The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.




Yeah, same here, it's been raining the last few nights and tonight won't be any different. :-/

CSS! Project update, etc.

Ah, then credit to Miracle as well!

The Arms of Reverie

It's difficult, but I think in the end it's going to be for the best. It's such a powerful engine, and I think my maps are going to be better off for it!

Also, the title is a reference to the power that dreams can have. It's open to interpretation beyond that. The story is basically an interpretation of it, but what it means to me, might mean something different to someone else.


Thank you! The process of porting it over to Ace is a pain, but I am doing my best to improve the game as I'm doing it. (I know I need to redo that boulder puzzle, it's way too simple.)

Pricing of indie games

I remember reading an article about an indie games bundle that started at 1 cent, and you could pay what you wanted for it. It was one of the most pirated bundles (people weren't even willing to pay 1 cent for a bundle of games). That, I think is ludicrous. I think with the market the way it is, regardless of what you charge, indie games will never be respected the way they should be. (Look at the reviews of people complaining about how the game they bought for $1 on the android market should have better support and free upgrades).


Yeah this screenshot is unfortunately obsolete now that the game is being ported to Ace. I hope someone or I can make a mode 7 script for Ace because Airship travel just doesn't seem right without it, ha.

And, yay!

Graphical update and innane ramblings.


You've got something great going here, you have done more with this project then I'll ever do with my project, even in Ace. Keep going kid.

Looking for someone to do CSS for my game page

Looking for someone to do CSS for my game page

Basically what the subject says, I'm looking for someone to do CSS for my game page. I could probably do it, but I'm too lazy to re-learn it since I haven't done CSS in over 10 years. You'll recieve full credit, a character in the game and your name in the opening game credits. And a hug (if you're local).

tpasmall's workshop

Thanks, I'm taking my limited ability and trying to make the most of it, haha.