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The last resort...

All right everyone. This is my last resort fix for the game. Rather than everyone downloading the ENTIRE 197mb file again, I am giving all of you permission to decrypt the game using RPGMaker Decrypter. Afterwards, all fixes will be as easy as 1,2,3 because you will just be able to drop all the new files/patches into the Data folder of the game.

The decrypter can be found here:


It's a lot easier for me as well rather than having to upload a friggen huge game file every time. My internet quota couldn't agree more.

As for those missing maps, after you have decrypted the game, just drop these maps
into the Data folder. You should be able to continue playing the game like normal.




I'll probably end up putting those files into my locker as well.

I hope this makes for a decent solution. And I am sorry for all the problems the game has given players so far. ;_;


Game-breaking bug.

Just a heads up to those of you playing through Enelysion. If you are playing Ver 1.2 ( the latest release ), there is a game-breaking bug after you fight the bandit leader for the second time ( around 3 hours into the game if you are playing regularly ), because I stupidly deleted the map ( and two others ) that the scene was supposed to transfer to. I'll get up a patch asap.

If I do continue with Vol 2, I'm going to have to rehaul Vol 1 as well. It's a mess ( editor-wise ), to be quite frank. My second game appears surgically clean by comparison. ^^


Ver 1.2 out, Vol II to be discontinued.

After more than a month, Ver 1.2 has been released after the game's original release in September. While I sincerely hope that this will be the very last release that can be considered 'review-ready', it also paves the way for me to state that Vol II will not be released.

I have decided to stop working on the project and divert my attention to other ventures ( still within the RM realm, of course ). While I am not burnt out from making games in general ( I need to do something creative to stimulate my dominant right-sided brain being left-handed ), after nearly three years continous testing, editing, testing ad nauseuam, I have grown tired of the plot and the characters themselves. I have no interest in telling their tales anymore, nor seeing a conclusion to this game.

Maybe, in a few years, I will continue the legacy I started and I do thank everyone that was involved with this ( some as early back as March 2011, the project has come a loooong way since then ) and it is thanks to their input that the game became what it is today.

That is all I wanted to say.

Enjoy the new release.

yuna21 aka Luchino

Progress Report

Change Log for Ver: 1.2

This is the list of things I have managed to get done for Ver: 1.2. If there is anything else that still needs to be fixed from Ver 1.1 that I may have left out, please inform me.

- Nerfed most regular enemies. Only the Elemental type and Entite foes remain the real challengers.
- If, in the instance of the player selling the first Bomb Fragment, another one can be obtained after fighting the same boss after a series of events in Gorain Port.
- 1-H and 2-H added to weapon descriptions, denoting 1-handed or 2-handed.
- Wind Spear gives the wielder the Aero skill and not AeroShield.
- Fixed up a TON of passability errors.
- Fixed up the majority of the grammatical errors.
- Characters now have 5 Skill Slots instead of 4.
- The event where Laine can give Patrick an Elixir in Gorain Port has been removed ( since it didn't really do anything ).
- Elixirs/Full Elixirs can no longer be bought or sold.
- Toned down the power of some skills ( like Reginleif and Mach Wave ).
- The RES stat now appears in the Equip menu. I can't get it to appear in the main status menu, unfortunately. :\ Since its an edited version of the original Main Menu Melody Stat menu.
- More powerful skills require Rage to use, rather than MP.
- The Item Shop in Lidgetton no longer allows you to 'craft potions'. Rather, you can just buy them.
- The stat boosting 'liquors' sold in Lidgetton now cost 3000 koruna each, rather than 1500.
- Pop-ups will no longer appear asking you if you want to visit an area. Only after a certain event in the game, will you get an option to either visit the Lothlorien Valley or Relyt's Abode.

The updated version will be released on the 26th of October. It will also mark my 4th year of being here. XD Completely inactive at that, too. And hopefully, that will be the end of it. To those lucky users still using VX, you will be able to open the game up and see how I did some things. Yeah, it will be unencrypyted for the final release. And see just how messy it is ( typical of a 'first serious project' - that has been updated countless times


Change log and download errors.

I've been getting some issues about some people been unable to download the game over at Mediafire due to an 'permissio denied' error. As of such, I will upload Version 1.1 of the game to another mirror tomorrow ( LusterMX suggested I use Google Drive ) and it will contain the following changes:

Change log: Version 1.1

- Fixed up some passability errors.
- Stat boosting/battle-buffing items cost more to purchase.
- Reduced the cost of some skills.
- Water-based attacks increases the characters vulnerbility to Thunder magic.
- Likewise, Fire-based attacks remove the Freeze status.
- Removed Cillian's DaemoShield ability ( seeing as no enemies in the game use Dark attacks ).
- Overhauled some character abilities.
- Some scenes are properly triggered now ( there was one scene that did not
make sense to the player unless they viewed the storyline scene first ).
- Removed the 'Entite' enemies from the Ogham Forest, buffed endgame foes and
generally made battle progression through the game a little more smoother.
- More foes are vulnerable to regular physical attacks.
- Bosses have been buffed as well.

