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Latest Patch: 1.69. If you have an earlier version, please download the latest patch as soon as possible.

The download has been updated to version 1.69. It includes all fixes up to this point. There is no need to re-download if you have patched in the fixes separately.

You know that game many aspiring devs create? The one starring their friends, often times based on a chat room, or some forums, or a MMO... or perhaps a fangame that barely resembles its source material. The one that gets maybe a half hour of gameplay finished and is completely unintelligible to anyone except that group of friends. Yeah, that one. Now, what if someone actually saw that project all the way through, and attempted to actually make it a fun, accessible, and playable game that was faithful to its source material?

Enter Legend of Balance. This game originally started out as a fun little project for friends, starring characters from Final Fantasy XIV. Over time, and with a ton of effort, it changed into a complete game of its own. It still stars our characters, and there are still a few injokes, but the plot has been set up as such that any Final Fantasy fan can get into the game and enjoy it as a light hearted Final Fantasy romp. Players of FFXIV will find quite a bit to enjoy as well. The story of the game takes place inbetween the end of FFXIV 1.0 and the start of A Realm Reborn(if you haven't played FFXIV, this part probably doesn't matter, and the game can be standalone).

The game revolves around a group of heroes, champions of the realm of Eorzea. In the midst of an intense battle to decide the fate of Eorzea, the heroes are transported away before facing certain death at the hands of Bahamut. Finding themselves separated in a brand new world, the heroes begin a journey to reunite and find a way home. However what starts off as a simple quest quickly unfolds into a classic journey of crystals, great evil, and steadfast allies. Before this adventure ends, they will discover the truth behind this strange new world, and uncover the binds that tie it to their own home and beyond.

-30 to 40 hours of gameplay, including a multitude of sidequests.

-Enjoy a faithfully recreated Final Fantasy battle system. Everything is as you remember it from the classics!

-Utilize classic abilities, including commands such as Jump, Runic, Blitz, Mime, Throw, Mix, Blue Magic, Dualcast, and much more, along with new commands and abilities based on other games in the series, such as Draw Out from Tactics.

-Equip Magicites to gain access to powerful summons and customize your stat growth.

-A huge cast of unique playable characters, including several hidden ones.

-Find and use faithfully recreated equipment. Favorites like the Ultima Weapon, Illumina, Brave Blade/Chicken Knife, Offering, and much, much more is all here to find and use to become unstoppable!

-Dozens of sidequests ensure there's plenty to do, with no need for excess grinding.

-Face off against familiar foes and brand new ones, including a nostalgia filled bonus dungeon for those who complete the main story.

-Facing a foe that your current party can't handle? Switch party members anytime, even in the middle of a fight!

-Buy rare and unique items at the Auction House, and battle in the Colosseum!

-Take part in minigames, including fishing and an arcade-style airship shooter.

-Customizable Battle Speed, Battle Mode, and Difficulty will get you the experience you want, be it tough as nails or a more relaxed game.

Latest Blog

Misaos and Fun Times in RPG Makers Animation Editor!

First off I want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for our fangame in the Misaos! We won in a few categories and got pretty close to winning in a few others. I was very humbled by all of your support and am very grateful as well. I know Rydiamist feels the same way, So again thank you everyone! Your support is huge motivation booster to get stuff done on our next fan game!

Rydia has been working on making a small little bonus to the game to celebrate getting 5000 downloads! I personally have moved away from working on Legend of Balance other than looking into bug reports we get here and there… but I that doesn’t mean I don’t have something new to contribute to it as well!

I have been spending a lot of time working on our next Final Fantasy fangame, making sprites, looping music, making maps and tilesets, all sorts of fun stuff… but in addition to that, I have been trying to recreate some cool Final Fantasy animations in RPG maker. Let me tell you guys something… I HATE RPG makers animation editor so much, it is so hard to work with… but you have to do what you have to do.

One of the animations that I have been working on has been Fenrir. Now, I always thought it was strange that Legend of Balance didn’t have a Fenrir Magicite since (spoilers) you fight Fenrir in the game. However! For the 5000 download patch, I would like to present to you, Fenrir's Animation~!

