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I'm working on whatever I'm working on, and I love RPG Maker games that aren't traditional RPGs. Puzzlers, interactive stories, but nothing too abstract that'll weird me out. Just give me a polished gem and I'll stare at it for days, marveling at the way the light reflects just right, inner inflections, potato top pie.

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WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

So are we copying a Crazegame or not?

Edit: I want to -_-

I made idea generators

Probably going to use this to create an RPG. Thanks ShortStar.

Edit: Some sentences don't finish themselves, though. e.g. "AREA 3-1 > a very small dungeon inhabited by" and it finishes there. Or "In order to find the magic teleporter, your party needs to".

Edit #2: "This undead swordsman is excellent with a club and can usually be found in isolation reading a book about what the neighbor is doing." What a nosy little swordsman! Who knew that there would be books written about local neighborly gossip!

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

You mean its own event page? That would be nice.

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WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

Looks a little too spacious. There should be more trees, more random patterns of grass, and less... well, open space. Try placing several levels of cliffs around the map (since there are supposed to be within a mountain range full of caves, which are usually signified by holes in the cliff face). Also remember there's a central hub area where the activity resides, and a path to the Slime King to the north? The grassy stairs don't make sense elevation-wise either (that would make the river a cliff, which it is not).

Otherwise, looks specially quaint. Keep working on it and I bet it could work out nicely.

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

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I saw this before you edited out, thatbennyguy. It was a comprehensive analyzation of Craze's mapping style and how to emulate it, and it was very well written. I didn't answer to it at the time because I wasn't sure how strictly I wanted to follow it (for example, I personally would rather not have every map just be a single screen) but for the most part, I could see it really working for this project, at least from a visual style to adhere to. Why did you take it down?

Upon reading a few other comments, I realized I should let you develop the project the way you wish to make it. Perhaps I'll save a more decent dissection of a Crazegame for a later article ;)

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

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The Screenshot Topic Returns

Updated it based on you guy's feedback. Is it any better?

I think that the windowskin honestly needs to change to something less. It looks too default. It clashes with the style of the tiles. So does the font. Buddy's face is nice though.

WYRM WARRIORS! The Legend Must Go On!

I'm loving the sprite-work and facesets. They give a really cohesive feel to the project. Also, there seem to be a lot of passive skills right now. The scripts have a lot of awesome coding in there too (that I probably want to use in future projects now ;)).

Is there still any plans to release the project to the public via Dropbox? Not everyone has to have writing priveleges, but just reading priveleges so that we can download it and take a look at what we're dealing with hands-on? Or would that ruin the spirit of the project.

The reason why I say this is because I don't necessarily want one person to be in control of creating the entire game. When Craze was at the helm, it was OK, because I was confident in his abilities to pull it off. But it'd be nice if we could nominate a group of people who we know are well-known for producing good-quality games to helm the project. A project managing team, if you will.

I know Unity can be in control of the organization of the project, but we can get a few other people to have access to the files, no?

WYRM WARRIORS! Design a location!

Let me get this straight though - who's leading development? unity? Is unity the only one with access to the core game files? Or are we going to create a dropbox where anyone can see how the game is going?

Even if the dropbox is read-only, it would be nice to perhaps make access to the current build of the game public. Not everyone has to have edit access to the folder, but at least people can get a feel of how to design the maps if we play through the systems of what are already there.