I understand some players do have difficulty with the battles, but it is not my strong suit, so you would forgive me in the sense that they are not the action-packed, perfectly balanced battles associated with a decent-looking game like this. ^^ But I am doing my best to balance them. I would like to thank the people that have managed to download the game and play it, and the overall response seems positive. Once again, I am sorry for the incumbent battles.

Time to nerf you, Laine. XD ( stat boosters were too powerful. Mind you, their HP is only that high if you manage to get the best weapons. )


It is done.

The full, completed release for Enelysion is avaliable for download, everyone. Have fun. =)



Thoughts as release date draws nearer.

To my stomach, now that I'm releasing this in a mere week. I literally feel nauseous. I'm trying to concentrate on something else, but I can't. I'm just like that. >< The journey for Volume One, while at an end, reasons for a joyous celebration at actually completing my first serious game, cannot come. I am wracked with doubt ( I have extremely low self-esteem and self-confidence ) and I'm just thinking: What will make this game stand out from the 1000s of RM games on this site? What will make people play it and come back for Volume Two? More importantly, what will make me stand out as a developer?

I started RMing back in 2009 with my Phantasy Star fan-game ( now that I look back on it, it was a mess. And my mapping was... terrible. Players who saw that game and now see Enelysion would probably not even know its by the same person, which is a good thing, at least. My writing was terrible as well. I went from the Phantasy Star fandom to the Fire Emblem fandom. And there, I found a character whom I really loved. So much that Tristian from Lady of the Lion is an Expy of her.

Lucia... Or Luchino. <3 My user name at RMW comes from her.

2009: 0_0 I was that bad. Rips in an RMXP game that dates back to 1994-95? Yeah... Had to give kudos to Alys for making me love strong female characters that take no crap. XD

2013 and beyond

The game has already been uploaded to Dropbox ( will add the Mediafire link as well. Now that I think about it, Dropboxing the game was suicide... -_- ). Then all I have to do on the 26th is... *ulp* post the links here and on RMW.

So this is me yuna21 ( the 21 is how old I was when I joined this site. I'm 25 now XD )/Luchino if you're coming from RMW, signing out. =)


Release date to be moved forward.

So I finished up my ( third ) runthrough of the game not too long ago, and I've decided to release it on the 26th of this month ( 11 days from now ). The game is essentially bug free, and I'm finally ready to release it into the wild. =) Of course, I will still update it ( but only if there are issues with game balance, an unknown bug that I have yet to encounter, etc. ).

And now I will start to feel those all too familiar pangs of anxiety, worry and stress. While the previous versions of the game have garnered 3.5 stars review-wise ( mind you, those were real old versions of the game ), I am really hoping to score a 4 this time round. Then the game will finally appear in the Highly Rated category. XD ( once it hits a four-star average, that is... ) At least, I feel it deserves that after all the effort I've put into it.

Yes, you will Laine, but for me, its the final stretch for Vol 1.


Vol II is a long way away so...

I've rather decided to released Vol I as a stand-alone game with a cliffhanger ending. Naturally, you'd need to play the first game to understand the second one. =) Saves will obviously be transferable.

I'm actually losing interest in EHD now, ever since I started working on Tristian: The Lady of the Lion ( my 2nd game, and a visual novel to boot ), whose game page will appear here on this site in a few hours. So, Vol II for Enelysion takes a huge backseat now, because I need to work on something else. Tairngire and its characters have been a part of my life for the last 2.5 years ( I'm terrible at gam mak, any half competent dev would have cranked out a 15 hour game in that same period of time... )

Here are some screens for ToTL: I already love the characters. <3 I started working on it in July but man... its already got me in its devilish grasp.

The chibis match the facesets so well I'm never going to change them.


Graphical overhauls

For the title screens and logos, that is ( I doubt I need to redo any maps ). I cracked open Photoshop 7.0 yesteday and starting playing around with settings and such. I got this after a few hours of meddling:

The title screen uses REkx's Discovery Title Screen.

Personally, I think it looks better than the older title screen, as seen below:

Using the same script...

And my splash logo. I'll probably get up a dedicated Wordpress site for the game after its release on the 8th of October. Of course, this depends on my dedication to managing it.

What do you guys think? Should I make a dedicated site, or just stick to updates here and on RMW? Making a site would make the game appear more professional, since it would include walkthroughs, hints and such ( even though I can do it here as well XD ). And fan art, of course. :p