Now i’m off to slave away on our next fan game!



Oh, hey speaking of huge parties, I have a quality of life suggestion if your future games have similarly large parties. I'd definitely recommend that everyone's equipment screen be available whether they are in the active party or not.
I am never doing a game with a party this huge again, I've learned my lesson, haha. Next game, if it happens, will have the FF5/Dimensions job system with fewer characters. =)

That said, I originally had it that way, but you were also able to access every other menu too... so you could effectively have all your healers sit in the back and AoE cure the entire party. It was incredibly broken. Unfortunately, my solution to the issue restricted all menus to the battle party. It's probably something I could fix though, so Equip would work for all. As is though, you can access the entire party's equipment from the Equip option in shops, at least. Good suggestion though for sure!
That is a good suggestion, it would probably be something that you can toggle on and off in config. I know there are times when I don't want to deal with Oro, Doid or Aeths gear because I almost never use them outside of testing, but if it was a toggle that would probably be good :D

And as Rydia said, the way it was before all the testers and myself were using characters as cure batteries. Oro and Elysia were just there to heal my party between battles for a long time.
(am a huge sucker for huge parties)
The "huge parties" would be kinda cool if we could bring in five characters into battle like in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy Dimensions since including the optional characters we have like sixteen characters to choose from.

Also, if we're talking about battles: I really liked the one in Palomton Mine: it was quite unexpected to have to watch out for an "enemy" to not hurt them (I don't think this was in the initial release; IIRC Cassie joined your party for that battle and you didn't have to worry about maintaining her HP). That battle reminded me of Prison Cage battle from Final Fantasy IX since it added a bit more variety to a boss battle than simply "slash it til its dead" strategy.

Edit: Thank the Twelve for Orophin: if it weren't for him Ultima would surely had me for a dessert (not like it had me once ;P ).

And on the side I see: "Total Downloads 666"
Enemies of the "one true Producer", beware. ;P
I had debated a 5-person party, and in retrospect I kind of wish I'd done it due to the size of the cast. However, when I started the game I didn't really have the skill in scripting to really make sure everything would work right with 5 characters, so I stuck to 4 since it was generally the default number for most FFs.

Glad you liked it! You're right, in the original she just joins you for the fight. For the finished version, I decided to go through all of the boss fights and add something unique to most of them. A lot still come off as just hack down the boss (like most FFs), but most bosses do have some sort of unique mechanic or AI quirk to them.

Orophin is a good character! Honestly, he is almost too good as a defender, to the point where you can trivialize almost any fight (on normal anyway) by using him properly. I don't want to really nerf him though, as his defensive abilities are what make him unique. As long as the standard strategy for every boss doesn't become "abuse Orophin", I think it's fine.

haha, I am frankly shocked at how popular this game is! I suppose it is one of very few (if not the only?) FF Fangame that is complete and made with a RPG Maker later than 2003.
Well, the 4-member battle party still works, although there's just too many characters to focus on.

No! Don't nerf Orophin! I might still need him!
Also, Karina is my main attack with ferocious damage output, quite good for the EX dungeon (I think I can call it like that if you don't mind ;) ). I had her use Heaven's Gate since it is a guaranteed multihit and paired it with Limit Ring and it's a really nice change, although I think I'll switch the relic for Auto-Refresh (since Illumina is quite drainy on MP) to Offering since it makes Attack strike 4 times and is much more reliable than Heaven's Gate. Or maybe I should switch to Ashiee? I used her very little but I think she might dish some pretty nice damage too despite not being that able to up the damage with certain critical strike. Still, there's Ely and her Critical Finale which can also help so that's an option as well.
And how many times is Asuran Fists supposed to hit? Description says eight times, but I think it strikes nine. Unless Spharai grants an additional hit than okay.

