I am CashmereCat now.


Twisted baubles replace my brain and I am toxic yet nice. There's a lot to me, but also not a lot going on up there, they say. PM me because I love attention, I do interviews, I do reviews, I do stuff. Here for the long haul. Gotta hustle.

I'm working on whatever I'm working on, and I love RPG Maker games that aren't traditional RPGs. Puzzlers, interactive stories, but nothing too abstract that'll weird me out. Just give me a polished gem and I'll stare at it for days, marveling at the way the light reflects just right, inner inflections, potato top pie.

I want to make games with you.



The Screenshot Topic Returns

@thatbennyguy: All the sepia tiles make the map look weirdly monotone. It's kind of bizarre that 90% of the house is the same exact shade of tan. If you're gonna go that route I would almost just remove the blue and green so that the only colored things are the characters.

Thanks. I might try that, actually.

RM Venture post-mortem

Your mapping does look pretty good. I liked the gameplay though. It was a bit more Craze-like than usual. Difficulty is always a problem, though. Good game.

An RM Venture

Congrats to all. I was hoping for a Badge of War but you know what they say.

*Singing* You can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Using those old school modern tiles.

An RM Venture

Ok thanks Liberty for all the hard work you do. We really appreciate it. We understand it is your choice to provide feedback and we thank you for judging the contest and playing all of our games.

The Top RM Games Of All Time

List updated. Although I could not find any information about the following:

  • The Chronicles of Haledos

  • The Kyrent Project

  • Redmoon Saga

  • Irisu Syndrome

It would be nice if someone could clear up what engine, author and year these games used, were made by, and were made in. Cheers.

An RM Venture

Yeah I think maybe Liberty misinterpreted some users' comments as pressure that YOU MUST CREATE A NEW PODCAST or YOU MUST WRITE WRITTEN REVIEWS FOR ALL GAMES but I don't think that was peoples' intention. I think they just would like a few sentences about their game so they can improve. I certainly would at least like a little comment by the judges to acknowledge that my game was either funny or not funny or fun to play or not fun to play. So to Liberty: don't be pressured to make a podcast or anything, we're not *expecting* these things from you, all we're doing is asking whether they will exist or not. And I think at least a little bit of feedback is OK to ask for from judges of a contest. Cheers all ^_^

An RM Venture

<edit: nvm, unnecessary comment.>

An RM Venture

To the contrary: I found that Caz and Fomar's biting words of my RPG Maker game were apt, because I knew that my game was bad. I just wanted to know why.

Not that we should *expect* you to release the notes, but it's always nice if judges do. It'll be preferable, but it's optional. In other words, you clearly don't want to, so you shouldn't. But I would like to see Gourd's/Ocean's opinions if they want to.

What makes you want to play one game over another?

You can usually judge from the screenshots if the developer has good mapping skills or not. I also like to see if it's just the default battle system and how interesting it looks. Then usually I make a call whether or not it actually looks like something worth playing. If the creator has a good reputation, or has already done interesting things before, then I will play it. Sometimes I'll play a randomly bad game just because I want to remind myself how *not* to do it. Overall if it looks like it's mindblowing or even fun, and/or people have said it's so, then I'll give it a kick.