap as well. I made sure to turn everything else off as well to make sure the issue was isolated. So far that's my only issue in my replay.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Ive been keeping up with the updates. I gotta say man, you've got a good knack for adding content to your game. How did the idea for the Reuben character come to you?