Well, there's a complete RMXP game titled Cosplay Crisis by SorceressKyrsty (this user goes currently under a different username now; something starting with "P" IIRC). And in non-English language a friend of mine made two good games in RMVX, so it's a bit more complete games than you might initially think.
Don't worry, I don't have any plans to nerf anyone right now!

There are a ton of ways to approach dealing damage, and almost anyone can be pretty crazy if they are set up right and are leveled with proper magicite. If you are using Heaven's Gate or Divine Ruination I'd suggest a Hero's Ring as the second accessory as it increases damage on all skills by 25%. The good old Offering is always great as well. Ultima Weapon/Illumina with the Genji Glove is one of the absolute best setups you can get for using normal attacks.

Ashiee is good too, remember you can use the Conqueror's Mark to give any character guaranteed crits at the cost of MP. Ashiee's natural strength is higher than Karina's, and her Berserk skill increases her raw damage more than Karina's Soul Blade. That said, Karina's a bit faster and has access to Illumina for her guaranteed crits. She also has Heaven's Gate and the added abilities on attacks from Soul Blade, and Soul Blade doesn't tank her defense. A good way to use Ashiee is as a counterattack machine with her Conqueror. With the right setup she can put out obscene damage that way. I couldn't really tell you which character is "better", but if set up exactly right Ashiee can output more damage than just about any other character... the problem is using this setup she will be the focus of enemy attacks while also having lowered defense, so it's not practical most of the time. Not using that setup, her damage will be similar to other heavy hitters.

I don't see many people mentioning Marz, either. He has charge times, yes, but they can be greatly reduced via equipment, Haste, and Hasso, and his skills cost 0 MP. They also have higher strength modifiers than any other character's skills. Tachi: Fudo is guaranteed 3 hits, and they are each very strong hits too. And Tachi: Shoha is buffed simply by winning battles with Marz in the party. Azran has a similar skill with Dragonfire Dive, and Jumps can get crazy too. Aeth's Flare Blade is also one of the most powerful skills in the game. And of course, there's always using Bluff then spamming Dualcast Ultima with Abelia. Doiden's ultimate Blue Magics have been mentioned, and even more support oriented characters like Dag, Elysia or Kaayu can do crazy damage when set up right. Really, just pick your favorite characters and you'll probably be just fine... they are generally pretty well balanced.

Asuran Fists should hit 8. It was hitting 7 so I added a hit... and now it's hitting 9? I'll need to have a look, but I'm not too concerned.

Oh, I didn't know if Cosplay Crisis was a FF game or just based on it, I actually have never played it. I'll have to check it out! Are your friend's games hosted anywhere?
Now i´m little lost.What should i do?I need some advice.
I got the airship.And in hunters lodge he says:you may continue your adventure first when he gives quest about Blackbeard..But i dont know where i should go or do.I dont know where Chrys is .No clues.I´m just flying around and find more and more places i really dont want to go in to before i know what i´m, doing.

And the Auctioneer keeps ending the bidding.
I read your latest post RydiaMist and i Agree about Marz,i´m using him alot.But almost every character is useful,hard to select 4.Wanna play them all :) .
Let's see here...

It sounds like you need to go to Malum Arce, which is the castle on the island surrounded by mountains north of Aquaria. If you've been there already, the next stop is Koen, which is a town on the southwestern continent. Don't worry too much about entering areas, feel free to explore! You won't mess anything up by doing so.

As for the auctions, I'll try and figure out what's going wrong. I don't think anyone else has experienced the issue you are currently having. If you'd like to PM me with a link to your save file, I can take a better look for you. Sorry it's still giving you trouble!

Glad to hear you're liking the characters and are giving them all a go. =)
My friend's games are in Polish and unless you're Polish or can understand it I'm not sure how much fun you'll get from it. Although I must admit I have a Final Fantasy fangame in Spanish or (Brazillian) Portuguese on my drive despite not understanding the language and I had quite fun either way.

