Heheh.... so uh, I may or may not have gotten some inspiration from this scene for something... :D :D

(Also, M-3-1's art looks stunning as always! I've said it once, I'll say it again, watching this project evolve has been one of the coolest things to see ever!)


Oh geez, LOVE the depth perception in this one! Always cool to see new screens from you guys, keep it up, it looks great!


Haha, I just saved this to the hard-drive to show to friends. You guys should check out the file-name, pretty rad haha! xD


It's nothing complicated like scripts or anything like that. It's just a parallax background that I made, so it's not like the perspective changes as you move.

Lookin' good! The use of parallax in this shot is reminding me of the good ol' pre-rendered-background PS1 days! Which is good news because that tended to go hand in hand with horror!


A part of me really wonders what'll happen if she met Julie from Porterminus... hmmmmmm it just might be fan art time hehehehe


What does “calm down” do? Is it like defend?

Yeah, you’d probably need to calm down after seeing a flying jumbo jet shark while fighting in the middle of the bloomin’ sky with one dimensional celestial objects passing their way through. Yep - NOTHING’S WRONG HERE!!!

You know it'd be interesting if the protag just put his hand on the jet-shark's shoulder and went "Calm down bro, calm down."


Both look incredibly badass.

- Why can’t I just go neutral???
Maybe you can :D

Ha, maybe the color palette will be blue/purple! Anyway, great stuff as usual! Though, the guy on the right is giving me a "certain type of feeling." xD


'Herbs'? ... Chris Redfield's island?
I kid, looks absolutely amazing as usual! Here's hoping the rest of the kickstarter goes well!


Never in my life did I ever think I'd witness this assortment of words arranged into such a sentence. I am quite glad I did. The term "dragon's ass" really gives off this glorious feeling!

(In all seriousness, I'm actually really interested in this project! I'm liking the portraits, and all the writing I've seen thus far really speaks for itself! Keep it up!)


Oh my. Oh MY, that is absolutely beautiful!
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