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Progress Report

New demo out soon. Old one removed.

I have removed the old downloads from this site for now, since I am prepping a new once for release in a few weeks. Quite a lot has changed since the old version, so I'll be putting out a 2.5 hour long improved 'demo', so I can get some feedback on how you guys are liking the new version, so I can add this to the list of final improvements for Vol. One's final release.

Carried over from my game thread at RMW ( I'm far more active over there ^^ ).

All righty then. Progress, even if it is tiny.

That charming little abode is where you will meet ERD's latest NPC, Clannad ( I like Celtic/Welsh names, and it goes with the game's overall Celtic influence ^^ ). Laine can find out all sorts of valuable information from here, since I don't like dumping manuals on players and forcing them to read it.
Of course, the player can still access the guides ( after speaking to Clannad about various topics ) from the main menu, leaving you to view them at your leisure.
The battles are going fine but required a bit of balancing.( Pat was wrecking the game with his Donar II so I had to tone it down. Didn't want that little Woobie Stunning everything he came across, now did I? XD He is more powerful than Laine in the beginning, but he can't survive without her. <3 They work as a seamless team. Hehe, frail, soft-spoken ( male )healer who kicks arse. Break that stereotype Pat, break it. You should still shack up with Laine, celibate or not.)

Cillian does not look amused. Basic, what do you mean, basic?!
Some little mechanics related to elements in the game:

- Fire magic Burns you and lowers your DEF stat. You can't cure it normally. As most you know, Laine is SUPER vulnerable against this element. It also negates the Freeze status effect. But Cillian can learn PyroShield, which cuts down Fire damage by a considerable amount.

- Ice magic... see above. It freezes an opponent. Depending on how powerful the spell is, it can last from one turn to up to three.

- Earth magic grounds thunder based attacks ( so earth-based weapons are effective against Donar-using fiends, who are prevalent in the last area of the full game ). Earth-based attacks negate defensive buffs ( this includes the Earth-based scrolls  like Teliaraga ( a new type of scroll). TellanShield ( a new ability of Laine's; she specialises in Ice and Earth techs ) also negates thunder based damage.

- Thunder obviously stuns you. Super effective against poor Siggy and Cillian, since they wear armour. Fried knights, anyone?
And that's all I have for now. Expect a demo in a few weeks. :) Oh, and I'm reformatting all the message boxes to look like the one above. Yes, all of them.

Progress Report

Release it, already!

I so badly want to get this game over an done with so I can move onto other things. I'm not rushing anything ( if any, I'm around 4 hours into my current playtest ); but I've been doing it for so long, it is a wonder I'm not sick and tired of the game yet. The new version is so much different ( and more polished ) than the current demo avaliable. But... pacing. Pacing. Pacing. No matter how many hours I'm going to sink into testing, someone is bound to find a bug or two. ^^ Even after the testing process. And at nearly seven hours long ( 6 hours longer than the current version XD ), it is bound to happen.

Or maybe it is just the pretty screens that make me play. And Paine. <3

And then comes the enormity of writing out volume Two. I'll probably make a sequel too, depending on how many loose ends and unanswered questions are left by the end of the 14 hour long game.

If anything, my next game will probably be a love letter to the Fire Emblem games. Not a fan game, just... based off it. But I do want to do a proper sequel to that piece of rubbish called Radiant Dawn.


Dredging it up once again, before it disappears--

Behind all the new games now appearing. :] It's been on a bit of a hiatus because RL always gets in the way. Didn't even know I got an achievement for this game. XD That and some writer's block getting the better of me. Always has to happen around the halfway mark ( game is around 7 hours in length now ), but I haven't worked on it ( as in really worked on it ) in over two months, which is long for me. Anyhoo, I'll drop in some screens that I'm sure I haven't posted here yet.

Small numbers now make it easier to balance battles. Almost FE-ish.

I ovehauled the battle system completely as well. I got rid of the overused side-used Tankentai battle system and replaced it with Battle Engine Melody. It allows for much more challenging, fun battles. And front view is amazing.

From this...

To this. I did the custom battle background and the plant-type enemy as well.

I can't promise any release dates now. I need more inspiration to fully get into this project again.

Progress Report

Nearing completion... after two years

It gives me good news to say that Enelysion will be released as a complete game ( for Volume One ). Given that it is only seven hours in length ( is that reasonable enough for you guys? ), I still took a long time to make it. Revamps, custom art, redoing a little bit of this and that. It has undergone so many changes that it hardly resembles what I had roughly two years ago ( February 2011 ), though the plot and its characters have remained intact. But even Laine and co have changed somewhat over time.

March 2011, I think.

More recent ( or not so recent ). The area still looks the same, at least.

Most recent screenshot.

That cursed HUD ( March 2011 ). And lol at Pat's weapon. XD

Pat's gone... Not in that way, of course. Too predictable.

So yeah, this will be an episodic game of sorts. If I don't cover everything by Volume II, then I'll release a third and final Volume. So in about 2-3 years ( haha, but the Game Making Drive is helping me stay on top of things ), ERD will roughly total 20 hours in length. I'm always adding new things here and there ( like lore and legends. ( And no, there aren't prophesies foretelling of a great hero blah blah XD).

