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Progress Report

Slow progress is slow.

As you may no doubt have gathered from the severe lack of updates over here, I haven't been progressing as fast as I'd like. This was due to a minor little inconvenience that happened a mere day after April Fool's.

I got an 'unexpected file format' error. Yep, we all dread that message whenever our editor is open and the PC decides to crash ( in my case, the power tripped ). >< I salvaged most of my data, but going back and editing/re-creating everything from the point of that crash is... irksome.

The first hour of the game is officially deemed perfect: i.o.w, no mapping issues ( I walked over every single darn map ), no graphical bugs or spelling errors, and the battles are shaping up nicely as well. More challenging than before, but still fun.

I also lost part of the town with the dodgy name, which has now been changed to 'Camhaill', so I have to remap that as well. Lessen the 'Narm Factor'.

But on the plus side, I managed to get the in-game guide done and I'm doing a bit of battle-balancing now as well. Fun, fun, fun. Especially when you are working with low numbers. Luckily, I'm used to it.

Screens from the evented in-game guide. It is seperated into Exploring, Battles and Characters now, instead of having one character Bio section.

I'm only 4 subscribers shy of 100. O_o Wow. Nothing on the number of subbers other games have though... Hopefully this version of the game will net me that 0.5 star I'm looking for to push this game up to a 4. ^^


Has it really been a year?

Wow, has it really been one year since I started this blog? Where does the time go...

I just want to thank everyone that has taken an interest in this baby of mine and for those who have stood by this project's side since day one ( Emmych, you rock! ^^ ), to those who have inspired me ( go Ronnie! Or Ronove if you guys don't know :) ) and to everyone else: You have my heartfelt gratitude. And 96 subbers... 0_o You guys are amazing. Thank you! :D

I have all my confirmed beta-testers, and it will start late April ( providing I don't run into any hiccups along the way ) and hopefully, I can have the new release ready by May.

I only hope it will be worth the nearly year-long wait that some of you have had to endure ( the very first release of Enelysion was released over at RMVX.net just over a year ago ).


Graphical update and innane ramblings.

So, I got my PC back, so work can resume like normal, only I've lost my zest for this entire project... But it's probably personal issues just bothering me and the thing that happened over at... the other site. I'm sad, mad and very depressed about it. That and the fact that everyone is salivating over Ace, which means that precious few of us will still be using VX, and I'm afraid all attention will probably shift to Ace games from now on.

I'm not porting, nor am I getting Ace.

Aargh, I have to get rid of this negative mindset of mine! God dammnit, Luchi! Get a grip on yourself!! *somebody shake me, or even better, slap me* SLAP ME NOW!!!

Portrait test without using message faces.

Laine's expression pretty much reflects my feelings right now.

I can't let the 90+ odd of you who have subscribed to this baby of mine by letting that get in my way, right? Seriously guys, thank you.

Progress Report

Frustration and update log.

I don't believe this. I've lost out on more than a week in productivity on ERD ( if you exclude the art I've been doing ) and it's really, really killing my zest for this project. :( I was hoping to get you guys an updated demo by the end of this month but it looks like the release will only happen around mid-late April now.

As for a quick update log and a quick race introdction. Humans don't need an intro here. I posted this over at rpgmakervx.net a while ago, but forgot to add it here.

The Fianna:

A group of mystics who were exiled after they were accused of the execution of the SummerIsle clan in E.C 738. In a rage, the citizens of SangReal tracked the Fianna down and burned many of them at the stake, accusing them of witchcraft and deemed heretics, since they did not believe in Fonteini's teachings, preferring to practice their ancient arts. The few that do exist through Elendia are noted for their hatred of humans and are quick to anger. It is advised to never look a Fiannan in the eye when making an accomplice, as they consider it a sign of great disrespect.

They resemble regular humans, with the exception of their striking eye colours and slightly pointed ears. They are tall, proud and graceful, and are well-versed in the practice of medicine and blacksmithing. Indeed, the four weapons wielded by the Founders ( Cruiadin, Leochain, Caladbolg and Gae Assail ) were forged by the Fiannans. Their knowledge in medicine is extensive. Legend has it that any illness can be cured if one befriends and helps a Fiannan.