Also, my current party setup is Karina, Fievel, Elysia, and Cassie. Ely is the best: she has very good assortment of support abilities and quite decent "range" of bow abilities, although I see little use for her Magic except maybe Raise. Cassie is mainly for support, Fievel and Karina are for damage dealing.
Also, an annoying thing: Silence disables bow skills. I understand Silence disabling Singing for Ely but bow skills? If you really would want to have something to disable physical skills I think you should add a status similar to Final Fantasy XIII's Pain which disables use of physical attacks. Would make the battles slightly more manageable.
Oh, I see. I more just wanted to look at some screens and check them out in general. It's always interesting to see what others have done!

That's a solid group! Ely's skillset is great for boosting the stats of the group, and she's able to contribute damage too, which is something I felt was lacking from many versions of Bard in the series.

As for Silence stopping all skill use, I admit I got lazy. I had separate ailments at one point but I eventually just decided to lump it all into one "you can't use skills" ailment. I'm not sure I really want to go back and change everything at this point, but I will definitely keep that in mind.
Hello my friends!

I downloaded the game and I'm testing, even with 40 minutes played.

But I'm really enjoying it, too reminiscent of the old games of serious FF.

I want so already congratulate the team responsible for the game and wish them luck, thanking heart for sharing.

Renovated hugs!
Hello my friends!

I downloaded the game and I'm testing, even with 40 minutes played.

But I'm really enjoying it, too reminiscent of the old games of serious FF.

I want so already congratulate the team responsible for the game and wish them luck, thanking heart for sharing.

Renovated hugs!

Renovated hugs are the best kind of hugs.
A note to anyone wondering why Cassie seems so worthless: you CAN multi-target (certain?) spells! It just doesn't work like in mainline FF games, by pressing back against the back of the party. There's a different key for it (RB/LB in my case, on a 360 controller.). This game's weird nonstandard controls keep messing me up, since they don't seem to be documented, but otherwise I'm really enjoying it so far.
I use E on the keyboard to make Cure heal everyone.
A note to anyone wondering why Cassie seems so worthless: you CAN multi-target (certain?) spells! It just doesn't work like in mainline FF games, by pressing back against the back of the party. There's a different key for it (RB/LB in my case, on a 360 controller.). This game's weird nonstandard controls keep messing me up, since they don't seem to be documented, but otherwise I'm really enjoying it so far.
Actually, there is a ReadMe file documenting the controls but the game itself does very poor job to explain itself gameplay-wise.
@CCM The school where you bring the book at the beginning has npcs that explain various controls and mechanics as well. I do think a basic controls popup at the start is in order though, since you are right that the controls are very much not rpgmaker standard. As for multitargeting with how rpgmaker is it was way easier to bind it to a key than to do it another way, sorry about the confusion! I am glad you are enjoying the game otherwise!

@Joefatherbr Aww, thank you for the kind words! Renovated hugs right back to you. =)
How are people typically handling equipment? I find the thing that takes me most out of the game so far is coming to a new shop and suddenly having to equip 10+ party members. I can safely skip the party members I have little interest in ever using (blue mage, dark knight), but I always feel like I should equip everyone else, even the people I only rarely bring in (bard, skyseer, paladin), just in case they'll be useful coming up, which really puts the hurt on my wallet.
Hm, with so many characters equipping them all is a hassle(another reason I am never doing such a huge party again). I tried to be fairly generous with gil because of that, but yeah there's no way to equip them all without some grind. Maybe I should put more shop equipment in treasure chests to alleviate the issue. I tended to put unique gear in chests rather than what you could buy in shops.

What point in the game are you at? Early on, selling Elixirs is something else you can do, as the gil you get for one is really significant at that point. The Aquaria moogle mail quest gives a Megalixir I believe, which sells for a ton.

All that said, if adjustments are needed to early game gil, I can definitely see what I can do.
Oh, no, gil is pretty well balanced, especially with all the adventurer guild quests giving plenty of it. I just wanted to see how other people deal with it, whether their solution is "only equip a core party of 4/5/6" or "rotate party members" or whatnot. I didn't think to sell elixirs, though, which should alleviate that. I just got to Aquaria.