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Still busy...

It's been more than a week since my last update. I've been getting rather sloppy as of late, but last night I started mapping towns again ( the last town I mapped was Camhaill ).

The below image is a shot of Lidgetton, where most of Elendia's primary forestry and lumber trade is conducted. It is situated close to several major travel routes for easy transportation between the two main nations, SangReal and Rheis. It is also known for creating some of the most exquisite wooden goods, as a great deal of talented carpenters make their home in Lidgetton.

Naturally, the town enjoys a healthy annual income, so taxes are generally low and the populace is happy and content. Although many denizens here are generally well-off, unlike those who make their homes in Larisa ( SangReal's capital ) or Golgotha ( Rheis' capital ), they do not show their wealth through extravagant homes/grounds. They prefer the way their ancestors lived, in simple, but well-constructed wooden homes.

I'll probably try to do detailed backstories for the other towns as well. I do love lore and world-building, and it is my aim to make the world of Enelysion and rich and fascinating one.

Progress Report

Progress update.

I've been quite busy on Ver. 1.3 of ERD so far, diversifying the game's world, making things more consistent, both gameplay and music wise ( it is extremely hard to find decent battle music that matches my game's Celtic-inspired soundtrack ) and generally just polishing things up. I should take a leaf out of Phantasy Star 4's NPCs...

Presentation wise, here's the new title screen.

Pretty sparkles animate.

I've also been working on some new portraits. I'm not sure if I should use them, though. Here's a WIP of Laine.

Looks familiar, doesn't she? ^^ I hope I got her proportions right this time.

I can't guarantee a release date anytime soon, though. Once the testing is done, will I release a proper 'demo' and start requesting reviews for ver. 1.3.


Ver 1.2 temporarily unavailable.

The Dropbox link is temporarily down. I'm working on ver 1.3 ( which will have Mithran's script installed, so as to prevent game crashes as well as fix the notorious "RGSS Player has stopped working" bug ). I'm running through the game again with an extra, extra fine comb, looking for tiny errors and such, but most importantly, I'm paying more attention to the writing aspect of the game. Writing everything by yourself for a 6 hour long game can be pretty taxing, and may become sloppy as a result.

So bear with me for a week or so ( maybe longer ) and I'll get the new link up asap. And I was so close to 1000 downloads... ;_;

Progress Report

Nearing D-Day

With less than 5 days until release, I'm definitely starting to feel a bit nervous.

I'm running through the game one final, final time, checking for even the tiniest of bugs/glitches/errors that might 'lock' the game, but battle-balancing seems to be my main focus now. While they are not spam-attack fests, they do encourage the player to exploit enemy weaknesses to get the upper hand in battle. That's what makes testing skills so much fun. Of course, I don't want to end up with redundant skills either.

I'm also tightening the general narrative of the storyline. I don't want players to become lost/disorientated, so I'm in the process of adding in some scenes which will point the player in the right direction. Because in in my honest opinion, nothing kills gameplay immersion that not knowing where to go. It sort of pulls you out of that state, when you know what to do, and thus, progress further into the game, and wanting to get to the end of it.

Of course, unless you are crazily addicted to this game, I doubt you can finish it in one straight sitting. It's six hours in length, after all. :)

And so Laine begins her real journey.

So I'm back to the drawing board now. I've got no idea how long I've been testing this project of mine since I first started working on it back in Feb 2011. 0_o

Progress Report

And so testing begins...

So, after months of procrastination, the 6-hour long demo for ERD has finally been sent out to my testers. So far, there have been no serious errors, and I can expect a detailed report sometime later today or tomorrow.

I have to admit, I'm starting to become a nervous wreck. Six hours is more than thrice the length of the current version avaliable, and with extended gameplay time, comes a hellava lot more testing. I've lost count of how many times I've tested this thing, but I never once became bored when playing, which is a good thing. Everyone is expecting such wonderful things from this game, that I'm beginning to worry if I can even live up to the hype ( not that I generate hype at all, the players do that ^^ ).

Because of the delay in sending out the demo, the release date itself may be delayed by a few days, depending on how serious the errors in the game are ( hopefully, there are none ).


Back again... with a definite release date.

Hello everyone, it's been a while, hasn't it? Over the last few weeks I've been polishing up ERD ( as it's known over at RMW ) and gearing up for a definite release date.

8th of August, so be on the lookout around that time for a demo! That is, if my internet doesn't act up. ^^

I just finished up the last scene for the demo today, and tomorrow I'll be testing/beta-ing before sending it off to my other testers. But here's a quick video of the gameplay so far.

Game length is sitting at around 6 hours now, which is more than I could ever have dreamed of achieving. I'm pretty chuffed at my progress so far. Even better news is that the game is nowhere near the halfway mark. ^^ So yeah, maybe Enelysion will become one of those epic 15-hour long RPGMaker games one of these days. I certainly would like to put my name down on the map that way. :)


Expressions galore!

So, I've been working on some character expressions over the last few days. I just need some feedback on them, particularly on Laine's sad and surprised expressions ( the last 2 ). Granted, she looks more annoyed than sad there, so I need a way to fix that up.

Creating open mouthed expressions for them is pretty hard, I admit. That's why it looks a bit off. Laine's scar is also more pronounced when she is angry.

Progress Report

Back in action after a brief hiatus.

So, the hiatus was a little shorter than expected, but I recently started working on this project again. I'm starting on the character portraits again, and I did some other art for the game as well.

I finished up Cillian' portrait. Siglud's is done, all I have to do is send him to Ronnie so she can ink him in. ^^

Mr. Uppity Redhead, as I call him.

Oh, and this is a full-body sketch of Laine with Eschaton. I redesigned the sword since I wasn't happy with its current design. I do love my BFSs.

Unfortunately, no new areas or screenshots to show you guys. What I have done so far is the following: I did this before I went on my hiatus, lol.

- Shortened the introductory cutscene. Players get to control Laine in 3 minutes max. No 10-15 minute long cutscenes here ( not that it occurs in the current demo either ).
- Fixed up several passability issues.
- Formatted the text boxes properly ( oh, the details, details ).
- Changed Siglud's starting weapon from a 2-handed Iron Poleaxe to an axe and a sword. I want players to know he can dual-wield weapons. ^^
- Tightened up some cutscenes, and took out unneccessary emotional fluff between Laine and Patrick ( since the scene only occurs around 1.5 hours in, the players aren't yet accustomed to these 2 yet. It should build up over time ).
- Better direction for players as to where to go, since this game does very little hand holding.
- Finished up the cliffhanger ending for Chapter 2. Is Laine going psycho? That's all I'm saying.

So, that's what I've got so far. Playtime is still running at 5.5 hours, which should be enough to satisfy you guys, right?


Going on an indefinite Hiatus.

As of now, Enelysion is being put on an undetermined Hiatus period. I just don't have the drive to work on this thing anymore, and if it continues, it may well end up getting cancelled for good.

So, er. Yeah. That's about it.


Dun dun dun dun... 100 subbers!!!

Woot, finally hit that benchmark! It's time to celebrate! lol Whoever became the 100th subber, thank you! I want to give you a virtual hug! XD I'll try to get the other portrait art done asap as well.

My testers have started sending me their reports now, so I'm busy with that right now. Seems there were quite a few issues, but that can be worked through easily enough. I myself have started yet another test run. If I'm estimating correctly, it will take me at least 7 hours of gameplay time. I want to be as thorough as possible, but I always manage to overlook small things. So yeah, a big thank you to my testers, and most of all, anyone who has expressed interest in this project. :) Oh, and I do like getting fan-art too. ^^

I'll do my best not to let you guys down!