Now, as you may have gathered from that last paragraph, the Fianna will indeed play an important role, no doubt thanks to a certain green-haired priest. ^^

- A brand-new world map to traverse.
- Several new areas to explore.
- Virtually every item ( like cabinets, counters, shelves ) can be interacted with. Same goes for open barrels, crates etc.
- Some objects in the game may prove to be an obstacle in some missions. How to get rid of it? Look below.

Siglud, the game's resident Boisterous Bruiser, will smash anything in his way as long as he is equipped with the rare Sledgehammer.

- A creature campaign where you can fight optional bosses for extra koruna and rare items.
- Several new audio tracks. I think out of the 31 tracks in the game ( not complete ), only 2 of them are from commercial games. Makes up around 84 mb alone.
- Battling is fun, fun, fun!!! ^^
- More gorgeous visuals ( ^^ ) like updated battlebacks edited from the VXAce RTP.
- Skippable cutscenes.
- Sound room, so you can listen to the audio tracks in the game. :) This will be evented and accessed from the main menu.

So, that's it for now. Thoughts? I so badly want to share all of this with you, but I can't do jack until I get my PC back. ><


ERD in-game Guide.

I recently started created a character guide, to give the player an idea of the different fighting styles of the playable characters, and I just wanted to know if it would be of use or not. Even if you'd choose the latter option, I could always make it an option that the player can call from the main menu, under 'Guide'. Like I did with the character biographies, it's entirely optional. :)

Here's an example of Laine and Patrick's abilities. Some of the jargon mentioned in the below passages, such as 'Resource Cost' and 'ORKO'd' will be explained in the Guide as well. This will probably also contain useful enemy information.

This is just the text version. I also gave the characters a rating out of 10, without being biased. :) Only Laine and Pat are listed.



Class: Mercenary/Sellsword
Type: Lightning Bruiser
Weapon type: Swords
Elemental affinities: Ice and Earth
Promotes into:

Laine is a pretty sturdy fighter from the get go, even
without Orb boosters. Her durability and defense
is high enough to withstand several rounds of battle
before she goes down. Her attack power is enough to
do good damage to most fiend-types, but she'll struggle
to damage Shell-type enemies unless she is equipped with
the powerful, but inaccurate Greatswords ( any 2-handed
sword ). . Once she learns her later skills however, she becomes
an offensive powerhouse, destroying virtually anything in
her path. Her innate Wrath helps when she is
down to 50% of her MaxHP, and it ups her ATK and DFS by 50%.
She does have her flaws, though. First of all, she
lacks the more powerful and useful utility techs to make use
of her excellent speed. She is also notoriously vulnerable to
Fire and Dark magic, the latter of which many of the more
powerful fiends possess.

Overall: 9/10 (8.5 actually, but gets an extra 0.5 for being awesome ^^)

Sturdy and dependable, Laine will grow into one of your
most powerful characters. Innate Wrath and
crit ability gives her overkill offense and defense. Loses
out on a ten for a lack of useful buff spells and healing.
( then again, no character is a perfect 10 ).



Class: Priest
Type: Glass Cannon
Weapon type: Staves and Knives
Elemental affinities: Fire and Light
Promotes into: Saint

Although he is pretty fragile when you get him, Pat can
be quite a force on the battlefield if given enough
resources. His defense is a little higher than most
Glass Cannon types, but his HP is still low enough
for him to get 2RKO'd by the stronger enemies. However,
as long as Laine is not yet KO'd, she will automatically
activate the 'Guard' command once per battle, reducing Pat's
damage intake by half. Pat, apart from learning the ever
useful Healing spells, can also learn a variety of offensive
magic spells, making him a very diverse character in battle.
The staves he equips also have a number of status effects,
ranging from Silence to Sleep states whenever he attacks
with a staff equipped. Although he is weak to Ice and Dark
magic, his resistance is high enough to withstand any serious
damage, unlike Laine.

Overall: 8/10 ( 7.5 + 0.5 for sheer adorability and woobieness ).

Pretty awesome all round, but his frailty and resource
cost does count against him. He'll become an amazing
character over time, though.


