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Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.

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Latest Blog

MGL Update!

Time for a bit of an update on Magical Girl Lavie! Boy, it's been a while and a half since the last update, and I must apologize for that. I've been planning on adding a news update for some time now, but was waiting on one particular thing to be completed... and well, that sort of thing can drag on for a while and a half, as you can imagine. Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to assemble the pieces I needed!

So, how have things been going, with Magical Girl Lavie? Not bad, but progress has been - without question - uneven. In some areas it's a case of being limited by the budget, and only being able to afford a certain amount of progress every month. (Still, slow and steady, as they say!) In others, I'm a bit bottlenecked by certain elements not being ready, and holding up work on others. I suppose that's part of the joy and sorrow of game development? I do think that some of the biggest hurdles have been cleared though, and hopefully progress is going to be speeding up in the weeks and months to come. :)

Onto specifics, then! Here's a little clip of the latest version of the battle system in action. This is all super-pre-alpha stuff of course, with a lot of things subject to change, but the basic building blocks are here.


You may or may not have noticed that Lala is not controllable there. This wasn't my intention at first, but I think it could be an interesting idea. Should Lala, being Lavie's magical sidekick (and untargetable by enemies!) simple act independently? Should Lavie be able to give her general commands ("Keep us healed!" "Boost our defense!") as a half-way measure? Or would it be better to simply have full control over her actions? It's worth pointing out that while Lala cannot be targeted by enemies, if Lavie is knocked out, so too is Lala. Let me know what you think!

Finally, here's a look at some of the various bits of art our various artists have been working on. Starting out with Riklaionel and the battle system sprite art:

This enemy thought he was prepared... but Lavie's not packing a bow this time!

"I have the powerrrrrrr!"

The completed version of the above.

In-game character sprites, done by Hiddenone!

Face art and cutscenes by Nueajaa:

"I like it, but could you add a touch of maliciousness and a dash of vulnerability?" "OK!"

Face art of a couple minor characters.

Magical Knight Reinhardt enters the scene! Mary seems less then impressed, somehow...

Maps, by mapper Missnile!

Well, that should bring this little news update to a close. Hope you enjoyed, and as always, please feel free to let me know what you think!


Sorry about that: the webpage moved, so the link was broken. Should be fixed soonish, hopefully!
I really enjoyed this. Hope you're still working on it!
You the practice of self-promotion
The Act 2 demo's out:

I played it along with LAW 1. If you like Act I, you should also enjoy the demo!
Hey ummm, I'm having trouble with the area where u gotta find evidence against the mayor, can you give a walkthrough?
It's in the flowers next to the door. A kid has a paper, which you have to get by retrieving a frog for him. Be warned tho the frog's pretty difficult to catch.

I'm in Oz (forgot the rest of the name) but right before I got there, the character movement is REALLY sluggish, as if it's walking through molassis. Is there any way to speed it up?
Yea, I figured it out myself (eventually). The trick was the rhyme the girl said about "Put it in a kettle, put it in a pot." Water can be put in a kettle, and in a pot. But there isn't anything watery nearby, so I realized that flowers also go into a pot. So then I remembered the drop location and found it.

Very good game so far, I gave it a 5 in a review (any game that can make water move on a background scene has alot of love put into it), but my review must have been rejctected. Oh well.
I really ought to update Act I at least a little bit. Someone once suggested adding a little "shine", hinting where the gem was, which I think might just be a good idea. Hmm...

Jear77: Sorry to hear about that, it seems to be a random bug that affects some players and not others... I used to have a patch ready for it, but that was on the old page. If you wouldn't mind e-mailing me your save, I'll see if I can't set the speed right. :)
Erm, I've been stuck at the Love Poem puzzle. I'm looking at the bushes mentioned on the poem but their across the water. I've tried search for items to use to cross, and I've searched for a hidden path. What am I missing?
Oh wait, I think I got it. Annoyingly, some puzzles are like this one, they insist all steps be done, you can't just skip in and solve it. I had to basically talk to each landmark until the story advanced.
The Antioch website seems to link to some college student picture everytime I click. Can't download the part 2 as of yet. Finished already, can't wait for the next one!
Sorry about that, with the website moving recently, that link is no longer valid. If you'd like to check out the Act II demo, you can find it here: http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/downloads/Law2-DEMO.zip
may I ask you something???why did Henrik let juno go???
Ah, I'm somewhat wary of answering plot questions like that, tulky90. :) However, one possible interpretation may be that he simply thought it was the right thing to do.
I thought he said why, cause he thought Juno was trying to save his life. Or do you think that was a lie?
Just out of curiosity, if you want to add some polish as said above here's one real way. Make a custom icon for the RTP. http://www.pokecommunity.com/archive/index.php/t-46074.html tells the basic process you do (this works for pretty much anything from RPgMaker 2k up to XP). Do lesson #3. In addition to ResourceHack, you will need something which saves pictures as .ico files in order to replace. I downloaded a trial program used it twice and threw it out. The Love and War title would likely be a good candidate for the icon.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
i'll probably re-download this and get depressed because act 2 isn't out.
My mind is full of fuck.
Yay, Act I remake! Will re-download when it comes out! So I guess this is why the rest of Act II is delayed. So I'm guessing the game will be more choice based with the da ladies. :wink: Of course not.