The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.




It's a Kefka esper!


Stop making beautiful things.

So, what's the relationship between these forums and

I'm also curious as to what threads this would be. I know I've put a kibosh on forum games, mostly because they aren't really conducive to actually discussing anything, but I'm curious as to what discussions were shut down that you think is infringing any freedom of speech?

It's just that, though. Threads that aren't conducive to large discussions get closed, instead of just left to die. It just seems unnecessary. Forum games are one of those things that can be fun and can get people who are too intimated to post in other threads more involved in the community. Just because something isn't productive, it doesn't mean it's harmful. Unless someone is spamming a thread that no one else posts in, I just don't see the reason to close threads. (Which happens all the time over there).

Don't get me wrong, I love both sites. I just feel like things are run a little more iron fisted over there, where over here people are allowed to make idiots out of themselves without the staff's help.

So, what's the relationship between these forums and

RMN is stricter about forum posts, or at least has more rules about what is and isn't allowed.
RMW is more open about forum posts.

I would disagree with that. RMW has shut down a ton of threads that would be made fun of here, but not necessarily closed. I think RMN allows more freedom of speech.

So, what's the relationship between these forums and is more about engine development, and seems to be alot more strict about legal things (and understandably so, since they are an official company), where rmn is more about game development. If that makes any sense.

Your favorite food, sir?

Whole roast Duck or pretty much anything to do with Lamb (if cooked correctly).

What motivates ya?

Watching Disney movies. Just watched Beauty and the Beast last night, not going to lie, it motivated me to make a map just because of how beautiful that movie is. Disney movies have great atmosphere to them and inspire me to put together ugly crap I can put into my game.

Slow progress is slow.

Can't wait for the new release! Like I said before, with the mapping errors fixed and more balance with that one enemy (which I think you made easier or something, I don't remember, ha), this will easily bump my review up to 4.5!

Interracial Relations

Being that my wife is the only white girl I ever dated, I'd have to say to me it's not a big deal, ha. I don't see any problem with interracial couples at all, I hardly notice it. The only time I really notice things are when it's two people from different social circles, which I notice even in same race couples. A cracked out, thug-life guy and a pretty, well adjusted girl (or vice-versa), regardless of race, will always catch my eye. (Working in customer service, I see this all the time).