Let me know what you think. ^^


Moar artsy stuff.

Since I have time to kill while my PC ( working on an ancient machine for thetime-being >< ) is being upgraded, I've done more artwork for Enelysion.

Man candy for the female players. ^^ This is Siglud's finalized portrait. Is his head a bit big? He is a bit of a big-headed Boisterous Bruiser in terms of personality, but still...

That hooded guy from one of the first scenes in the game.

And a background image to be used in the second cutscene.

Oh, and beta testers can start applying as well. I already have emmych and another tester from rpgmakervx.net. So 2 more should do it. ^^

You need to be pretty reliable and have a big can of bug spray ready too! ^^ Of course, I'll need feedback on the characters and general progression of the storyline as well. Oh, and I need to be able to trust you as well.


Preview of comic-style scene.

So, I've only finished the first two images of the very first scene in the game. I was actually listening to Phantasy Star 4's sountrack while doing this. I haven't played that game since 2008, but I still have memories of it ( being my first RPG and all...)

Ignore the windowskin, the original one from the game still appears there. This is a mockup, after all. I decided to use smaller versions of the character bust-shots ( the larger ones being used for less important scenes ) since the portrait faces ( as used for a message window ) don't fit all that well into a 96x96 portrait grid ( as seen in my avatar ). I prefer to see their neck and shoulders as well.

Do you think I should dim out the portraits whenever a new character speaks? Even though their name appears in the name box ( due to the ATS ), I think it will make a better visual indicator.

Thoughts? :)


Comic-book style cutscenes?

I'm currently brainstorming ideas for important cutscenes that appear throughout the game, and I was thinking along the lines of drawing panel-by-panel scenes that display instead of sprite-based cutscenes. To use an RPG Maker example, Alter A.I.L.A or an early commerical example, Phantasy Star 4 for the Sega Genesis ( I loved the latter's way of presenting the scenes ). Since my PC has been taken away for upgrading ( finally getting RID of Vista and getting more RAM ), I have about 3 days to brainstorm this stuff. :)

For Chapter One, I'm estimating at least 3 major cutscenes, with a minimum of 2-3 pictures per scene ( One large image, with character close-ups or zoomed-out scenes etc. )



Character driven vs. Story-driven

I was thinking this over a few days ago, and I was wondering in which direction to ultimately take Enelysion in the future: A character-driven plot or a plot-driven storyline?

If you guys haven't noticed by now, I absolutely adore Laine and Patrick. I could honestly base the entire game just around those two, and their struggles and personal conflicts as they journey towards Raguel ( which kicks off at the beginning of Chapter Two ). So, I have my definitive Point A to Point B, but what's going to happen between? Naturally, the story has been planned out as well, but I find that in the light of recent happenings, watching Laine and Pat struggling to come to terms with their feelings for each other is so much more interesting than a MacGuffin ( that blue orb, it still plays a role ),another war between two nations and not one, but two factions after our two protagonists ( The Keres Sect and the Red Branch ( to be covered in Ch.2 ).

OTP forever. But will they have it?

I was listening to Enya's Flora's Secret when drawing the above image.

I love this song. The music suits the game as well.

Or maybe it's just the fact that I love watching my characters suffer so beautifully, only to pull them out of their misery again. I'm not aiming to create a graphic novel, either. At its heart as a game, Enelysion should still remain a traditional J-RPG, with love as it's main theme.



Custom art update

So I've been working on some portraits again, since Enelysion's gameplay time recently hit the 4-hour plus mark, so I'm happy in that sector. Practice, practice, practice. Leap year art. ^^ ( since I did them yesterday ).

How does she look now? Still needs some clean-up work.

Pat's next on my list. Boy, does he need a lot of cleaning up... >< At least their head and body proportions are consistent now.

And here's a rough doodle I made of Laine, Pat and Cillian. Pat's casting a spell, btw. He normally closes his eyes after he targets an enemy. Makes sense, since he uses bright magic like fire and light.

I can't believe I've spent so much time just on those two portraits, trying to get them just right...

If I can just get all the art done... I may have to push back the release date... just in case. Since I'm going to be doing art for the main scenes as well now. ^^