I want to finish up everything by the end of the week, before I start the momentous task of beta-testing...

Progress Report

Custom stuff and mapping till kingdom comes...

Progress has been a bit slow as of late ( due to a side project that I'm working on as well: A humorous parady of Fire Emblem, dungeon crawler style. ),but I finished up my 201th map a while ago ( everyone does 200, I go one better ) and I'm working on some custom ( read, edited ) RTP tiles.It goes a long way into making a game look more unique.

And part of a valley that totals over 100x100 if all the areas are added together.
Think it's 130x130. Not that big, but still...

And just a regular interior map.

It's part of a side-quest, btw.

I'm still aiming for that March 16 release date, but we'll see how it goes.

Progress Report

Of mystical havens and light FX

I've spend the last few days working like mad on this, to the point that my hand sort of seizes up at times and I have to flex it like every 5 minutes or so. I have set a deadline for this: 16th March 2013. I want to start beta-testing by mid-Feb for the latest, leaving me with at least one month to test the 7 hour long game. The portraits too, should hopefully be done by then. I'm hoping to do
a skill exchange with Ronove ( she does my lineart, and I'll do some maps for her :] ) There are another 4 more portraits coming
( 2 bad guys, 2 good ).

On the graphical side of things:

And scenes are looking smooth. ^^

A hidden area hidden deep in the Lothlorien Valley called Relyt's Abode, which the player can finally visit ( it is that area blocked by that masked man in the current, outdated demo ).

GMD Day 20: ( and 1st one on RMN *looks sheepish*)

- I spent around half an hour replacing one autotile as well because I had two of the same, and I replaced the duplicate one with the Mack-tree canopy ( strictly no canopy forests, however. I don't like it for some reason ). I also fixed up some maps by shift-clicking several areas where the water auto-tile didn't look quite right, including some cave areas.
- The magical area indicated above is now fully mapped ( on the exterior, anyway ).
I plan to do the interiors ( along with lighting overlays ) tomorrow. This is the only area in the game ( for Volume One ) that the player will see an excessive amount of lighting effects, overlays, fogs etc.
- Up until this point, I've reached around five hours of gameplay now. My goal is still two hours short, so I must press on, sore hand and all.

I think I'll update my GMD progress here every three days or so ( I don't want an excessive amount of blog posts here ).

Progress Report

Quick update

Progress so far:

- Finished up the lumber town of Lidgetton ( I started on it a while ago ). General layout is finished, all I need to do is the NPCs and events.

Sketched some concept art ( again ), this time of Laine's promoted outfit.

And made a few maps.

This area is known as the Sidhe or the Otherworld. It is located behind a gate bound by magic, and the area beyond is rumoured to house the spirits of departed souls. It won't be avaliable until Volume Two, though. I was just testing out a concept design.

Progress Report

Time to get rid of procrastination... For good!

I've been struggling for the better part of 2 days now to get Laine's custom art portrait done now. Did a bunch of editing for the below image and it's looking a bit better. At least, I hope I'm getting better... But I need to practice. It's a good skill to learn. I joined the Game Making Drive over at RPGMakerWeb to help get rid of my bad procrastination habits, and it's working quite well so far.

Some obvious cut and paste work here... Had to resize her head since it was too big. As usual.

I'm going to get me a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet as soon as I can as well, so I can start digitally inking my work.

Oh, and here's a new title screen. I've mainly been doing graphical work so far.

And some interior screens I've been working on.

But yeah, I think joining the GMD is about the best thing that I have ever done so far. Hopefully, I'll get Volume One out by the time it comes to an end.

Progress Report

Lore update

So, I've been working bit by bit on ERD over the last few days, and I've started to work on one of the four major cities in the game ( However, you will only be able to start visiting them in Volume II of the game ).

I've also been doing some research into Celtic mythology and I'm starting to incoporate the lore that will make up Enelysion's world.

Tales of the Sidhe ( the Celtic Otherworld ) will take the form of a grotto where Laine will be able to talk to spirits from the past. But only once she locates someone who can open the gate leading to it ( if some of you remembered, there was a cave in the Temple of Fonteini that had a huge gate which looked very out of place ), since it it sealed with strong Geis magic ( a certain character later in the game has this ability ). More on this at a later date as well.

That blue flame that you see there is called the Belenus Flame, and it is said to have been blessed by Fonteini himself and said to burn for all eternity as long as
his practices are observed. I'm going to incorporate all this lore ( and more Celtic-related myth ) into the main storyline as well. It's seriously interesting.

Slowly, but surely building up the game world to hopefully Tolkien-esque proportions ( now wouldn't that be something ).


Been a loooong time.

It has been a very, very long time since I was last here. But ERD is on a bit of a haitus. RL, you know and what with having an 11 hour shift job ( at Amazon.com, no less, and it's now peak season -_- ), I'm finding precious little time to work on ERD full time. So this baby of mine could probably go on hiatus until February, if not later.

But yeah, just wanted to pop in and say hi. :]